Dirt and Trail September 2019


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Sadly, there was not enough

time to ride each model, too

many bikes to choose from.

But that does not mean that

we cannot tell you what we felt –

and we’ll give a brief shakedown

on each model.

They might be at the top of

their game but they certainly do

not sit on their laurels.

KTM’s brief to their engineers


“Ride faster, for longer and


Very often we’ll ride a new bike

and it feels great and all that,

but we don’t often get to ride the

old and the new back to back.

Despite the fact that the 2019

KTM model lineup was so good,

the KTM guys set out to make

them even better. In fact, they

do a model overhaul every three

years, with input from top riders

like Taddy Blazusiak and Jonny

Walker and you really, genuinely

can feel the difference. So it’s not

just marketing splurb.

We walked through the bikes

with the tech team at the launch

and they showed us some of the

less obvious changes that have

been made across the board

– stiffer rear fenders, rerouted

wiring, cable placement and

moving the electrical components

under the seat are just a few little

touches. And it all makes sense.

The bikes: All present


• 150 EXC TPI

• 250 EXC TPI

• 300 EXC TPI


• 250 EXC-F

• 350 EXC-F

• 450 EXC-F

• 500 EXC-F 4-strokes.

All of the bikes at the launch

were fitted with a range of

powerparts from the KTM

catalogue – and they had been

fitted with heavy duty tubes.

Here’s a run-down of each bike

that we rode. We won’t bore you

with techy stuff, you can check

the previous issues for that – Or

you can check out their website.

KTM’s tech guru’s go

through some of the

changes on the bikes


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