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Connected drive

This year, for the first time, CE

China is hosting a new section

dedicated to autonomous

driving, concept cars, electric

vehicles and intelligent driving.

and intelligent emergency escape

system. Also on show are systems

from AutoX and Pony.ai which

both claim to offer world firsts in

self-driving solutions.

Liu Ting

Chairman, China Household Electric

Appliance Research Institute

Intelligent interconnection is as

much a trend in the automotive

industry as it is in CE and HA, and,

because of this, CE China 2019 is

continuing the work started at IFA

Berlin with the Shift Automotive

symposium. The Connected

Driving and New Energy Vehicles

element of the show will have

practical exhibits and examples of

vehicles and technology.

Visitors will be able to test the

comfort and intelligence of the

new panda-shaped driverless

electric bus by DeepBlue

Technology, with its in-vehicle

robot voice interaction, passenger

abnormal behaviour monitoring

Pony.ai autonomous

driving vehicle

Also taking part is GAC New

Energy Automobile, which

was founded in 2017 and is

dedicated to the innovation and

development of electric vehicles.

Visitors will be able to have a try

on its first car under the Aion

brand, Aion S, which went on sale

in April 2019.

WeRide, meanwhile, is a smart

mobility company in China that

creates leading L4 autonomous

driving technologies. Until now,

WeRide has been qualified for

road test in both Guangzhou and


CE China 2019 to host

Cheari awards for

first time

The 15 th China Household

Appliances Innovation Award,

organised by long-standing IFA

partner China Household Electric

Appliance Research Institute

(CHEARI), will be presented at CE

China 2019 in Guangzhou for the

first time.

The CHEARI Awards event

was hosted at IFA in Berlin on

September 6 2019. Through the

global reach of IFA, it aims at

promoting cutting-edge Chinese

home appliance innovations to a

worldwide audience.

Now global IFA event CE China, is

providing another stage on which

to put innovative products under

the spotlight.

The number and quality of

participating projects and brands

reached a new high this year. Up to

now the event has attracted a wide

range of leading home-appliance

brands including A.O. Smith,

Bosch, Changhong, Dyson, Gree,

Hisense, Joyoung, Midea, Robam,

Sony, Siemens, Skyworth, TCL

and Vatti, covering refrigerators,

washing and drying machines, air

conditioners, water heaters, range

hoods, gas stoves, air purifiers,

vacuum cleaners, microwaves and

other products.

Founded in 1964, CHEARI is

a national-level authoritative

scientific research institution

specialising in household-appliance

research, engineering, standards,

measurement, testing, certification

and other services

GfK on China


Chinese e-commerce growth is

reaching a plateau, according to

market analysts GfK, however,

the total online market for

technical consumer goods in

China grew by 8%.



Between January and June

2019, GfK recorded total sales

of €7.9bn for the global audio

devices market, excluding

North America. Sales in China

were up 38%.



Sales of PCs declined by 5% in

units in the first half of 2019.

Only the Chinese market

managed to grow (+2%).


A 6.2% decline in China was

a major reason for the market

slowdown. As China is such a

large market, the other regions

have struggled to offset its

declines in market value.


China, with total sales of close

to €8.5bn, is the largest market,

closely followed by Western


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