Dirt and Trail September 2019


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First stop - Groenrivier

50km into the trip.

and last minute checks undertaken before

we set off to town on foot for a steak and

a beer at Zamani’s grill. We had the best

ostrich steak with a mussel sauce you

can find in the Klein Karoo. The steak was

accompanied with a couple of brandy’s

and beers. Back at the guest house we had

a small planning session and rules were

explained in order for all to have a safe and

memorable ride.

Saturday 6 April

On Saturday morning we acquired steaks

and food for the Saturday evening braai

down in Die Hel at the local Spar. The VW

Combi had a very nice fridge fitted which

helped to keep the beers and food chilled.

The backup vehicles were filled with fuel.

We had about 100 litres of pre-mixed two

stroke fuel on the bakkie (5 of the bikes

were two strokers), and as there was no fuel

available on the entire route. We also had

no idea of knowing how much fuel these

old two strokes will use!

The fun and laughs started when 6 old

bikes needs to be started. A frantic kick

starting and tuning, and last minute petrol

problems sorted we were off at around

10:00. The testing of these bikes consisted

of going around the block at home, so on

the first 10 kilometres we took it slow for

everybody to get acquainted with their rides.

There were smiles all the way and first

stop @ the Calitzdorp dam on the Nel’s

Top of Swartberg pass.

river. The dam was in

a very sorry state, with

the water level at less

than 20%.

The Riders’ spirits

were high. We travelled

on for another 50

km, and stopped for

a refreshment and to

have a few laughs!

Beautiful weather and

open skies greeted us.

The guys were getting

acquainted with their

rides, and speeds were building. At the

Kruisrivier turn-off I started opening up the

DT 125 and was impressed by a 110km/h

top end, high speed for an old ride, and

I missed the turn off. My brother’s DT

175 had a large back sprocket installed,

and at 10,500rpm he could only achieve

90km//h. He tried to catch me as he saw

me missing the turn.

My DT 125 was also the only bike with

rear view mirrors, and I saw him in the

mirrors and the dice according to me was

on. 10km on I realised my mistake. My

brother and the rest caught up and we

had a nice laugh. We turned around and

the XL 185 had problems with a dirty fuel

line. No cell phone reception and I went in

search for the bakkie. With luck the bakkie

followed us going the wrong way, and I sent

it off to load the XL185 on the trailer.

I thought the first casualty was way too

soon. It was not meant to be, the XL185

required some blowing onto the tank to get

the rust through the petrol tap. A rubber

pipe was installed so the rider could blow

while riding when the motor started to

stutter... very funny!

On the small tarmac before Swartberg

pass turn-off, my nephew opened up his KE

100, and after a few kilometres flat out the

KE’s engine died. The guys behind stopped,

and a big laugh as my nephew was found

saying sorry to his bike for the abuse. After

saying sorry the KE100 started and on it

went, to utter the disbelief off all of us!

We stopped for a brunch at Kobus se

Gat - Swartberg Experience. Kobus is

a very friendly guy and made us all feel

welcome and the food was great. Some

emergency fixes to the rides were required,

and after brunch we headed for the top


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