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At the Calitz guest house before

departure the Saturday morning.

We soon realised that “if it is too good to be true, It is too good to

be true!”. During February and March we knew about every cheap

bike available in the country. Bikes were sourced as far as Kwazulu

Natal and Bloemfontein. The bikes and riders obtain special names.

Eventually the rides consisted of;

2000 Yamaha DT125 - Superman

2000 Yamaha DT175 - Batman

1982 Honda XL185 - Bees

1987 Kawasaki KE 175 - Peer

1992 Kawazaki KE 100 - BAAS

2002 Honda CR125 –Dead pool

The bikes were mostly in a very sorry state, except the KE100

Kawasaki, which was the smallest of the bikes – and required no

work except new oil and a spark plug! The CR125 was obtained a

week before departure, and required nothing to run, it was frowned

upon though. It was actually the most unsuited bike for the trip, as

the very hard motocross seat saw its rider in pain very quickly.

For backup crew we had a friend with a VW Synchro Combi

(fitted with a kitchen and a bar) with special suspension, and a long

wheel base Toyota bakkie with a driver. A three bike trailer and small

trailer completed the line-up. As transport to Calitzdorp and back

we used my brother’s VW Amarok Double Cab bakkie. The bakkie

was left behind at the guest house, which was our starting and final

destination point.

Accommodation was booked at The Calitz Quest house in

Calitzdorp, it is a very nice guest house and can accommodate 8

guys, and it is close to town. The owner Colleen is an absolute angel

and we did give her a big grin for what we were about to attempt!

The guest house is also, conveniently on the Groenrivier road, as

none of the bikes are licensed or have papers. For Saturday evening

we booked 2 caravans at Gamkaskloof Guest Farm. These caravans

were booked and as per the quote could accommodate 4 people.

We found that this was not true - each caravan only had 2 beds!

Lucky for us there were another 2 caravans unoccupied so we

moved into 4 caravans.

XL 185 en route


after a re-fuel

The Yamaha’s en route

Gamkasfloof after a re-fuel

The unbreakable

Kawazaki KE 100 en route

Gamkasfloof after a re-fuel

Friday 5 April

Bikes were loaded during the week, and on Friday morning 5 April

we all meet at Klapmuts, a small village before Paarl in the Boland.

The first stop at the Trout farm in Du Toits kloof pass. Spirits were

high. Lunch was at Karoo Saloon just before Barrydale. We arrived

late afternoon in Calitzdorp. Bikes were off loaded, tanks were filled


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