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Jacob’s Vision ride

Last month you would have seen right here in this

exact spot we told you about Jacob Kruger the

Blind Biker. Jacob lost his sight in an accident a

few years ago but never lost his love for riding

motorbikes and was determined to ride again

despite being blind. Things got rolling last year

at Red Star Raceway where he rode on his own

around the track with his “Guide Dog”, Ian Howard,

on chase bike yapping away in his ear over a

comms unit mounted in their helmets. The ride was

a roaring success and raised a lot of awareness

around the challenges blind folk have everyday

as well a a good bit of money for the Guide Dogs

Association and various other organisations geared

towards meeting the daily challenges of blind folk,

especially the children.

So, this year on Saturday the 3rd of August 2019

in the backwaters of the little East Rand town of

Benoni they did it again. Jo-Anne and the crew from

Nick’s Cycles along with the Hell Razors club put

together the second annual ‘Jacob’s Vision’ ride and

event along with a bunch of generous sponsors.

The day was well attended and a chunk of the

money raised that day not only went to the same

beneficiaries from last year, but also to young Stef

van der Merwe. Earlier this year Stef was involved in

an ugly crash that cost him his leg, so some of the

funds were used to get him some new protective

wear to start riding his bike again.

Then the challenge was put out to everybody at

the event, “Who is brave enough to do what Jacob

is doing?”, Ride a motorcycle around the track

blind folded with somebody jabbering instruction

in your ear via a comms set. About 20 people took

up the challenge with varying degrees of feedback

and remarks that ranged from the unprintable to

the really very unprintable, but roughly translated

from Biker speak into English would be something

along the lines of, “Oh my golly gosh that was

really terrifying and so unsettling, we don’t know

how he does it he has to be thoroughly insane!!!!”

or something along those lines. Everybody said

they now had a better understanding of the daily

challenges blind folk face.

Jacob will be doing his ride again at the start of Q4Q

at Carnival city on the 21st of September 2019 and

will be issuing the same challenge... see you there.

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