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Richard Barnes

Chief analyst

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Paying more than lip

service to sustainability

History in the making

The Greg Mortimer, the first passenger

vessel with X-Bow, hits the water in Shanghai

The travel industry, and indeed

the world, is at a crossroads at

which the right actions need to be

taken without further hesitation,

when it comes to the future of

our planet. The travel industry

does of course contribute to

the global output of CO2. But

by the same token, perhaps no

other industry has the capacity

that tourism does for raising

awareness of those who travel as

to the fragility of our world, to the

damage that has already been

done, and to the urgent need to

protect what’s left. A perfect case

at hand is that of tourism in the

Arctic and the Antarctic, which

is seeing a massive boom, and

is set to grow at lightning speed

in coming years. But the prime

movers in this trend are totally

dedicated to the cause of the

planet. More people need to see

and experience this beauty that is


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crying out for our protection. An

example is that of Hurtigruten,

the largest player in the polar

regions, connecting people with

their “inner explorers.” Their two

new state-of-the-art expedition

ships, Amundsen and Nansen,

set to be delivered in 2019 and

2020, will revolutionise adventure

travel at sea. They’re the world’s

first expeditionary ships able to

sail fully electric with sustainable

hybrid technology. As more

people venture to places that take

their breath away, the movement

to keep our planet alive is bound

to pick up pace. As Sir David

Attenborough said recently, “It’s

really not too late…” adding, “The

idea that we can make a dramatic

difference is really there for the

taking.” Let’s take it. At ITB China,

sustainability is no longer an

after-thought. It is at the heart of

the industry’s offering.

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Aurora Expeditions are

promoting an historic moment

at ITB China this year, with the

recent sea launch of a firstever

“X-Bow” ship in Shanghai.

On Tuesday 12 March 2019,

Aurora Expeditions co-founder

and Australian explorer and

mountaineer, Greg Mortimer

OAM attended the official sea

launch of Aurora Expedition’s

new state-of-the-art expedition

ship, the Greg Mortimer here in


The ceremony was attended

by guests from SunStone

Ships and Aurora Expeditions,

including Managing Director

Robert Halfpenny, who were

present as the Greg Mortimer

officially launched into its sea

testing phase.

Aurora Expeditions Asia

Pacific Sales Director, Dianna

Schinella, based in Sydney, is

at ITB China to promote the

new ship. She explains that

the company was founded

over 27 years ago by Mortimer

and his wife, as they wanted to

take like-minded travellers to

Antarctica “to educate them on

the pristine environments and

why it is important to protect

those environments and the

wildlife, but also to share the

wonders of Antarctica and the

polar regions in general with the


The current owners took over in

2009, and since then, plans to

launch the new ship have been

under way.

“It’s the first of its kind in the

world with the X-bow design,

and construction has taken

Dianna Schinella

Director, Aurora Expeditions

Asia Pacific Sales

place just outside of Shanghai,”

explains Schinella.

Capable of negotiating the

strongest winds and waves,

the Greg Mortimer is built to

world-class polar standards –

designed in close consultation

with Aurora’s expedition


Accommodating 100 landing

passengers in the polar regions,

with an average of 120 per

voyage, the Greg Mortimer is

built to contend with adverse

weather conditions, while

its added creature comforts

make for a more enjoyable

journey out on the open ocean.

The Greg Mortimer remains

true to the company’s ethos

and focus on multiple

landings, flexible itineraries

and family atmosphere – just

with an improved home base.

Construction of the new ship is

progressing ahead of schedule

and is now entering the final

construction phase, with work

commencing on the interior



ITB CHINA NEWS • Friday 17 th May 2019

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