Dirt and Trail September 2019


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Freestyler Tyrone

prefers the 2nd gear

suspension setup to

the stock umits.

Tyrone Cameron:

“For freestyle, we generally set up our suspension

pretty hard and we don’t generally ride the bikes

with their standard settings, so it was cool to ride

a stock 450 and then to jump onto the worked bike.

It really is night and day. Climbing off the 2nd gear

Kawasaki, on to the standard Honda, I pushed

just as hard and I found myself getting very out of

shape… it’s the same as swapping from a CRF-R

to a CRF-X, the stock bikes just felt a bit all over

the place. The standard bike bottomed out a few

times. The two modified units do not bottom out.

They feel so precise, which allows you to get onto

the brakes a whole lot later. And please remember

that suspension is not really my thing – but I felt the

difference big time.

In my opinion, for not a lot of money, this

modification is definitely worthwhile.”

Big whip from

Kevin Moran.


The boys like what they felt.

So much so, that both of our testers have taken

their bikes into 2nd Gear to have the work done.

So if you are looking to go a bit faster for not a

whole lot of money, take your bike in – or you can

just send the forks with your weight and spec to the

guys from 2nd Gear and they can get them sorted

for you.

And they don’t only work on these bikes, they do

all sorts with a full suspension shop in store. (010)


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