Dirt and Trail September 2019


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Bottom pics: Down into Die Hel. My brother

Willie on the DT 175 in front of me.

Pic 2: En roue on Gamkaskloof pass. Eugene on

the KE 100 in front, Willie on the DT 175 second.

An uneventful ride up the mountain and all met up at Kobus

se gat for lunch. It was a beautiful day for riding with not a cloud

in the sky. We could not have asked for a better day.

Edrich’s bottom end took a beating on the CR125 and he

called it a day. I decided to ride the CR125 back to Calitzdorp.

When I tried to kick start the bike, my foot slipped and lost all

the skin on my big toe. I felt the blood in my boot, but decided

to rather not look. The seat was very uncomfortable, this is a

motor cross bike and not designed for sitting down on. Also, the

bike had a very intense power band, and it can either go flat our

or nothing at all.

I was glad it was not my chosen ride!

We arrived at The Calitz guest house around 1pm. Pierre on

the XL 185 had a small incident just before Calitzdorp when

he had a small crash not making a bend in the road, and he

arrived full of dust and a bloody finger. Colleen of The Calitz

guest house was there to meet us, she could not believe her

eyes when we arrived full of laughs and very dusty and dirty.

She offered us a bathroom should we wanted to get cleaned up,

which we declined. The bikes were loaded on the trailers, and

8 very dirty guys boarded the bakkies and combi for the drive

back to civilisation. We arrived back in the Cape around 6pm.

Along the way we met up with other adventure riders on

adventure bikes, and none of the people we met along the way

could believe their eyes and they were all astonished of what we

are attempting.

We all fell in love with our cheap rides, and we at first

decided to sell the bikes after the trip, but no bikes are sold to

date, and the next trip has been planned already. And yes we

will be using the same old bikes.

As my brother overspent on his DT175, he has decided to

not even wash his bike for the next trip!

We’ll share that adventure with you guys soon!

Coenie Louw

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