Dirt and Trail September 2019


SA's adventure magazine


During the December 2018 holidays, three

of us spent a few days doing day trips

around the garden route. We noticed how

many very upmarket adventure bikes were

on the roads we travelled. Which lead to

the after trip beer on which bike to consider

upgrading to when the time arrives. The

options available are so good, but a bit out

of our budgets!

During January 2019 my brother and

I were on the way back in his double cab

from Ceres, and we started discussing our

next adventure trip. He mentioned that

we should attempt a trip with very cheap

second hand bikes. We decided and agreed

on an amount.

R5000 should buy you something. The

budget was set. We also decided that

it must be a proper adventure trip over

at least 2 days. We both admitted that

Gamkaskloof will be a challenge. We will get

these bikes to Calitzdorp on trailers, sleep

over in a guest house. Depart on the bikes

from Calitzdorp following the Groenrivier

road, Kruispad to Swartberg pass. Over

Swartberg pass, down Gamkaskloof Nature

reserve “Die Hel” and back. The trip was

named “R5K HELse Bike Challenge”. The

scene was set.

We spread the word to our friends, and

our nephew, brother’s friend and another 2

friends of mine took up the challenge. Date

of 5 April was set for the adventure, with

2 months for guys to acquire their rides

and get them ready for the 230km off-road


The guys immediately started obtaining

the much needed pink slips for a men’s

week-end from the girls and wives. My

brother left for the trip unable to obtain the

very important pink slip. We all admitted

he would have some issues arriving home

Sunday evening!

What started off as a fun idea soon

became serious when the first 1982 Honda

XL 185 was bought for R1,000. The bike

was scrapyard status, with a gaping hole in

the engine casing.

Frantic searching on

OLX and Gumtree for

cheap off-road bikes

and parts began. What

followed was that some

rules being broken, as

the R5,000 budget was

found a bit tight for

“bargain” bikes which

must also last the trip.

Groenrivier departing after firts stop 50km into the trip.

LTR: Izak (KE 100), Pierre (XL 175), Coenie (DT125),

Daniel (XL 185), Edrich (CR125), Willie (DT 175)


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