Dirt and Trail September 2019


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You’ll have read all of the techy stuff around these

bikes in our last two issues. After a couple of months

of teasing, the bikes arrived and we got to ride them

at the ADA facility out near Harties. It has to be said

that KTM is one heck of a focused company.

Here’s the skinny. By Glenn Foley

KTM always does things in style. In

fact, they are the one company that still

believes that bums in saddles is what

sells motorcycles – and with this in

mind, they invited just about the whole

SA motorcycle press contingent for a

glamping trip to ride their new bikes.

For the whole day. On ANY bike

you liked. As many loops as you could

manage. A bit like Christmas really!

Cool huh!

It was quite a collection of riders

that arrived from top pro’s to proper

weekend wobblers. KTM roped in the

talents of three of their national riders in

the form of Brad Cox, Scott Bouverie and

Louwrens Mahoney. They were tasked

with babysitting our lot and it has to be

said that a nicer bunch of blokes you will

not meet. One of them even displayed

the starting abilities of the new TPI’s at

1am in the morning, so they were truly

dedicated to the task given.

A fleet of gleaming orange machines

greeted us. We felt like factory riders, WP

suspension experts at our beck and call

and KTM’s tech guys on hand to assist

with anything that anyone needed.

The brief was – Boys, the red loop is

hard, the green route is a little easier,

choose one and… try not to die. On

your marks, get set… GO!

And off we went.

There were more riders than bikes,

so in between each ride, you got a gap to

grab some water and have a little break.

The routes were well planned, proper

enduro, tight twisty trails up and down

the ADA koppies where the rocks grow.

Both routes shared a common start

and finish with a split somewhere near

the middle. Just when you thought

that you were doing really well and

styling along, they chucked this massive

downhill run at you that caught well –

everyone out. At the bottom of the hill

was some welcome relief – an abandoned

mine that had been converted to a


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