Dirt and Trail September 2019


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A delectable selection of

orange bikes.

movie theatre where you could catch a

cold water and watch Erzberg on the big

screen. Too flippen cool.

After that was the split for red or green.

And you could choose how brave you were

feeling. In our opinion, the green route was

perfect for testing these bikes, but if you

were feeling tough, the red route offered a

bit more of a challenge.

Mike Wessels, our more advanced

(read younger, faster) rider and the Ed and

weekend wobbler Glenn Foley each opted

to start on smaller bikes for the day – and

to test out the green loop first. That went

quite well, but as happens you end up

getting separated and you grab whatever

is available at the next stop…

Glenn Says:

Invariably, you move up the ladder and

about halfway through the day, I found

myself on the big 450. By now you are

starting to get a bit tired after three or

four laps. It’s funny how things work out.

I got down to the cave halfway through,

after negotiating that giant hill – this time,

thankfully not falling on my pip - and

discovered the 250 TPI just sitting all alone

at the entrance to the mine. It looked so

tempting… and I knew it would be easier

than the 450 in the rocks, so I looked left,

looked right, made sure that no-one was

watching and swapped bikes…

But karma is a sod!

As I got to the green/orange split, there

sat the pretty KTM photographer.

“Hi Glenn – are you going green or

orange?”, Ummm Green! Was my reply with

visions of an ice cold Coke just around the

corner. “But Glenn, you are an orange rider

you should take that loop!”


No prob lets give it a shot! Chest puffed

out off we go!

Orange loop. Suffice it to say that about

an hour later, I still had no Coke. Anyway, I

was very grateful that I’d hijacked the 250.

What a cool day of riding it turned

out to be. Such a variety of cool trails to

explore with like-minded people.

“What a cool day of riding

it turned out to be. Such a

variety of cool trails to explore

with like-minded people.”


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