CE China Daily Day 1 Edition





By Cleverdis,

the publisher of

IFA International

New partners,

new opportunities

As CE China moves to Guangzhou, fresh ideas and

concepts will power the industry

Jens Heithecker

Chairman, CE China and

Executive Director, IFA

With strong support from

the municipal authorities

of Guangzhou, the move

by CE China to this

bustling megacity, and

the change of venue is

destined to create a new

dynamic for the annual

trade event.

“We have moved to

Guangzhou because it’s

one of the most traditional

trade show exhibition

cities in China where all

the major players from

the electronics industry

are gathering,” said Jens

Heithecker, IFA Executive

Director & CE China


And now is the time when

retailers decide their final

line-ups for the end of the

year high selling season,

including Singles Day,

making the new date of

the show – just after IFA

in Berlin – ideal for buyers.












CE China is not destined

to be a carbon copy of

IFA, but is growing as an

individual entity, creating

synergies between

global manufacturers of

consumer electronics and

appliances and leading

retail buyers from China

and the broader APAC


The next three days will

be a veritable meeting of

the minds between east

and west – destined to

foster new ideas for savvy



Peter Altmaier

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs

and Energy, Germany


Daisuke Kizaki

New Business Team Leader,

Tsutaya Electronics

The federal government draft

budget for my Ministry shows

that we are clearly focusing on

forward-looking fields…

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China is the factory for the

world, and it is producing very

high quality products. Some

manufacturers have changed

production from Japan to


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Richard Barnes

Chief Analyst


to Guangzhou!

While welcoming you, the attendees of the first CE China

event in Guangzhou to this incredible Chinese megalopolis,

we, also, are here for the first time to discover the wonders

of this legendary place.

Guangzhou is a “global city”: a primary node in the global

economic network, regularly ranked by Forbes as the

“best commercial city in mainland China”, and the main

manufacturing hub of the Pearl River Delta.

The move of CE China to Guangzhou, and the change of

date to the end of the third quarter – as opposed to the

beginning of the second quarter in the three preceding

years, is set to totally change the dynamic of the event.

Furthermore, added momentum is being created by the

addition of the brand-new CE Summit, along with the

addition of a new concept – that of connected driving and

new energy vehicles.

The success of this event will be underpinned not only by

the change of venue, but most importantly by the will of

the local authorities in China to bring new partners to the

fore. To this end, earlier this month, a high-level delegation

representing the Government of the Municipality of

Guangzhou travelled to Germany to meet with senior

officials of Messe Berlin in order to solidify the spawning

relationship concerning CE China. It all augers towards a

bright future for the event!

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Germany puts its

best foot forward

CE China features a German Pavilion for the first time, supported

by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy,

as the government expands investment in high-tech.

The German Pavilion is part of a move

to replicate a number of success stories

from IFA at the Chinese event.

Beurer, Faytech, Gfk, gfu, Maybaum,

Miji, Sennheiser, Severin, VDE and

other German brands have brought

their latest innovations and services

to Guangzhou, offering CE China

delegates the chance to meet with

the people and companies behind the

world-leading “Made in Germany”


The announcement came after

Germany’s Federal Ministry for

Economic Affairs and Energy or BMWi,

announced major new funding for

innovative technologies – in particular

AI – in June of this year.

“The federal government draft budget

for my Ministry shows that we are clearly

focusing on forward-looking fields that

are very important for Germany as a

business location,” Federal Minister

Peter Altmaier said. “More funds will

be made available for the development

of artificial intelligence, the expansion

of digitisation and the promotion of

breakthrough innovations. In addition,

we will strengthen the aerospace


An additional e44m has been allocated

to the Federal Ministry for Economic

Affairs and Energy for 2020 to fund

the promotion of AI. In order to ensure

sustainable seed financing, the funds

will be made available for three years

– at a total of e137m. Furthermore, an

additional e45m will be made available

annually for AI and digitisation beyond

the fiscal planning period by means of

internal reallocations.










Germany’s Ministry of Economic Affairs

said that one of the main benefits for

businesses taking part in the German

Pavilion is that the whole booth is

organised from Germany. It said that

small and medium sized businesses in

particular benefit from the opportunity

of exhibiting and networking in the

international arena as part of the

German Pavilion



© CE China

A real look

at virtual and

augmented reality

First Guangzhou VR/AR Industry Innovation

Summit kicks off at CE China

Jens Heithecker

Executive Vice President, Messe Berlin,

addressing the 2018 IFA Retail University

For the first time at CE China, exhibitors are showcasing a wide

range of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications

along with a dedicated one-day summit.

Satellite events

to provide thought


IFA Retail University and CE Summit will

provide delegates with insights into China

CE & HA markets

A key dimension of CE China

is the series of prestigious

events and conventions that

take place throughout the


CE China is hosting the IFA

Retail University for the second

year running. A new IFA Global

Event, the University adds

value by bringing together

international brands and 500+

Asian retail representatives,

among them the Chinese Retail

Giant Suning. International

brands exhibiting at IFA and CE

China have the opportunity to

present products and strategies

in 20-minute power briefings

to retail partners, and provide

training sessions, thereby

increasing brand awareness and

sales in East Asia. The spoken

languages are English and


Meanwhile, the International

Consumer Electronics Summit

(CE Summit), hosted by the

Guangzhou Municipal People’s

Government and International

Data (Asia) Group (IDG Asia).

Held at the Poly World Trade

Centre Expo (PWTC Expo) in

Guangzhou on September

19-20, 2019, the CE Summit

will explore the various

technological innovations

transforming CE.

Top of the agenda will be topics

such as 5G, Internet of Things,

cloud computing, big data,

artificial intelligence, and VR/

AR. Also under the microscope

will be issues including online

and offline marketing, the

contextualisation of physical

stores, and new products that

give rise to an unprecedented

penetration of technology

into all aspects of social life.

Also discussed at CE Summit

will be the way that the deep

integration and cross-industry

innovation of intelligent

manufacturing and the internet

have become a consumer

electronics industry trend.

The CE Summit 2019 carries

the over-arching theme:

“Interconnected Innovation

for Intelligent Development”.

As a platform for technical

exchanges and product

interactions, the event will

provide impetus for innovations

and upgrades that may lead

to a new era of intelligent


In cooperation with the Guangzhou

Science and Technology Exchange

Institute and the Guangzhou VR/AR

Technological Innovation Alliance,

the summit is being held on Friday

September 20 at CE China.

The summit will discuss the latest

market trends in the industry and

visitors will have the opportunity

to get hands-on experience with

ground-breaking innovations in a

dedicated VR and AR area.

Among the VR/AR brands exhibiting

at CE China 2019 are:



Super Captain is an intelligent

entertainment operator based

on digital technology, integrating

unmanned entertainment store

operations, AR/VR industry

application solutions and digital

entertainment content distribution.



Kuanheng provides industry

customers with overall VR business

solutions. It is a cooperative

enterprise of HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift

and others in Southern China.



Nined is a high-tech company

focused on the development and

application of VR technology, which

has deployed 3,000+ VR offline

stores in more than 50 countries

and regions around the world.



At CE China, visitors to Steki are

able to try out fixed-wing aircraft

training facilities and multiplayer




Xiechuang is committed to creating

virtual reality theme parks and has

successfully joined more than 600

large and medium-sized experience

halls. Visitors can experience

bungee-jumping and space walking

under the roof of CE China.



Guangzhou Zhuoyuan, branded

as FuninVR, has established indepth

cooperation with tech giants

like Intel, HTC and other globally

renowned VR companies to develop

and produce VR products that are

applied in kids’ education.



Dongyi claims to be the first

cultural creative enterprise in

Shandong Province to engage in the

development of digital multimedia

interactive systems, 3D digital visual

presentations and exhibitions

Visitors at CE

China 2018 trying

out new VR


© CE China

CE China Daily • Thursday 19 September 2019



Connected drive

This year, for the first time, CE

China is hosting a new section

dedicated to autonomous

driving, concept cars, electric

vehicles and intelligent driving.

and intelligent emergency escape

system. Also on show are systems

from AutoX and Pony.ai which

both claim to offer world firsts in

self-driving solutions.

Liu Ting

Chairman, China Household Electric

Appliance Research Institute

Intelligent interconnection is as

much a trend in the automotive

industry as it is in CE and HA, and,

because of this, CE China 2019 is

continuing the work started at IFA

Berlin with the Shift Automotive

symposium. The Connected

Driving and New Energy Vehicles

element of the show will have

practical exhibits and examples of

vehicles and technology.

Visitors will be able to test the

comfort and intelligence of the

new panda-shaped driverless

electric bus by DeepBlue

Technology, with its in-vehicle

robot voice interaction, passenger

abnormal behaviour monitoring

Pony.ai autonomous

driving vehicle

Also taking part is GAC New

Energy Automobile, which

was founded in 2017 and is

dedicated to the innovation and

development of electric vehicles.

Visitors will be able to have a try

on its first car under the Aion

brand, Aion S, which went on sale

in April 2019.

WeRide, meanwhile, is a smart

mobility company in China that

creates leading L4 autonomous

driving technologies. Until now,

WeRide has been qualified for

road test in both Guangzhou and


CE China 2019 to host

Cheari awards for

first time

The 15 th China Household

Appliances Innovation Award,

organised by long-standing IFA

partner China Household Electric

Appliance Research Institute

(CHEARI), will be presented at CE

China 2019 in Guangzhou for the

first time.

The CHEARI Awards event

was hosted at IFA in Berlin on

September 6 2019. Through the

global reach of IFA, it aims at

promoting cutting-edge Chinese

home appliance innovations to a

worldwide audience.

Now global IFA event CE China, is

providing another stage on which

to put innovative products under

the spotlight.

The number and quality of

participating projects and brands

reached a new high this year. Up to

now the event has attracted a wide

range of leading home-appliance

brands including A.O. Smith,

Bosch, Changhong, Dyson, Gree,

Hisense, Joyoung, Midea, Robam,

Sony, Siemens, Skyworth, TCL

and Vatti, covering refrigerators,

washing and drying machines, air

conditioners, water heaters, range

hoods, gas stoves, air purifiers,

vacuum cleaners, microwaves and

other products.

Founded in 1964, CHEARI is

a national-level authoritative

scientific research institution

specialising in household-appliance

research, engineering, standards,

measurement, testing, certification

and other services

GfK on China


Chinese e-commerce growth is

reaching a plateau, according to

market analysts GfK, however,

the total online market for

technical consumer goods in

China grew by 8%.



Between January and June

2019, GfK recorded total sales

of €7.9bn for the global audio

devices market, excluding

North America. Sales in China

were up 38%.



Sales of PCs declined by 5% in

units in the first half of 2019.

Only the Chinese market

managed to grow (+2%).


A 6.2% decline in China was

a major reason for the market

slowdown. As China is such a

large market, the other regions

have struggled to offset its

declines in market value.


China, with total sales of close

to €8.5bn, is the largest market,

closely followed by Western


新 闻

本 年 度 CE China 加 入 了

智 能 网 联 汽 车 和 新 能 源

汽 车 专 区 , 为 观 众 带 来

自 动 驾 驶 技 术 零 距 离 体

验 。

广 州 、 柏 林 ,2019 年 9 月

10 日 :IFA 全 球 活 动 CE China

在 本 年 度 首 次 引 入 了 自 动 驾 驶

技 术 、 概 念 汽 车 、 新 能 源 汽 车

和 智 能 驾 驶 体 验 区 。 如 今 , 智

能 互 联 不 仅 是 家 电 和 电 子 消 费

品 行 业 的 主 流 趋 势 , 也 成 为 汽

车 行 业 的 关 键 —— 这 就 将 消 费

电 子 产 品 、 家 用 电 器 和 移 动 出

行 紧 密 联 结 在 一 起 。CE China

紧 随 行 业 大 潮 , 在 柏 林 IFA 成

功 举 办 Shift AUTOMOTIVE 汽

车 论 坛 后 , 增 加 了 这 一 展 区 。

参 加 展 会 的 新 能 源 及 智 能

网 联 汽 车 有 :

裹 动 智 驾 AutoX: 根 据 裹

动 智 驾 的 资 料 , 其 xUrban 系

统 是 首 个 能 够 处 理 中 国 大 都 市

闹 市 区 无 人 驾 驶 系 统 。 这 一 系

统 将 搭 载 比 亚 迪 “ 秦 Pro” 在 CE

China 进 行 展 示 。

北 京 汽 车 BAIC Motor: 北

京 汽 车 是 国 内 领 先 的 乘 用 车 制

造 和 服 务 商 之 一 。 本 次 将 带 来

其 AI SUV“ 智 ” 系 列 产 品 —— 北

京 汽 车 智 行 、 北 京 汽 车 智 道

U7、 北 京 汽 车 智 达 X3, 展 示

最 新 的 AI 车 况 管 家 、AI 语 音 助

手 、AI 安 全 卫 士 等 技 术 。

深 兰 科 技 ( 上 海 )

DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai)

: 深 兰 科 技 已 在 智 能 驾 驶 、 智 能

机 器 人 、AI CITY、 生 物 智 能 等

领 域 广 泛 布 局 。 这 次 它 将 带 来 最

可 爱 的 公 交 车 —— 熊 猫 智 能 公 交

车 。 搭 载 深 兰 科 技 车 载 机 器 人 、

语 音 交 互 、 乘 客 异 常 行 为 监 测 等

先 进 的 人 工 智 能 技 术 和 功 能 , 这

款 公 交 车 既 保 障 了 安 全 性 、 又 保

障 了 舒 适 性 。

广 汽 新 能 源 GAC New

Energy Automobile: 广 汽 新 能

源 成 立 于 2017 年 , 致 力 于 纯 电

动 汽 车 的 研 发 和 创 新 。 观 众 们

可 以 在 展 会 上 体 验 其 Aion 系 列

的 首 款 产 品 —— 今 年 4 月 新 鲜 发

售 的 Aion S。

小 马 智 行 Pony.ai: 小 马

智 行 成 立 于 2016 年 12 月 , 专 注

于 提 供 先 进 、 安 全 、 可 靠 的 全

栈 自 动 驾 驶 技 术 。 据 小 马 智 行

资 料 , 其 为 首 家 获 得 在 加 利 福

尼 亚 州 路 测 资 格 、 在 全 加 州 的

公 开 道 路 面 向 所 有 公 众 提 供 自

动 驾 驶 出 行 服 务 的 中 国 初 创 公

司 。

文 远 知 行 WeRide: 文 远 知

行 WeRide 是 一 家 拥 有 领 先 L4

级 自 动 驾 驶 技 术 的 智 能 出 行 公

司 。 目 前 已 经 拿 到 了 广 州 和 加

利 福 尼 亚 州 的 自 动 驾 驶 路 测 资

格 。

“ 第 十 五 届 中 国 家 用 电 器 创

新 成 果 发 布 盛 典 ” 将 在 CE

China 召 开

在 消 费 升 级 驱 动 下 , 品 质 消

费 、 高 端 消 费 成 为 市 场 趋 势 , 塑 造

中 国 品 牌 、 转 向 中 国 创 造 , 是 中 国

制 造 业 的 使 命 与 责 任 。 作 为 中 国 制

造 业 的 支 撑 , 中 国 家 电 产 业 正 处 于

从 “ 家 电 制 造 大 国 ” 向 “ 家 电 制 造 强 国 ”

的 蜕 变 的 关 键 期 , 勇 于 改 革 , 坚 持

创 新 就 显 得 更 为 迫 切 。

2019 年 9 月 19 日 , 由 中 国 家 用 电

器 研 究 院 主 办 、 全 国 家 用 电 器 工 业 信

息 中 心 协 办 、IFA 柏 林 国 际 电 子 消 费

品 及 家 电 展 览 会 、 德 国 工 商 会 支 持 、

苏 宁 易 购 集 团 股 份 有 限 公 司 战 略 合

作 的 “ 第 十 五 届 中 国 家 用 电 器 创 新 成

果 发 布 盛 典 ” 将 在 广 州 CE China 上 举

行 。 自 2005 年 至 今 , 该 活 动 已 经 成 功

举 办 十 五 届 , 并 连 续 十 一 年 在 IFA 展

的 世 界 级 大 舞 台 上 集 中 展 示 中 国 家 电

行 业 最 前 沿 的 创 新 成 果 , 向 全 世 界 传

递 着 中 国 家 电 人 的 创 新 精 神 。

创 新 不 辍 , 中 国 家 电 创 新 不 缀

当 前 , 中 国 家 电 产 业 正 在 经

历 从 普 及 到 升 级 再 到 换 代 的 发 展 阶

段 。 消 费 升 级 驱 动 下 , 整 个 产 业 迎

来 了 包 括 产 品 、 服 务 、 渠 道 、 营 销

等 在 内 的 多 重 变 革 。 这 是 一 个 推 进

缓 慢 且 需 要 不 断 更 新 的 过 程 。 而 中

国 家 电 企 业 正 在 以 消 费 者 需 求 为

导 向 , 以 科 技 创 新 为 手 段 , 加 速 产

品 结 构 调 整 , 积 极 推 动 整 个 家 电 产

业 的 稳 步 前 进 。 通 过 不 断 深 挖 用 户

需 求 , 中 国 家 电 企 业 在 产 品 开 发 、

外 观 设 计 、 市 场 营 销 等 方 面 不 断 创

新 , 新 技 术 、 新 应 用 、 新 模 式 不 断

涌 现 。

中 国 家 电 人 的 锐 意 进 取 、 创 新

不 辍 , 让 2019 年 “ 中 国 家 用 电 器 创 新

成 果 推 介 ” 活 动 的 关 注 度 再 创 新 高 。

与 往 年 相 比 , 申 报 项 目 、 参 与 品 牌

数 量 和 质 量 都 得 到 了 明 显 提 高 。 截

止 到 目 前 , 本 活 动 已 经 涵 盖 了 冰

箱 、 冷 柜 、 洗 衣 机 、 干 衣 机 、 洗 干

一 体 机 、 空 调 、 热 水 器 、 采 暖 炉 、

油 烟 机 、 燃 气 灶 、 空 气 净 化 器 、 净

水 机 、 新 风 机 、 洗 碗 机 、 取 暖 器 、

吸 尘 器 、 微 波 炉 、 烤 箱 、 电 压 力

锅 、 晾 衣 机 、 集 成 灶 、 蒸 烤 一 体 机

等 家 电 品 类 。

( 以 下 排 名 不 分 先 后 ) 安 吉

尔 、 艾 可 爱 尔 、 奥 克 斯 、 奥 马 、 奥

普 、A.O. 史 密 斯 、 比 佛 利 、 博 世 、

长 虹 空 调 、 创 维 、 戴 森 、 格 力 、

海 尔 、 华 帝 、 海 信 、 九 阳 、 卡 萨

帝 、 老 板 、 美 的 、 美 菱 、 森 歌 、 索

尼 、TCL、 统 帅 、 西 门 子 家 电 、 小 天

鹅 、 中 广 欧 特 斯 等 家 电 品 牌 争 当 创

新 先 锋 。

守 正 创 新 , 中 国 家 电 加 速 前 行

围 绕 技 术 、 产 品 、 设 计 、 标

准 、 服 务 等 多 个 维 度 , 本 届 推 介 活

动 共 设 置 年 度 卓 越 创 新 、 年 度 技 术

创 新 、 年 度 产 品 创 新 、 年 度 设 计 创

新 、 年 度 企 业 标 准 创 新 以 及 年 度 品

牌 创 新 等 多 个 类 别 , 致 力 于 让 更 多

家 电 创 新 成 果 通 过 这 个 平 台 走 向 世

界 , 让 世 界 感 受 中 国 力 量 。

“ 中 国 家 用 电 器 创 新 成 果 推 介 ”

是 中 国 家 用 电 器 研 究 院 为 了 鼓 励 企

业 创 新 , 推 动 中 国 家 电 产 业 快 速 发

展 而 组 织 的 活 动 。 举 办 十 五 年 来 ,

该 活 动 始 终 坚 持 与 中 国 家 电 产 业 携

手 并 进 , 见 证 了 中 国 家 电 人 砥 砺 前

行 的 使 命 感 和 勇 于 创 新 的 勇 气 。 面

向 未 来 ,“ 中 国 家 用 电 器 创 新 成 果 推

介 ” 活 动 将 与 时 俱 进 , 伴 随 着 中 国 家

电 的 创 新 而 创 新 , 让 更 多 在 产 业 创

新 上 有 作 为 的 家 电 企 业 通 过 “ 中 国 家

用 电 器 创 新 成 果 推 介 ” 走 上 世 界 舞

台 , 加 速 中 国 家 电 从 “ 大 ” 到 “ 强 ” 的 蜕

变 , 让 世 界 感 受 中 国 脉 动 , 让 中 国

家 电 领 航 未 来 。

CE China Daily • Thursday 19 September 2019 5












Jens Heithecker

Chairman, CE China

and Executive Director, IFA

Developing a global trade

show concept

CE China takes new steps evolving as part of a growing

ecosystem of events

CE China is an integral part

of Messe Berlin’s global “IFA

ecosystem”. We asked IFA

Executive Director and CE China

Chairman, Jens Heithecker how

the ecosystem works and where

CE China fits in.

As everyone knows, there are

three main markets for technical

consumer goods: Europe, China

/ Asia, and North America. As

organisers of trade events, we

need to be connected to the global

markets for our global exhibitors. By

the same token, there is no question

of simply organising another IFA in

China or America. We had to find

the right concepts, and we need

to work on developing these. Since

we started working in China a few

years ago, we have learned a great

deal about this market; but the real

positive result we have seen is that

of being more than ever connected

to the Chinese retailers and industry.

We understand their strategies

much better than we did before we

started activities in China. Whenever

you establish a new trade show,

you need two to four years to see

what is successful and what has to

be improved. The idea was always

to build up a business show… a

true business show with a clear

business focus. And from the first

show onwards, we knew it was not

about “hit and run”. It was about

convincing people to seek new

ways to address retailers here in

Asia to seek or open new ways for

the brand manufacturers to address

retailers via a high-quality event.

This year, the show is in

Guangzhou. Why so?

We have moved to Guangzhou

because it’s one of the most

traditional trade show exhibition

cities in China where all the major

players from the electronics industry

are gathering in the Pearl River Delta.

But we also have a better space than

at the previous location in Shenzhen,

and the timing is better this year.

We are very positive that following

this major change, we will have

more exhibitors, including more

exhibitors from China. The main

idea has been to create a trade

show for brands from around the

world to train the retail for the next

season, and this is working well.

In this fourth edition of CE China,

and the first in Guangzhou, I am

very confident we will lay down

the basics for the next foreign story

for the IFA brand. We are not only

showing brands and products in the

field of consumer electronics and

home appliances. There will also be

new exhibits from car manufacturers

showing new mobility solutions, as

well as an innovative VR/AR summit,

as an example to gather some

cutting edge players from the city of


At IFA this year, there was a big

focus on the connected home.

China seems to be quite open

and interested these new ideas

and concepts. Why do you think

it is so?

It’s true, Chinese consumers are very

open to new technologies. I think

the major point in China, and what

really differentiates it from other

markets is it’s booming construction

industry. When new homes, or new

apartment buildings are launched

into the market, it’s much easier to

talk about connected home and all

the smart home functions, before

you build the house than to do

it afterwards. There lies the main

advantage of China, the other

being that users are more open

with regards to data usage than in


What would you say

differentiates Messe Berlin’s

trade events in this sector? What

sets your shows apart?

We have a clear focus. The focus is

consumer products, innovations for

consumers. And the focus is retail.

Nothing more and nothing less. It is

also about connecting the networks

on both sides, getting access to the

Chinese market even from the Berlin




CE China attracts

growing interest

from retailers and

buying groups

CE China is attracting growing

interest from leading retailers

and trading platforms from

pan-Asian markets as well as

from international buyers.

Among those to confirm their

attendance is Croma - Infiniti

Retail, a large-format retailer that

caters to all multi-brand digital

gadgets and home electronic

needs in India. Over a decade

since its inception, Croma has 10+

million customers.

Kohinoor Electronics (India) is also

attending CE China. The company

is one of the fastest growing

electronics retail chains in India,

with a 100,000sq ft of display

area spread across 21 stores.

Amazon (India) is also at the show

in Guangzhou, where it is looking

to build a “fully customer-centric

online destination”.

From Japan, Tsutaya Kaden

Enterprise Co, is known as “the

home appliance store where you

can buy a lifestyle”. In its book

and café space, it offers various

kinds of lifestyles. It is a place full

of art and technology – with book

and café areas – where customers

CE China 2018 attendees

visiting the Suning stand

can buy home appliances as well

as designer goods, books and

other products.

Senao is Taiwan’s largest

distributor for handheld devices

in the country. Since Chunghwa

Telecom became a major

shareholder in 2007, Senao has

set up distribution points at

Chunghwa Telecom’s authorised

stores and customer-service

centres across Taiwan, offering

instant and accessible services.

PChome Online from Taiwan,

founded in 1996, is now one of

the leading e-commerce service

groups that covers almost every

important aspect of the industry.

CE China has also succeeded

in attracting leading Chinese

retailers, including Suning and

Alibaba’s Tmall.

CE China aims to reflect the major

assets and strengths that IFA

stands for: focusing on the retail

landscape and bringing together

key industry players with their

retail counterparts from local and

international markets

© CE China

Daisuke Kizaki

New Business Team Leader,

Tsutaya Electronics

Sowing the

seeds in Japan

Japanese retail buyers come to CE China

to keep up with market trends

Daisuke Kizaki, New Business

Team Leader from Tsutaya

Electronics, Japan is attending

CE China for the first time. As

team leader of an electronics

store that opened in 2015, we

started by asking him to tell us

more about the store.

Tsutaya Electronics is a consumer

electronics store that promotes

changing lifestyles. In the store,

products from all over the world

are gathered. Many artworks are

also on display to stimulate the

customers’ sensibility. We are

always looking for products with

special features. The industry

is evolving very fast and, as a

result, stores are required to

evolve further. This year, we are

introducing a new advanced store

platform, Tsutaya Electronics Plus.

Please can you tell us more

about this new platform,

Tsutaya Electronics Plus?

The business model has resulted in

it becoming a showroom, within

the store, where we display and

promote products that are under

development and pre-release

products that are crowdfunded.

This allows customers to come

into contact with products that are

in their very early stages. We are

focusing on searching for seeds

that will blossom, not products

that will sell now.








What are the main goals of

your visit?

China is the factory for the world,

and it is producing very high quality

products. Some manufacturers

have changed production

from Japan to China. Around

the same time, a new trading

platform called crowdfunding

was born, and the time has

come for everyone to become a

manufacturer. The genres we are

particularly interested in are 5G,

IOT, mobility robots and health

CE China Daily • Thursday 19 September 2019












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