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Stop Pest Infestation in Your Property!

Pest infestation, without a doubt, is a nightmare. In fact, it can be a terror in our everyday life. If we take a brief

moment to recall the story of Black Death in our history class, yes, it was the effect of a dreadful pest infestation.

Less serious example—yet still poses quite a risk to our lives—is termite invasion. It destroys our property and

might as well bring the whole building down to the ground. Well, now after knowing how serious the threat to our

health, sanity, and property, pest should be exterminated immediately, carefully and efficiently.

Pest control and pest extermination can be dealt with personally, though it is very recommended to hire a

professional exterminator to get the job done. Pest such as rodents, for example, will need special treatment in

making sure they stop making a home at your house. In fact, termite too is not something you can get rid

personally in one-day time. While pest such wasps can be dangerous for us, so it is better to leave it on someone

who knows what they are dealing with. There are just too many kinds of pests that people should look for and be

careful around, and each of them has a different way to be dealt with.

In dealing with pest infestation, BBB recommends Preston Pest Control, one of San Antonio’s finest exterminators,

serving all of SA and the surrounding area, including Schertz, Selma, Cibolo and New Braunfels. From Commercial

Pest Control to Residental Pest Control, we can leave it all to their agents who are all licensed professionals. These

reliable agents come from a company that has been established for more than ten years in San Antonio.

With ten years of experience in the field, San Antonio pockets very positive reputation within the community.

Among all San Antonio Pest Control companies, Preston is one of those that fully dedicate their everything for the

customer. Whatever the customer needs to get rid of, any pest issue they have, Preston delivers the services with

utmost efficiency and proper manner. In fact, it has been Preston’s goal to change the Pest Control Industry by

incorporate cost-advantage and use customizable service and plans.

Preston has a healthy rivalry with their competitors and good relationship with many communities. They build a

good relationship with local animal shelters, Chambers of Commerce, YMCAs, Veterinarians, local government, and

other Pest Control Companies.

Let’s see some testimonies about the company. Wesley C wrote, “I was infested and for a great price all the bugs

were gone … roaches, fleas, and other insects like spiders. I am so glad I used this company because it was

guaranteed until they were gone, unlike other companies.” And as Wesley C has written, Preston Pest Control has

an affordable price. There are also special offers and 10% discount for Referred Clients, U.S. Veterans, Seniors,

Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and EMS.

What makes Preston’s price more affordable compared to most of the other companies? First of all, Preston offers

a guarantee of 95 days. Preston will keep your home free of Pest infestation for 95 days for one-time payment. No

additional charge needed. Next, Preston always regulates and rotates their product so that insect won’t build up

resistance over time. And the last one, Preston is home-owned industry, and thus they can afford to give more to

community and client without excessive cost.

For more information about Preston, San Antonio Pest Control, visit Learn more

about their service and product, and help them to reach their cause.

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