Dirt and Trail September 2019


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It’s a fact that none of our lot would

even be remotely fast enough to be

able to feel the real differences that the

modifications and adjustments deliver –

so we invited two pretty good, unbiased,

knowledgeable riders to put the bikes

through their paces and give us an

idea on what they feel about the new

suspension settings.

Brian Capper needs no introduction.

Better known for Trials and Enduro,

Brian has years of experience in all

motorcycle disciplines and really

moves it around the MX track. He is

exceptionally knowledgeable about how

a bike should and should not work, so

he was a good candidate.

He also happens to have a stock

standard CRF 450R, that he used for

training, that we could pit against the

2nd Gear set up CRF.

Our second rider is a Mr Tyrone

Cameron – a freesytle MX man who

has just returned from China where he

has spent a couple of years wowing the

crowds with his stunts. He has raced

and ridden all sorts of machines – and

in his job, the correct suspension setup

is critical.

World Road Racing champ Brad

Binder also came along, but we decided

that he is way too fast for our guys, so

we left him to race against the guys on

his bike.

The Bikes:

2nd gears Kevin Moran brought along

two bikes that had been through his

workshop, a CRF 450R and a Kawasaki

KX450. Both 2019 models with the mods

undertaken on the front forks.

Brians bike is a standard 2019 CRF


We quizzed Kevin on the work that he

has done and asked what a fast rider is

looking for:

“On an MX track, it’s all about

plushness and bottoming resistance

without having a spike in the suspension.

The worse the spike is, the harsher the

ride is – and this leads to arm pump and

instability. The standard forks are great


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