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CE China attracts

growing interest

from retailers and

buying groups

CE China is attracting growing

interest from leading retailers

and trading platforms from

pan-Asian markets as well as

from international buyers.

Among those to confirm their

attendance is Croma - Infiniti

Retail, a large-format retailer that

caters to all multi-brand digital

gadgets and home electronic

needs in India. Over a decade

since its inception, Croma has 10+

million customers.

Kohinoor Electronics (India) is also

attending CE China. The company

is one of the fastest growing

electronics retail chains in India,

with a 100,000sq ft of display

area spread across 21 stores.

Amazon (India) is also at the show

in Guangzhou, where it is looking

to build a “fully customer-centric

online destination”.

From Japan, Tsutaya Kaden

Enterprise Co, is known as “the

home appliance store where you

can buy a lifestyle”. In its book

and café space, it offers various

kinds of lifestyles. It is a place full

of art and technology – with book

and café areas – where customers

CE China 2018 attendees

visiting the Suning stand

can buy home appliances as well

as designer goods, books and

other products.

Senao is Taiwan’s largest

distributor for handheld devices

in the country. Since Chunghwa

Telecom became a major

shareholder in 2007, Senao has

set up distribution points at

Chunghwa Telecom’s authorised

stores and customer-service

centres across Taiwan, offering

instant and accessible services.

PChome Online from Taiwan,

founded in 1996, is now one of

the leading e-commerce service

groups that covers almost every

important aspect of the industry.

CE China has also succeeded

in attracting leading Chinese

retailers, including Suning and

Alibaba’s Tmall.

CE China aims to reflect the major

assets and strengths that IFA

stands for: focusing on the retail

landscape and bringing together

key industry players with their

retail counterparts from local and

international markets

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Daisuke Kizaki

New Business Team Leader,

Tsutaya Electronics

Sowing the

seeds in Japan

Japanese retail buyers come to CE China

to keep up with market trends

Daisuke Kizaki, New Business

Team Leader from Tsutaya

Electronics, Japan is attending

CE China for the first time. As

team leader of an electronics

store that opened in 2015, we

started by asking him to tell us

more about the store.

Tsutaya Electronics is a consumer

electronics store that promotes

changing lifestyles. In the store,

products from all over the world

are gathered. Many artworks are

also on display to stimulate the

customers’ sensibility. We are

always looking for products with

special features. The industry

is evolving very fast and, as a

result, stores are required to

evolve further. This year, we are

introducing a new advanced store

platform, Tsutaya Electronics Plus.

Please can you tell us more

about this new platform,

Tsutaya Electronics Plus?

The business model has resulted in

it becoming a showroom, within

the store, where we display and

promote products that are under

development and pre-release

products that are crowdfunded.

This allows customers to come

into contact with products that are

in their very early stages. We are

focusing on searching for seeds

that will blossom, not products

that will sell now.








What are the main goals of

your visit?

China is the factory for the world,

and it is producing very high quality

products. Some manufacturers

have changed production

from Japan to China. Around

the same time, a new trading

platform called crowdfunding

was born, and the time has

come for everyone to become a

manufacturer. The genres we are

particularly interested in are 5G,

IOT, mobility robots and health

CE China Daily • Thursday 19 September 2019


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