Dirt and Trail September 2019


SA's adventure magazine

Definitely my weapon of choice for entering

any desert race where there are long, wide

open straights. It’s got to be the most dual

purposed off-roader I’ve ridden. You could

probably jump everything on the motocross

track and still ride a 200km outride over

literally any terrain. She does it all.


KTM has taken some already great bikes – and

somehow managed to make them even better.

They do have a bike for everyone, never sitting

on their laurels – and this is a big reason for

their global success.

Each of these bikes is super cool fun to ride,

whether you are a social weekend warrior or

if you are in the hunt for trophies. The launch

was really good fun – a great way to showcase

their new lineup.

Can you go faster for longer over the

rougher stuff?

We’d have to say yes. They got it right for

sure! The bikes are lighter, and the handling

is even more refined with smoother power


Get to your KTM dealer for a cuppa coffee,

tell them what kind of riding you want to do

and let them point you in the right direction.



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