Dirt and Trail September 2019


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Luke van As #1 takes the

holeshot in the Dean Hoffman

Development Class event crop.

Lorenzo Lategan #257

flying over the whoops in

the 50cc Newbies event.

and friends in attendance, both on the

track and on the side-lines.

The initial idea was for the riders to start

from the entry to the Zone junior track

(which is situated in the centre of the main

track) but after the first heat they insisted

on starting from the main starting gates,

then going down the straight and entering

the junior track as normally ridden by the

Newbies and 50cc Pro classes.

That did, however, mean the parents

had to assist a bit more in the sand of the

start straight as accelerator control was a

skill most still had to acquire.

Parents were all over the track -

picking up those who fell, kick-starting

the bikes that choked off, pushing young

participants up some of the steeper slopes

… the action was everywhere!

And the highlight of the day was

prize giving with everyone receiving

participatory medals.

One parent described the happenings

as “organized chaos – but the best event

of the day! “

As it was off season, the Zone again took

the initiative to hold the first Zone 7 50cc

Fun Day on Saturday 13 July, and include

the 50cc Newbies and Pro classes to give

the all riders some extra practice and

training ahead of the upcoming Nationals

and Regionals in August.

Each class ran four heats with some

Newbies taking the opportunity to step

up and ride in the Pro heats with the “fast


This time around Development Class

had a strong field of 17 riders on the line

with some girls taking their places at the

starting gates.

The 50cc Newbies class had the

welcome addition of some outside riders

and fielded a strong line-up of 13 riders

when the gates dropped.

Although only five riders from the 50cc

Pro class were present, they took full

opportunity to get in some good racing on

the day.

The day went extremely well as most

of the young riders were now aware of the

protocols and procedures of a race day.

Less chaos means more fun!

The heats saw a lot of good competition

in each run.

Sunday 4th August saw the second

Zone 7 50cc Event Day taking place at the


The Development Class fielded a strong

12 young riders with the added excitement

of Lara van der Vyver, sister of SA National

65cc championship leader Neil van der

Vyver #18, joining the line-up.

And boy can she ride! Another

motocross champ in the making?

All the riders who

took part in the

50cc Newbies

Class on the day.

Dean Hoffman on

the stage with all the

riders who participated

in the Dean Hoffman

Development Class.

The 50cc Newbies class numbers were

boosted by riders from both enduro and

off road, as well as Marne Smit, sister of

nationals’ rider Nicol Smit #22 from the

65cc class. One of the smaller riders was

somewhat put out that she was riding

Nicol’s bike – “ You can’t ride that here! It’s

a 65!” he informed her, to the amusement

of the onlookers. A healthy line-up of 13

riders rode the class for the day.


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