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Love Life – Erasmus Project - Report – week 17.-21.9.2018 What happened at our schools ? Germany Poland Croatia Italy Greece • Creating • * after informing Erasmus corner, • article for webpage of school, • creating flyers, • working on webpage • showing introduction video to several classes about the project, its aims, partners and summary about 1000 parents and 87 teachers, we devoted this week to passing all this information to students • *created a set of rules for logo competition, • * We completed a document online required by our National Agency (details needed for the contract). • * We collected all the documents needed to accompany the contract with the NA which is ready to sign by the way. • * Enrolled for Erasmus+ training session which will take place in Lublin next week. • presentation at the teachers’ conference, • 1st Erasmus meeting • attending a meeting organized by NA in Zagreb • article on the schoolweb and the press. • Opening Pinterest • Everyone knows about the project. • Informed all school students and teachers about ERASMUSLL project aims • Formed the Teachers Working Team • Send all required documents to NA • Started Logo competition • Began procedure for Love Life wall painting