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Wellington College International Hangzhou provides a progressive, values-based

education for expatriate children aged 2 to 18 that draws on our rich 160 years of

heritage. While proud of our traditions, we educate for the future through the unique

Wellington approach to holistic education, with a focus on 21st century skills, highly

individual pastoral care, and a wide range of academic and co-curricular opportunities

that are enabled by our state-of-the-art facilities.

“Wellingtonians move into the world with the

ability to think critically, reflect and engage in deep

learning. They are able to study beyond the bounds

of any curriculum, be inquisitive, and question the

world around them. Wellingtonians, above all, and are

imbued with a life-long love of learning.


Now enrolling for the 2019-2020 academic year!

0571- 8239 6366

Contact us today to learn about how your child can

be inspired by a Wellington education

Scholarships and Bursaries available now!

Scan to learn more

Do you want a behind the scenes look at a print publication?

Want to strengthen your social media marketing skills?

Trying to improve your abilities as a writer?

Come and intern at REDSTAR, where you can learn all these skills and more!

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New menu, same old fun and good


Home Comforts

Can’t find your favourite imported

product? Epermarket has the answer.

The Tree

World Food in the heart of Hangzhou.


Songs about China

Check out our list of songs that all

feature the word “China”.

Get in the Driving Seat

Editor Nick explains all you need to

know about getting your licence in






Journey to the


Jerry educates us on

this famous Chinese


Are You Scared


Let’s look at the

haunted house

experiences of




The delicious hairy

crabs of Suzhou.

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Happy birthday to REDSTAR

Hangzhou! It has been an

amazing first year for us in

Hangzhou, and along the

way we have had many valuable

experiences, met many new friends

and gained extensive knowledge

on the city. With each passing day,

REDSTAR Hangzhou grows stronger,

and we are very excited for what the

future holds. Of course, our progress

would not be possible without those

who have helped us along the way:

our clients, cooperators, contributors,

friends and followers. We would like

to all of you for your support and aim

to show our thanks by continuing to

offer a great service to the people of

Hangzhou. As always, stay tuned for

more great content from REDSTAR!

Toby Clarke

Managing Editor of REDSTAR Hangzhou



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Xiaoshan: Wellington

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Xihu: Wades Wensan, Gatto Matto,

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广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFE STYLE /

To celebrate our

1-year anniversary in

Hangzhou, REDSTAR

felt we should give

something back to the people

that have supported us during

the year. That is why we

reached out to our readers,

cooperators and friends of

the magazine to send us their

pictures. Then, we made the

pictures into a collage to

showcase all the people that

make REDSTAR such a great

magazine! We hope you like it!

(The cover is also an AR image,

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to see something amazing.)


of the


集 贤 亭

By Matt

Congratulations! You have won drinks vouchers for one of Hangzhou's

cocktail bars! If you have a great picture you want to share with our

team, send it to us - not only could it feature in our magazine but you

can also win a special prize! Email: 7

LIFE STYLE // 广 告 • 生 活 方 式













广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFE STYLE /


By Annie Clover


spots do

you usually


I like to visit Gatto Matto and

Wade’s. As for local cuisine,

Grandma’s ( 外 婆 家 ) is the

best. I like to go to bars

more than clubs; I go out to

Midtown Brewery, College and

Ellen’s. Which one depends

mostly on my mood. When

I want to enjoy Hangzhou’s

beauty, I go to West Lake or

Xixi Wetland Park mostly. I am

really happy that this city has

such exciting, natural places.

What are

your plans for

the holiday?

For the upcoming holiday I

am going to stay in Hangzhou.

During the National Holiday

Hangzhou will be too

crowded, so I will probably

just enjoy a rest at home or

visit some small parks nearby.


places do

you like

best in


I think some of the best

restaurants in Hangzhou

are Blue Frog (all of their

branches) and Wade’s

Wensan. My favourite place to

hang out is 9 Club: the drinks

and food are cheap and

every day they have different

parties, like Jam night, Latino

dance nights, ladies' night,

and pool competitions.

Do you have

plans for the



I don’t really have any plans

for the National holiday. One

thing is for sure is that I will

be avoiding crowded places.

For Halloween, like most

people, I will be working.

Where have

you been



I am mostly trying to eat

at home because I’ve been

trying to eat healthily. If

I go out to eat, I like to

go to Mojar for Mexican

food. I’ve only been here

for three weeks. I’ve not

really gone out much yet,

but I did go to the West

Lake. It was relaxing.

What plans

do you have

for October?

I don’t have any plans for

the National Holiday, but

Halloween is my secondfavourite

holiday, second

only to my birthday. So I’ll

be dressing up and doing

something fun. Don’t know

yet where I’ll go to celebrate. 9

LIFE STYLE // 广 告 • 生 活 方 式




By Toby Clarke

It’s that time of year again – time for Oktoberfest! Although traditionally celebrated in the month of September in its mother

country, the German Beer festival is coming to Hangzhou this month to bring the people of Hangzhou some delicious homebrew

beer and mouth-watering Bavarian food, courtesy of the InterContinental Hangzhou’s German Restaurant, Wochinger.

The price tag for the event is 398 RMB,

which includes a complete night of fun,

food and drink. To begin, guests can

enjoy a range of salads, sushi and sashimi,

soups, cold cuts and pretzels. For the

main course, guests can eat all kinds

of meat including pork knuckle on the

bone, whole roast lamb and sausages to

scallops, mussels and king crab legs. If all

that wasn’t enough, the dessert selection

is equally appetizing: apple strudel, black

forest cake, beer toast, cheesecake and

ice-cream to name but a few choices.

Oktoberfest began on October

12th, 1810 when King Ludwig

I married Princess Therese of

Saxe-Hildburghausen. People in

Munich celebrated the marriage in fields

leading to the city gates. Over the years,

carnivals, amusement rides, food booths,

beer tents and parades were all added

to the celebrations. Today, Oktoberfest

celebrations have spread to all corners

of the world, as the festival becomes

synonymous with German culture.

Now you can experience all this right

on your very doorstep. Come along to

Wochinger to enjoy some German beer

made on site, experience a banquet of

German, Bavarian and international cuisine

and enjoy some live, Oktoberfest-style

performances to get you in the mood!

Of course, it wouldn’t be Oktoberfest

without large amounts of great beer, and

Wochinger delivers. Free-flow drinking of

either their stout or wheat beer will have

you arm-in-arm, singing German songs

with your pals before the night is up. Come

along to Wochinger, bring your friends, and

enjoy some good times German-style!

REDSTAR will be giving away tickets to

this event on our WeChat. Make sure you

follow us so you can have the chance

to win a free ticket (scan the QR code

on the front cover of this magazine).

Wochinger German Restuarant,

InterContinental Hangzhou, Basement

Level 1 杭 州 洲 际 酒 店 解 放 东 路 2 号

0571 8981-0000 ext. 10387

October 11th-12th, 2019, 18:00-23:00

RMB 398 per person (scan the QR for




New Menu!

广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFE STYLE /

Socia10 Vineyard Grill

& Bar is one of the

many hotspots here in

Hangzhou. The name of

this bar/restaurant reflects the

diversity of food and drinks you

can expect to enjoy when you

come. Any day of the week is a

good day to go to Socia10, and

for any occasion: meeting new

or old friends, a casual business

meeting or to let loose. To keep

you coming back they have

added even more variety to their

menu to welcome in Autumn.

By Alison G

Photos by Annie Clover


A spin on a classic, the new Beef Burger is topped with Goose Liver Terrine (98 RMB)

and features a deliciously sweet sauce. All burgers come with a side of Socia10's

famed fries, so you will be well and truly satisfied at the end of this dish.




For the all-out meat lovers, you can't

go wrong with a slab of their Angus

Beef Steak Oyster Blade (200g, 98RMB).

Succulent and juicy, and cooked just the

way you like it, it's taken from Australia

directly to your plate. On Fridays, get a free

beer with any of Socia10's delicious steaks.

Socia10's Roasted Beef Ribs are to die for -

slow cooked, the succulent meat just falls

off the bone in your mouth. Grab a portion

and share it with a friend (800g, 178RMB),

or opt for their larger portion and share it

with a group of your besties! (1.6kgprice/

338RMB). Includes vegetables and fries.

In addition to all the great new food, Socia10 has also redesigned its floor plan so their

patrons can enjoy entertainment such as Latin Night on Wednesdays where you can

go to learn or show off your Latin dance skills, JAM Night where local or visiting talents

can showcase their passion for music. On Saturdays you can expect a live band or DJ.

What's new about Socia10's Margarita

Pizza? Everything! The restaurant has

taken a move towards creating greattasting,

authentic pizza, with the

ingredients imported from Italy (except

the water), and now the chefs at Socia10

have been trained to make the pizzas by

Italian Chef Edis Sacchi. Chef Edis has been

making pizza for over 20 years and also

holds the Guinness World Record holder

from 2017 for making 10,000 pizzas

and the Attestato Di Frequenza al Cross

Formation Pizza Gourmet Award in Italy. 11

LIFE STYLE // 广 告 • 生 活 方 式



新 元 素 餐 厅

By Kyla Robertson

With three convenient locations in Hangzhou,

Element Fresh is a great place to enjoy a

wide-variety of internationally-inspired

nutritious cuisine. With hearty salads,

fresh juices, smoothies, pasta, sandwiches

and a selection of Asian dishes, Element

Fresh has reasonably priced, healthy food

options for even the pickiest eaters.

This popular restaurant chain first opened

in Shanghai in 2002 and today they have

locations all across China. The three in

Hangzhou are in easy-to-access mall

locations at MixC ( 万 象 城 ), Paradise Walk ( 龙

湖 天 街 ) and Kerry Centre ( 嘉 里 中 心 ).

The REDSTAR team had the pleasure of dining

at the Kerry Centre location. For our mains, we

chose to share one of their BBQ plates as well

as the Crayfish Salad. The BBQ plate had a nice

selection of veggies to go along with the meat

and was grilled to perfection. The salad was a nice

addition to the BBQ dish and was just as fresh as

advertised. Personally, I was thrilled to order an

Iced Soy Latte along with the meal (as someone

who limits my dairy intake, I was happy to have this

coffee option). We ended our meal with a slice of

scrumptious Carrot Cake for dessert. This location

also has a large outdoor patio which will be nice

to use on the approaching cooler Autumn days.

A great perk about dining at Element Fresh

is their WeChat account and points card. On

their WeChat you can set the language of your

membership account to English and easily track

your reward points. Users can also order delivery

through the official Element Fresh WeChat

Account (in English as well). In Hangzhou, Element

Fresh delivers within up to 5 kilometres of their

stores, and you can also order Element Fresh

delivery through other food delivery apps.

• Mix C: 701 Fuchun Lu, B1S37

Allotment, Basement Floor

富 春 路 701 号 ( 万 象 城 购 物 中

心 二 期 B1S37 号 商 铺 )

• Kerry Centre: 353 Yanan Lu,

Kerry Centre Building 3 Floor

127 延 安 路 353 号 杭 州 嘉 里

中 心 3 幢 1 层 L127

• Paradise Walk: 1515

Jianghan Lu, Paradise Walk

L1-33 江 汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 天

街 L1-33


If the delicious and nutritious food options aren’t

enough to entice you, Element Fresh also has a

variety of specials: they have a daily happy hour

starting at 16:00, a weekend brunch, set meal

choices, weekday lunch specials from 12:00 to

14:00 and a kid’s menu for their littlest customers.

Although their staples stay the same, they

often offer seasonal specials and will change

their menu at the end of this October. While

their menu might change, their concept of

providing fresh, healthy meals is their mainstay

and a great reason to keep coming back.


广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFE STYLE /

with cow’s milk. However, it’s exceptionally

hard to find in China. When shopping at

Epermarket, you will find an impressive

variety of all kinds of cheeses to add to your

charcuterie board or serve as appetizers at

your next party.






When you think of fresh and

imported grocery experts, a food

service you can trust should

come to mind. It should reflect

something that is both rare and unique to

people from different corners of the world,

who are interested in food and maintaining

a healthy lifestyle in China. It’s safe to say

that Epermarket is on a never-ending quest

to bring their customers more variety and

more ways to delight their senses with hardto-find

products products, carefully selected

by their international product team.

Whether you’re looking for speciality

cheeses or pantry favourites, you are bound

to find something you need. They know

that putting the customer first is what

service is all about, and with their now

convenient delivery times (7 days a week),

flexible payment options, and accessible

international customer service, they make

grocery shopping even easier—and also

your life!

We’ve rounded up some of our hard to find

favourites that we think some of our readers

tragically miss from home.


If you’ve ever tasted real buffalo mozzarella,

as in the stuff made with water buffalo

milk, you know how much creamier and

more delicate it is than the versions made


Protein makes up the building blocks of

organs, muscles, skin, hormones and pretty

much everything that matters in your body.

For this reason, you should eat high-quality

protein at every meal. Discover anything

from quinoa and lentils to other pulses,

seeds and beans to help you function



With over 200 wines from the world’s finest

regions to choose from, Epermarket’s cellar

gives you the opportunity to refill your

wine rack. Delve into a fantastic range of

red, white, sparkling and rosé wines—the

perfect drink companions for any occasion.

Looking for products you miss from home

no longer needs to be complicated. At

Epermarket, customers have the option to

choose from over 5,000 imported products

at diverse price ranges, delivered directly

to your doorstep. Discover more daily

essentials and local fresh products when

you visit their website.

Get ready to shop at

Epermarket by scanning

the QR code. 13

LIFE STYLE // 广 告 • 生 活 方 式



玖 树

西 厨 餐 厅

By Toby Clarke

Photos by Brine

The Tree prides itself in its diverse

range of international food, which

spans a range of countries and tastes.

The restaurant's proprietor, Jack,

has worked in some of Hangzhou’s finest

eating establishments and in that time has

been able to understand customer needs,

whether those customers be local or foreign.

His experience has allowed him to create

a menu that encompasses all tastes, diets

and eating habits. As he explains, working

in the food industry for this length of time

has given him what he calls “a sensitivity

for international food,” something you can

see as you glance through the menu.

The Tree’s soup selection is just the ticket

for the fast-approaching cooler months of

autumn: choose between the creamy Black

Truffle Mushroom Soup, the sweet Pumpkin

Soup and the hearty Goulash Beef Broth.

For those looking for something lighter to

start with, the Salmon and Avocado Tartar

topped with caviar really hits the spot.

Main courses are very much a fusion

of various countries’ foods, so you can

experience some of the best that each

country has to offer. From their tapas

selection, the Yunnan Mix Mushrooms

included a mushroom mix topped with

spicy chilli flakes, the Madrid Meatballs

were served in a delicious, thick tomato

sauce, and the New Zealand Green Mussels

are sure to make any seafood lover smile.

These tapas-style dishes are all

great for sharing with groups

of up to four people

and can also act as a

great snack for those

who are getting into a night of drinking.

Many of the Italian ‘classics’, including pizza,

spaghetti Bolognese and seafood pasta are

available, but what the restaurant really

prides itself on is its meat selection. With

a selection including Rib Eye, Tenderloin,

Oyster Blade and massive Tomahawk

steaks, there is something for every meat

lover. We were privileged to try to the Beef

Bourguignon, extremely tender pieces of

meat, served precut, great for sharing with

a friend over a couple of glasses of red wine.

As with all new restaurants, the team at The

Tree are constantly tinkering with the

menu so that it suits customer

tastes and utilises seasonal

meats and vegetables.

Having said this, what

they currently have is

certainly a strong start.

The selection here is

not huge and confusing

like that which you may

see in some western-style

restaurants; the idea is to do

less, but do it better, and I think

they are executing this idea very well.


218 Tiyuchang Lu, 1F, East Section of

Hangbao Building, Xiacheng District

体 育 场 路 218 号 杭 报 大 楼 东 面 一 层

133 8842-5577

200-300 RMB for 2 people


广 告 • 生 活 方 式 // LIFE STYLE /






By Kim Bui

Photos by Brine

Dai Weiqiang, from Wuxi, a city of

eastern China, has opened a quickservice

Vietnamese restaurant

in Hangzhou. The restaurant,

called Saigon Funyo, was inspired by

how the iconic noodle soup is made and

enjoyed in its place of origin, Vietnam.

Mr Dai explained that phở has become

a successful business model because of

young Chinese people who pay more

attention to their diet - phở is delicious,

fresh and healthy. Phở consists of a

fragrant broth poured over fresh rice

noodles, topped with a handful of herbs,

green onions, and slices of tender meat.

The ratio between beef and noodles

is perfect. The accompaniment is lime,

chilli pepper, lettuce and beansprouts.

Served simply, with nothing added.

At Saigon Funyo you can

try, among many others

dishes, phở bò (beef noodles), phở

gà (chicken noodles), chả giò (fried spring

rolls), gỏi cuốn (summer spring rolls) and

chè ba màu (coloured sweet soup dessert).

For the authentic Vietnamese Experience,

Phin Filter Coffee can be ordered here.

In order to keep the original taste of phở,

the owner has sent some chefs to Vietnam

to take part in cooking classes and join

training courses conducted by Vietnamese

chefs. Moreover, some ingredients

like mint, noodles, Thai basil and lime

are ordered from Guangxi province of

China, where the flavour is the same as

those ingredients found in Vietnam.

I still remember the familiar feeling of being

Feel the

heat when passion

flows around beloved dishes

that shape a culture’s identity. For

Vietnamese people, phở is more than

just second nature, it is a way of life. It is

considered Vietnam’s national dish, and

is beloved through the country and

the world, including in China,

where it is gaining more


in Vietnam when I first

visited the restaurant:

blue window frames, palmleaf

hats converted into sparkling yellow

lamps; the staff of the restaurant wears

traditional Áo dài (Vietnamese dress)

and conical hats. These are reminiscent

of the beauty of Vietnamese women

through many generations. The large

framed photos on the walls are quite

impressive, showing daily life in Vietnamese

villages: kids riding buffalos in the fields,

children gathered after school, the

exquisitely tanned hands of farmers - all

are the quintessential soul of Vietnam.

385 Yan’an Rd, Kerry Centre L301 延 安 路

385 号 L301

139 8949-0772

10:00-22:00 15

FEATURES // 广 告 • 特 辑





Interacting with our readers is one of our favourite things to do. As Halloween is approaching,

we found a few of our readers to ask them about the movies that scare them the most.



Supply Chain Manager

If I had to

choose, my top

five horror movies

would be Saw, The

Conjuring, It, The Exorcist and Poltergeist.

They are creepy and scary, but there is

a certain delight you get from watching

Halloween folklore come to life in the

modern world. You get jump scares,

twists and turns, creepy children, and

some gore to bring it all together. Who

doesn’t love a good horror movie!




I would like to

recommend Tale

of Tales which is

about street circus

family. A lot happens in this movie and

I do not remember the exact details, all

I remember is when I was graduating

High School, I watched it and I cried

a lot. It was one of the scariest horror

movies I had ever seen. If you want a

spooky Halloween give this a try.




Wow, horror

movies - what

could be more

exciting! Here is a

relatively old horror movie that will tide

you over until Halloween arrives: Audition.

Beware, this is not for the weak-hearted,

and don't be fooled by its satiric comedic

set-up. When the ‘audition’ is through, you

may want to throw up, or praise the filmmakers

for being so bold. It’s a classic; the

best science-fiction horror movie ever!


South Africa

Founder of Witty Gadgets

I love horror

movies and I would

recommend The

Conjuring collection.

They are some of the most realistic horror

movies I’ve watched and I wouldn’t

mind re-watching them. I would also

recommend Drag Me Back to Hell. This one

has a sad ending which is what makes it

worth watching. Unlike most horror movies

where the victim survives or the possessed

person has a successful exorcism, none

of the obvious horror movie clichés

are in this movie. My ultimate horror

movie recommendation is The Exorcism

of Emily Rose. I have watched this a

hundred times and I still cannot fathom

the ending. Definitely worth a watch.


Download the

Lifeprint app by

scanning the QR

codes above

Did you know that REDSTAR

has been using Augmented

Reality in their magazines

since July of this year?

Download the Lifeprint app

on your phone and then find

the AR images in our magazine

to see how REDSTAR is

improving your reading experience,

and bringing the

future to you!

FEATURES // 广 告 • 特 辑



By Jerry Shen

Having spent most of my childhood in

Canada, my fondest memories involve

watching Saturday morning cartoons

like Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon. When

I ask my Chinese colleagues about the

shows they watched in their childhood,

they mention a strangely familiar TV

series – Journey to the West.

Journey to the West ( 西 游 记 , xī yóu

jì) is arguably the most popular

Chinese novel to date. Written in the

sixteenth century by Ming Dynasty

novelist and poet Wu Cheng En ( 吴 承 恩 ), it

is considered one of the Four Great Classical

Novels of Chinese literature. Today, Journey

to the West has infiltrated global media

through its foray into TV shows, movies,

comic books and even video games. It’s

likeable characters and interesting storyline

make it a great watch for both adults and

children. To truly taste a piece of Chinese

culture, mythology, folk religion, and the

supernatural, Journey to the West is a must


The story begins with the introduction

of Sun Wukong ( 孙 悟 空 ), a monkey born

from a stone egg. He is a rambunctious

but powerful monkey who quickly learns

martial arts, polymorphic transformation

and the secrets of immortality. Though

he attained all this power, his hubris to

challenge the almighty Buddha resulted in

him being sealed under a mountain for five

hundred years.

The second part of the novel introduces the

nominal main character Tang Sanzang( 唐 三

藏 ).Tang Sanzang is a monk who had been

tasked by Buddha to journey to India and

bring back Buddhist scriptures or “sutras”

to China. Along this journey, he finds and

releases Sun Wukong who, along with other

main characters Zhu Bajie ( 猪 八 戒 ) and Sha

Wujing ( 沙 悟 净 ), accompany and protect

Tang Sanzang.

The third and longest part of the novel

describes the trials and tribulations

faced by Tang Sanzang and his team

as they make their journey to the West.

Not only are they confronted with the

dangers of evil spirits and demons, they

are also challenged as a team through

their differences in perspectives, abilities,

virtues and vices.


广 告 • 特 辑 // FEATURES /


Sun Wukong or The Monkey King: Born

on Flower Fruit Mountain from a stone

egg, the archetypal hero Sun Wukong is

the king of monkeys. He quickly became

one of the most powerful beings but his

rebellious feuds with the other immortals in

Heaven led to his entrapment by Buddha.

Suppressed under a mountain, he was

later released from his imprisonment

with the promise he aids Tang Sanzang

in his quest to India. Sun Wukong is a

fearless and brave individual who can be

impulsive and childish at times. His speed,

quick-wittedness, abilities in combat, and

polymorphic transformations undoubtedly

makes him the strongest member of the


Zhu Bajie or Pigsy: Once the respected

commander of 80,000 Heavenly Naval

Soldiers, Zhu Bajie was banished from

heaven because of a drunken attempt to

seduce the Moon Goddess. Reborn on

Earth as half-man half-pig, Zhu Bajie is the

archetypal village idiot who is driven by

his love for food and women. His laziness

often slows the expedition down while his

lustful and edacious nature is preyed upon

by many demons. Still, Zhu Bajie is not

without merit. Zhu Bajie is a soft-hearted

individual who is frequently seen pleading

with Sun Wukong to spare the lives of their

enemies. He is respectful to his teammates

and a dose of optimism and humor in their

adventure to the West.

Tang Sanzang or Tripitaka: The archetypal

innocent, Tang Sanzang renounced his

family at a young age to become a monk.

Concerned that China was plagued with

greed and sin, Buddha sends Tang Sanzang

on a pilgrimage to India to bring back

Buddhist “good will” sutras to China. Tang

Sanzang is portrayed as a kind-hearted,

generous, but naïve character who stops

at nothing to help anyone including the

demons that try to eat him. It is because

of this generosity and naivety that often

leads to clashes with Sun Wukong. Tang

Sanzang is based off the real 6th century

Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang ( 玄 奘 ),

who travelled to sacred Buddhist sites

in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh for

the purpose of bringing more complete

Buddhist teachings back to China.

Sha Wujing or Sandy: Sha Wujing was

previously a general in Heaven and is the

least well-known and least developed

disciple in the Journey to the West. Banished

from Heaven for breaking an important

vase, he was changed into a demon and

placed in a river. He stayed there awaiting

Tang Sanzang to accompany him on the

journey to atone for his ‘sin’. Sha Wujing

is adept in the water but is the weakest

disciple in the Journey to the West. His

main role is to be a nanny. He carries the

luggage for the team and occasionally serves

as a mediator between Sun Wukong and

Zhu Bajie. Not known for his personality

or abilities, Sha Wujing is a dedicated

and loyal protector of Tang Sanzang.

• Dragon Ball franchise: Son Goku

and the Dragon Ball franchise

is based off Sun Wukong

and Journey to the West. The

supporting characters Oolong

and Yamcha are based off Zhu

Bajie and Sha Wujing, respectively.

• Pokemon franchise: Infernape

is a Fire pokemon based off

Sun Wukong. Tepig, Pignite and

Emboar are also Fire Pokemon

based off Zhu Bajie.

• Dota franchise: The Monkey King

is a playable hero based off Sun


• League of Legends franchise:

Wukong, a champion in League

of Legends is also based off Sun


• Digimon franchise: Gokuumon,

Sanzomon, Cho-Hakkaimon

and Shawujinmon are Digimon

modelled after Sun Wukong, Tang

Sanzang, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujin,


• Journey to the West: Journey to

the West (2013) and Journey to

the West: The Demons Strike Back

(2017) are movies based off the

Journey to the West novel.

There are many English translations

of Journey to the West. The earlier

and most well-known translation is

the 1942 abridged version by Arthur

Waley titled “Monkey: A Folk-Tale of

China”. More recently, a complete

translation titled “The Journey to the

West” was written by Anthony C.

Yu which includes the poems and

soliloquys presented in the story.

Regardless of which you may choose

to read, be ready for an adventure

packed full of emotions, humour,

and Chinese culture, as you journey

into the Journey to the West!

Thank you to my co-workers

Summer and Jade for explaining

to me more in-depth about the

personalities and roles each

character plays in the story. 19

FEATURES // 广 告 • 特 辑





By Annie Clover

If you want to make a big impression on that special person, you should plan a unique. REDSTAR is going to help you with

this list of 10 places to go for the perfect date. You will never forget your time together, and these places will give you an

unforgettable experience. Stay away from Starbucks and the movie theatre and try out some of these great places!





It’s a classy place, located in the heart of Hangzhou. Close to sunset the

whole sky turns an orange/pinkish colour and the vibes will change to

something a little more romantic. As the breeze gusts over you and the

boat, you may find yourself turning into Jack and Rose. This date will take

you a few hours, including boating and walking on the islands of West Lake.

After a long walk together, it’s never a bad idea to

find a seafood buffet where you can eat until you

two can’t breathe or even move. This place has

food for every taste: crabs, dumplings, vegetables,

French fries, pizza, beer, wine and fruits.

458 Shantang Lu, Crystal City Shopping Centre 5F

上 塘 路 458 号 水 晶 城 购 物 中 心 5 层


You probably think this is quite a strange

place to go on a date, right? Well, not in this

library. A futuristic design and thousands of

books will really impress him/ her. Just make

sure they know you are not inviting them

to read books quietly together for hours.

The library has a few different zones: one for

reading, another for hand crafts and also one

in which to have a cup of tea. I recommend

that you choose the last option.



Dongpo Lu, Lixing Square 4F

东 坡 路 利 星 广 场 4 楼


广 告 • 特 辑 // FEATURES /







A great, colourful place that

is excellent for taking selfies

together. Good emotions


306 Yanan Lu,

Tianyangmingzhu Building B,

Clothing City level 2 延 安 路

306 号 天 阳 明 珠 B 座 服 装 城 2 楼



As tea in China is one of the biggest

traditions, you should definitely bring that

special someone to a private tea room. A

well-designed, quiet place, water mists

around each tea capsule. A very relaxing


79 Qiaoxi Zhijie 桥 西 直 街 79 栋

( 天 阳 D32 南 场 可 停 车 )





Cosy but sweet. You will need to

prepare a blanket and some snacks.

Find the best spot on the green hill

near the stadium. If you forgot to

prepare well in advance, don’t worry as

all the things you need can be bought

at the Walmart or McDonalds.

134 Shuguang Lu 曙 光 路 134 号


A nice walk in the evening is always

a good idea. Breathe some fresh air,

walk and think of the day just gone,

and maybe even talk about a few more

secret topics as you walk along the

road by Fuxing Bridge.

Fuxing Bride (Yinghua Avenue in

Binjiang) 复 兴 大 桥 ( 滨 江 樱 花 大 道 )


One more very relaxing thing to do is, of

course, a massage. In Hangzhou you can

find plenty of spas and massage shops.

All you need to do is type “SPA” on your

phone map and you will see many options

around you.


GRAND CANAL ( 大 运 河 )

The Grand Canal turns into a magical place

after sunset. Grab a thermos of tea and

a little barbecued food and enjoy some

romance. A walk by the river under the starry

night’s sky in the beautiful park bursting

with colourful lights. Alternatively, you can

sit at the any of the ports along the canal

and watch the boats come and go.

Qingsha Park 青 莎 公 园


No matter how old we are, we still feel like

we are kids. So, one of the greatest options

I can recommend is a playground to jump

and laugh in. Feel free, happy and youthful

again. These playgrounds can be found in

most shopping malls. 21

FEATURES CULTURE // // 广 广 告 告 • 文 • 特 化 辑




By Minju Kim

Autumn is here, and that

means Halloween! For many people,

celebrating this spooky season means

checking out haunted attractions in the days

and weeks leading up to it. In Hangzhou, most of

the popular haunted houses and escape rooms

are located in the West Lake area. Here are

some Haunted Houses in Hangzhou

for you to check out:


异 次 元 密 室 ( 上 城 店 )

Set during the Min( 民 ) Dynasty, the local famous

medicine maker Lin prepared to marry a singer from

Suzhou called ShenXiuXiu. However, his family was

against the marriage from the beginning, and forced

ShenXiuXiu to marry his cousin, who had already

passed away. Later ShenXiuXiu gets locked in an

old house, and his bride-to-be waits her chance for

revenge…with blood.

This escape room has a very affordable price compared

to other escape rooms in Hangzhou. Despite the low

pricing, the program itself is very well-made. There is

dark lighting with quality sound effects and excellent

performances from real actors. As it is an escape room,

tasks are given to the players in Chinese. Multiple

themes are available, but if you want to experience the

most horror, choose No.17 House Lin described above.

Loved the experience in general and would definitely

visit again!


Monday-Sunday 10:00-22:30


306 Yanan Lu, Mingzhu Commercial Centre

Basement level 1 上 城 区 延 安 路 306 号 天 阳 明 珠 商 业 中

心 地 下 一 层 ( 麦 当 劳 旁 )

80 RMB/person


长 藤 鬼 校

This haunted house does not require any Chinese from

the player, as the walk does not involve any tasks or

riddles in Chinese. Real actors are involved to scare

the players, but there is no physical interaction. An

optional Changteng Card ( 长 藤 令 ) with extra payment

is provided for players that do not want an extra

frightening experience, such as getting locked alone

in the little dark room and getting separated with your



Monday-Friday 13:00-22:00


306 Yanan Lu, Mingzhu Commercial Centre

Basement level 1 上 城 区 延 安 路 306 号 天 阳 明 珠 商 业 中

心 地 下 一 层 ( 麦 当 劳 旁 )

80 RMB/person


广 告 • 特 • 文 辑 化 // // FEATURES CULTURE /



胜 冠 密 室 (1 号 基 地 密 室 逃

脱 )

Daishi Hospital is a famous private

hospital, and Dr.Dai is a well-known

doctor as well. However, there is

a rumour that spiritual events are

taking place in this hospital. You are

the adventurer and you are about to

find out the truth.

Players are given tasks that require

medium Chinese skill, so find a local

friend or someone with a good

Chinese ability to help you. Everyone

is given a role to play, which helps

every player to be a part of the plot

and enjoy the program.

Real actors will appear any time to

add the extra tension. Music and

lighting were both very on point,

enough to hold the players’ tension

right until the end. Definitely a place

to try out!


Monday-Friday 10:00-23:30


302 Yanan Lu, Mingzhu Commercial

Centre, A406-408 上 城 区 延 安 路

302 号 明 珠 商 业 中 心 A406-408

158 RMB/person



屋 有 岛 深 度 体 验 密 室 ( 湖 滨 店 )

In Shanghai in the 80s, not far from

the busy streets, there was an old

house in an alley that no one noticed

or cared for. A rumour says that after

a murder case took place in this

seemingly normal house, the people

who lived there all faced a strange

death. There is only one way to find

out the truth, and in front of you is

only a box of ancient Chinese blusher

( 胭 脂 ).

This place is one of the most famous

haunted houses in Hangzhou, as it

won first place in national awards;

famous Chinese actress Angela Baby

has also recommended this place.

Along with the fame, the ticket

is, expectedly, pricier than other

haunted houses. This haunted house

also requires Chinese skills from the

players. The plot and setting are

very sophisticated, as well as the real

actors’ performances.


Monday-Sunday 9:30-1:00

181 4342-3425

25 Changsheng Lu, Mingzhu

Commercial Centre, Office Building

A 2F 长 生 路 25 号 明 珠 商 业 中 心 写 字

楼 A 座 2 楼

202 RMB/person 23

CULTURE // 广 告 • 文 化





By Edgar Barreto

There are over 50 museums in the Hangzhou metropolitan area. Housed within them are countless

artefacts telling the story of the city, those who raised it, and those who call it home. Among these

treasures, several works of Chinese genius stand out. Here is the story of five such splendid pieces.



The Danny Garden Map is the dearest relic

of the West Lake Museum. It was made by

royal artisans in the 18th century for the

personal use of the Qing Qianlong Emperor.

The monarch would rely on this map during

his stays in paradisiac West Lake. When

fully unrolled it measures 18 meters in

length and it contains exquisite etchings

in vivid acrylics. The luxurious map was a

necessity during royal tours, pilgrimages,

and personal excursions. All of the Qing

era West Lake area was depicted in the

scroll for the exclusive use of the Son of

Heaven. His majesty would have identified

not only the Lake but also its surrounding

areas including Longjing Village and

Lingyin Temple. The Danny Garden Scroll

is a window into a cultural and scenic area

that has forged the very soul of China.

If you ever wondered what the

sumptuous clothes in the famous

imperial Ming and Qing paintings

looked like in real life, this is your

chance to find out. Housed in the

Museum of Silk, the actual robes

worn by several Chinese Emperors

can be visited and seen. These royal

vestments were fashionable in court

from around the overthrow of the

Yuan Dynasty in the 13th century.

Displayed are actual relics dating

from the 17th to the 20th centuries.

Time has not ruined these imperial

robes, as they lay in a state of pristine

preservation. If you thought the

Versailles nobility was unsurpassed

in refinement then come and see

the royal attires used by the kings

of China—the Cradle of Silk.


广 告 • 文 化 // CULTURE /


The world’s largest origami paper

exhibition? Perhaps, but unlike many paper

art exhibits, the “Splendid Languages

of Paper” exhibition is interactive.

Participants can make their own bird

origamis following a set of instructions and

afterwards they can add them to the tens

of thousands made by other visitors. The

exhibit therefore becomes very curious: it

transforms into a living and growing being

that blends itself with the very organic

material it feeds on—paper. Paper was

invented in China in the 3rd century BC, it

struck history with unprecedented progress

across every field. Come view the “Splendid

Languages of Paper” at the Zhejiang

Art Museum. Come and learn about

contemporary Chinese paper art culture.


A favourite artefact of the umbrella

museum could be any of its oil-painted

umbrellas. This tradition dates to the

Han dynasty 2200 years ago. With the

invention of paper by Cai Lun, umbrellas

became more affordable for the common

man. Then, in the Wei and Jin dynasties,

according to Ning Ke of the Hangzhou

Fan Museum, people brushed oil on their

paper parasols as a way “to enhance

water repellency”. An art form was born

out of this practical solution as umbrellas

became painting canvases. However,

as a Mecca of smooth living, Hangzhou

contributed its own style to the new art

form. The umbrellas became windows

into its legendary lifestyle of comfort

and leisure. In the simple materials of

paper, bamboo strips, and oil, cleverness,

practicality, and refinement evolved. These

artefacts were both tools and canvasses

in one, as that they serve us with morsels

of a golden era that still captivates us

today. Come to the Umbrella Museum

and give life to your own oil umbrella

creation in one of its eminent workshops.


The legendary Hangzhou silk parasol

was brought to life in Hangzhou only

one hundred years ago. Its weaving

technique was first mastered by

Du Jinsheng, a famous Hangzhou

industrialist. Our eminent hero

travelled to Japan to rediscover and

reclaim traditional Chinese umbrella

making technologies and silk weaving

techniques. His aim was to embrace

these innovations and unite them with

Hangzhou’s captivating umbrella and

silk making culture: “There is heaven

above and Hangzhou below.” This is why

the Hangzhou silk umbrella became

unique among artefacts. Its style

became known for showcasing the ten

poetic scenic spots of West Lake. The

Hangzhou Silk Umbrella is a glimmer of

Hangzhou’s cultural accomplishments. It

pushed the symbiosis of utility and art—

culture and nature—into a new frontier. 25

CULTURE // 广 告 • 文 化

26 redstarhangzhou.comDRA

广 告 • 文 化 // CULTURE /

FT 27















广 告 • 特 辑 // FEATURES /




To celebrate the national holiday in China, we look at 4 of the most popular western

songs which feature China in the song title. Here is what REDSTAR found!

By Andrew Wright


– The Doobie Brothers (1973)

The oldest song on this list is the 1973 smash

hit, China Grove. The song is based on a real

town in Texas. Lead vocalist Tom Johnston

thought he had created a fictional town

called "China Grove" near San Antonio, Texas.

He later explained that the band had been

on tour passing through the town of China

Grove on the way to San Antonio, Texas,

and he had seen a road sign with the name,

but somehow had forgotten about it.


– Phil Collins (1982)

Former Genesis drummer Phil Collins

released “Like China” back in 1982, taken

from his second solo album, Hello, I Must

Be Going! The song's title is a traditional

English expression meaning "gently and

with great care". The song's lyrics portray an

infatuated teenager attempting to convince

a girl to date him despite their different social

backgrounds—as emphasized by his reference

to being from "the other side of town".


– David Bowie (1983)


– Coldplay ft Rihanna (2012)

Princess of China is taken from

Coldplay's fifth studio album, Mylo

Xyloto. The band were helped by

music legend Brian Eno. The song

takes influence from electronic rock,

electropop and R&B. The song is a

ballad about loss, regret and break-ups

“Once upon a time, we fell apart. You're

holding in your hands the two halves

of my heart". The song received mixed

reactions, with many not convinced

with Coldplay’s newer experimental

sound. The song maintained an

average position within the charts.

First up is the 1983 release of China Girl,

a song originally written by Iggy Pop, but

gained more exposure upon release by

David Bowie. Guitar legend Nile Rodgers,

the producer of the song, imagined his own

meaning of the song: "I figured China Girl

was about doing drugs ... because China is

China White, which is heroin, girl is cocaine. I

thought it was a song about speed balling”. 29

CULTURE // 广 告 • 文 化






By Ellie Bouttell

This month’s distance cycle was to the nearby city of

Huzhou, about 100 kilometres north of Hangzhou and

extending out from the south side of the enormous Taihu

lake. My usual strategy of stabbing randomly at a map

gave me the destination of Qiaoxi ( 乔 溪 ), a tiny village

in the hills near Moganshan, but I doubted that the 20

or so buildings I could see via satellite there included a

hotel that would house an exhausted foreigner and her

unwieldy bicycle, so I opted for the safer Huzhou instead.

a historic city, with a classic old water

town that’s rumoured to be prettier

and more authentic than the average,

and has particular fame for producing

traditional Chinese ink brushes. Taihu Lake,

from which Huzhou takes its name (“lake

city”), is also an impressive presence, with

a circumference of almost 400 kilometres

and 50 islands, 18 of which are inhabited.

Setting out from Binjiang around 9:00 in

the morning, I hadn’t accounted for how

long it would take me to get through the

city. My route took me through the loud,

industrial and stressful roads of Linping

for 20 kilometres before I finally hit quieter

intercity tarmac. Hot but mercifully flat

highways slowly unfolded into rural

scenes until I was finally surrounded by


广 告 • 文 化 // CULTURE /

green farmland and a cloudless blue sky,

accompanied by only the odd e-bike rider.

This was easily the most beautiful part of

the ride: the space between China’s giant,

homogenous cities; these tiny, sleepy,

almost suspiciously immaculate villages.

Brilliant green leaves framed watery

fields which I guessed were growing rice,

though I couldn’t find anyone to ask.

Perhaps everyone was inside, hiding from

the afternoon sun, leaving the fields to

be tended by their jealous white cranes.

Well-kept party buildings were present

in every village I passed through.

Childlike Chinese characters daubed on

whitewashed walls instructed people to

“live low carbon,” “reject alcoholism” and

“share the Chinese dream.” I wondered

when they had been painted and who

had decided which words of wisdom

most deserved this humble platform.

Widening roads signalled that I was

drawing close to Huzhou. More cars joined

me on the baking hot road, saluting

my aching legs with well-meaning but

irritatingly constant horns and speeding

past at uncomfortable proximity. The last 20

kilometres were a struggle - I was painfully

aware that I was sweating off sunscreen

faster than I could put it on, and it was little

but the thought of a cold shower and soft

bed waiting for me that kept me going.

Travel app Qunar had suggested the

Freemind Movie Hotel ( 菲 曼 电 影 酒 店 ), a

hotel with a projector and a stockpile of

recent and classic films in each room, which

I thought of longingly while coaxing my

muscles through the final hour of riding.

On arrival around 4:30 pm, the longawaited

shower was quickly followed by a

makeshift nest in my queen bed and a film

I had been meaning to watch for two years.

Going out for food wasn’t an appealing

option. I ordered delivery, sighing inwardly

when the elevator down was crowded

with tipsy middle-aged men making

comments about my reddish legs, but I

quickly forgot them once I was cuddled

up with a beer and warm bowl of tofu.

The journey home the next day was a

quick one. I could have ridden the same

route 100 kilometres home, but I was

exhausted. I had a class I needed to get to

early that evening. In addition, my gears

had been making funny sounds for the

last 30 kilometres, so I decided to test the

bus system out instead. Eight kilometres

to the bus station, a 10 RMB charge for

my bike, and a bumpy hour-long ride (in

which I nearly had a nervous breakdown

thinking about the pieces my bike would

emerge in) and I was back in Hangzhou.

Safe to say I didn’t do much exploring of

Huzhou, but I can say it was quiet and the

air was clean. People who have been to

Nanxun old town tell me it’s a beautiful

example of Jiangnan architecture, and

nearby Moganshan ( easily accessible from

Huzhou) is a pretty, if highly landscaped,

mountain getaway. Maybe next time I’ll

cycle to the calligraphy brush village. I’ll

certainly be wearing longer leggings if I do.

FEATURES // 广 告 • 特 辑






By Nick Priquette

So, you’re living in China. You’ve been relying on taxis, buses and

subways to get you around town, but what if you had a buddy who

had a car you could use or you wanted to rent a car for a few days?

Or let’s say you’re planning to stick around the country for a few

years. Well, I’m here to tell you that getting your driver’s licence in

China is fairly simple, so long as you have a licence from your home

country. You should be able to get your licence in about 3 easy steps.



If you don’t have a Chinese friend, try to

get one appointed to you - someone who

can speak pretty good English as you’ll

want their help to grab a few things along

the way, especially which translation

companies to use, and to go with you to

the Driver’s Licence Service Center on the

day of the test. I was blessed to be able to

use my wife during the whole process (not

to mention the fact that this was her idea

so I could drive and she could sleep!).


Things you should already have:

• Your passport

• You need to have a residence permit or

visa that lasts more than 90 days (if you’re

only here for 3 months, don’t bother).

• You need to bring the driver’s licence

you have from your home country.

Things you probably don’t have:

• You need to get your home country

driver’s licence translated into Chinese,

and the driver’s licence centre only allows

for about 13-15 translation companies

here in Hangzhou to do it. We used

Hangzhou Oritrans Translation Co. Ltd.,

telephone 159 6888-0142, 137 7782-

4579, 8702-8795, or 8702-6905; and email

at and zhiqiangj@ They were really quick about

getting the translations to us, and we did

everything over WeChat. We sent a photo

of my licence, paid them (130 RMB), gave

them our mailing address and they got

it to us in less than a week. Important

notice: Make sure the translation

company uses a transliteration of your

name. It doesn’t matter if you have a

Chinese name, the government doesn’t


广 告 • 特 辑 // FEATURES /

care, they want your actual name. Even

though I already had a Chinese name,

贫 胜 利 , they wanted the transliteration

of Nicholas ( 尼 克 拉 斯 ), don’t make this

mistake, it’ll be a bit of a headache!

• You need to go to your local police

station to get a Registration Voucher

of Residence for Visitors from Overseas

(you should have already been given this

when you registered). This needs to be

stamped by the police station themselves.

• Lastly, make sure you take three

1-inch passport-style photos, with

a white background. I’ve been able

to get these for pretty cheap at

most print shops, around 12 to 18

photos for about 10-20 RMB.


While you’re waiting for the translation

to come in, study for the test!

• I downloaded the app Laowaidrive on

my iPhone and

I’m pretty sure I’ve

seen it available

on Android

devices as well.

• This app has 1000

questions, some

deal with bus

and truck driving,

but most are the

same questions

you’ll get on

the actual test

(Chinglish and all).

• Using the free

version of the

app allows you

to answer 19-20

questions before

it pops up with an

ad, just exit the

ad, and scroll to

the last question

you answered. If

you wanna pay

for it, go ahead, it

may have some

cool amenities.

• If you don’t

want to get an

app, you can go

to the Driver’s

Licence Customer

Service Center (33 Hefang Street, 河

坊 街 33 号 ) and order the study book

from window 27 on the second floor.

According to,

the book costs 20 RMB and comes

in English, French, Russian, German,

Italian, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.

• The test itself will have 100 questions:

40 are true or false, 60 are multiplechoice.

You need to get a 90 or higher

to pass, so make sure you study!



You’ve made it so far,

now you just need

to get it finished.

First, make sure you

go to the test centre

(same location as

the Driver’s Licence

Customer Service

Centre) fairly early if

you’re trying to knock

this out in one day.

The centre is open from 8:30 the to 16:45,

with a lunch break between 12:00 and 13:30.

Again, it will be helpful to have a Chinese

friend there if you can’t communicate well

in Chinese. When you go, you’ll have to get

a number. Lucky for you there’s a window

dedicated to foreign driver’s licence

holders, but make sure you choose the

right option when getting your number.

They’ll check your documents then have

you go through a minor physical exam:

they’ll check your sight, your hearing, and

your ability to grab something (maybe

to make sure you can control a steering

wheel). This will cost a total of 15 RMB. Next,

you’ll go back to the main window and set

up an appointment to take the test, just

set it up for later that day, which will cost

you 80 RMB. Important note: if you want

to take that test in a language other than

Chinese, make sure you let them know.

Then you just wait for the test. You will

have about an hour to complete the

test, which should be enough. I ended

up using about 40-45 minutes to do the

test and then went back and checked

my answers! You will not be able to take

any papers or pens into the test, and you

cannot use your phone (of course).

Once you’ve passed the test (and since

you studied for a whole week I’m sure

you will), then it’s just a matter of paying

10 RMB and waiting to get your newlylaminated

Chinese Driver’s Licence. If

you’re concerned about the test, don’t be -

I studied for a weekend and got a 98 on the

test my first time. If you don’t pass the first

time, you can take it again in the same day!

Good luck, I’ll see you on the road! 33

CULTURE // 广 告 • 文 化

I’ve always thought of myself as a

conservationist; of course, I have my

own shortcomings, but for the most

part, I am a person at peace with the

world. I grew up watching shows about

countries that were making leaps when it

came to recycling and practising the art

of sustainability. I knew certain countries

were really big on finding ways to reduce

pollution. Some places had already started

making recycling a must, with the risk of

final penalties facing those who didn’t follow

the rules. Littering seemed to be a crime in

these instances. The most I saw in the cities

I lived in growing up in Zimbabwe were the

occasional trashcans here and there and no

real consequences for those who littered.

As time passed, the world view on the

environment started to evolve, and

things started to take a turn for the better.

There were even cleanup campaigns

around the major cities all around Africa.

When I came to China, things seemed

fairly normal. There were older street

cleaners that I would notice cleaning

the few scraps I’d see laying around.

Trash cans were a lot more pronounced

in Hangzhou and it didn’t take long to

realise people didn’t litter much here.

Halfway through the summer this year I

came across the new coloured trash cans

and I honestly didn’t pay any attention

to them - I figured it was something new

that the city was trying out. Imagine my

surprise when I was leaving my trash in

the morning to find a young gentleman

standing by the trash cans wearing a

reflective orange shirt and white gloves,

giving what seemed like instructions. At

first, he didn’t seem moved by me at all

until I reached to drop my leftovers in one

of the cans. Almost immediately he started

saying something, as he reached for my

trash and started separating the food scraps

from the plastic lunch boxes they were in.

Not long after that I got to attend a trash

sorting event that REDSTAR held which

helped really clear things up for me. All

in all, I can say I have come through this

experience a lot wiser. Now I feel like I’m

helping out in making the world a better

place, make sure you play your part!





By Brine


广 告 • 商 务 // BUSINESS /






TopTalents’ partner and Overseas

Project Director Miguel A. Marca

shares his thoughts on government

grants for international SMEs.

Fundraising through governmental

grants has its similarities with

fundraising through private

investors or local venture capitalists,

as some of the same aspects are taken

into consideration during the application

process: things like the members of the

founding team, the product, service and

technology, and the business model’s

feasibility. However, some requirements

for government grants might be higher

than others, such as an applicant’s

educational background, IP (intellectual

property), patents, and so on. The truth is,

although things like a strong educational

background and IPs are important for

a successful application, they are not

must-have requirements – for example,

evaluations for government grants can

be easier and faster if the applicant

has experience in entrepreneurship

or shows a willingness to cooperate

and contribute to Chinese society.

Don’t be deterred by rejection – this is part

of the process, as some cities and districts

may focus more on specific industries.

However, as governmental departments

are always talking to each other internally,

if you are rejected by one location they

may still be able to recommend the

project to other districts or cities.

The application procedure itself has some

differences as well: when raising funds

through government grants, the application

procedure can be divided into three

stages: the “Evaluation Stage”, “Negotiation

Stage” and “Implementation Stage”.

Many cities in China have plans for

international SMEs, and the degree and

requirements will vary according to the

city and district where the international

talent is applying. Here in Hangzhou’s

Gongshu District, there is an attractive

international talent plan known as the

“Canal Elite”, provided by the district-level

government at Hangzhou International

Talents Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Park (HITEIP), which is located alongside

the world’s cultural heritage site – the

Grand Canal. This park was officially

established in July 2017 as the first

International Talents Entrepreneurship

& Innovation Park in China. Talents that

pass the “Canal Elite” district evaluation

and land in Gongshu District’s HITEIP

will be entitled to friendly policies such

as up to 15 million RMB startup funding,

an office space of up to 1500 square

meters, housing, loan subsidies, and more.

We at Zhejiang TopTalents Technology

Co Ltd. are pleased to help overseas

talents have access to such policies.

In summary, when trying to enter the

Chinese market and subsequently secure

funding either through local investors,

VCs, or through governmental grants, a

good starting point will be to research

governmental plans and policies offered

to international SMEs in the target city.

The city of Hangzhou is a good choice,

especially in the rapidly developing

Gongshu District, and with the support

of HITEIP and Zhejiang TopTalents

Technology Co Ltd., securing funding

through government grants has never

been easier. If you want to know more

about the procedure,

how to apply for the

government grants

and the benefits

you can get feel

free to contact us! 35

TRAVEL // 广 告 • 旅 游



By Sabrina Valles

A quick Bing search of the word “Suzhou”

showcases a wide variety of results:

the historic canals of Pingjiang Road,

the trouser-shaped Suzhou Centre,

and the beautiful, ancient, UNESCOclassified

gardens. However, expats

living in Suzhou have discovered another

reason why tourists flock to the city

affectionately known as "the Venice of

the East" - to visit the home of the hairy

crab, Yangcheng Lake ( 阳 澄 湖 ).


广 告 • 旅 游 // TRAVEL /

Located to the northeast of Suzhou’s

city centre, Yangcheng Lake spans 120

square kilometres. The lake surrounds

Lotus Island, an ecological peninsula

that is named after its shape, which is also

the residence of over 300 families. On a

clear day, visitors can spot the high-rise

buildings of Suzhou Industrial Park in the

distance while exploring the rustic, fishing

village spread throughout the peninsula.

Lotus Island’s serene and natural wetland is

covered with trees and grass fields, offering

a break from the fast-pace of city life.

From September to December, hairy crabs

are shipped from Yangcheng Lake to

throughout China, but can also be enjoyed

at one of the many farmhouses on Lotus

Island and the hairy crab restaurants nearby

the lake. The crabs’ soft, fuzzy hair on its

legs is a talking point for many first-time

eaters. Surprisingly, female and male crabs

taste best at specific times of the year.

Female crabs are best eaten in September

of the Lunar calendar (October of the

Gregorian calendar) and are characterized

by the orange-yellow, moist roe in the body.

Male crabs are best eaten in October of the

Lunar calendar (November of the Gregorian

calendar) and have white roe inside the

body. It is recommended to eat the crabs at

the end of October (Gregorian calendar) to

taste each crab gender’s flavour during their

peak time. Breaking free the meat from

inside the crab’s legs is absolutely worth

the effort. When eaten at a restaurant, all

crabs are typically served with a bowl of

soy sauce and chopped garlic. Just like

most Chinese restaurants, customers often

order an array of food served familystyle

to accompany the main dish.

In addition to eating hairy crabs and

embracing nature, Lotus Island offers other

points of interest, including such attractions

as the Mansion of the Champion, Xi Tsui

Wetland, Yi Yuan cultural centre, and

Temple of the Pharmacist. Visitors may also

catch a glimpse of the farmers catching

crabs on the lake – an experience worth

observing that truly embodies the saying,

“from farm to table.”


Take the train to Suzhou North

Station (Suzhou Bei Zhan, 苏 州 北 站 )

Order a taxi or a Didi, or hop on bus

no. 866 and exit at Yanjiagang. Walk

2.2 kilometres south towards the

pier. If you prefer not to walk, take

bus no. 866 and exit at Tianjing stop.

Then, take bus no. 87 and exit at

Yangcheng Lake Tourism Centre.

Yangcheng Lake Lian Hua Island

boat pier, 1 Chengzhong Lu,

Xiangcheng District, Suzhou

苏 州 阳 澄 湖 澄 中 路 1 号 莲 花 岛 码 头

0512 6544-0288

To head to Lotus Island from

the pier, walk towards the ticket

booth to purchase a boat ticket, or

jump on a small golf cart or tram.

Tickets range from 10 RMB to 50

RMB per person depending on the

transportation type.

Breaking free the meat from inside the

crab’s legs is absolutely worth the effort.

Transportation tip: Ask the taxi

driver if they would be willing to

take you back from Yangcheng

Lake before they drop you off, as

sometimes getting a taxi back

from there can be a little difficult.

Otherwise, the best way to call a taxi

through Didi is by walking to the

closest bus stop. 37

HANGZHOU LISTINGS // 广 告 • 杭 州 黄 页


中 式 餐 饮

BBQ 烧 烤

Ba Li Lobster • Old Street Barbecue (bā lí lóng

xiā • lǎo jiē shāo kǎo) Gate2, Wanda Gold Street

Xiangqing Lu (8731-3852) 巴 厘 龙 虾 • 老 街 烧 烤 祥

庆 路 万 达 金 街 2 号 门

Big Chen Barbecue (dà chén yáng ròu chuàn)

Beside Jinyuan Edifice, Wulin Lu (8550-0571) 大 陈

羊 肉 串 武 林 路 锦 园 大 厦 旁 ( 教 场 路 口 )

Dong Shou Barbecue (dòng shǒu ba) B1, 4th

Hubin Yintai 245 Yan’an Lu (8977-9393) 动 手 吧 ( 湖

滨 in77 店 ) 延 安 路 245 号 湖 滨 银 泰 四 期 B1 层 ( 地 铁

龙 翔 桥 站 B 出 口 )

Eight Colour Barbecue (bā sè kǎo ròu) 51

Hubin Lu (8578-7757) 八 色 烤 肉 ( 湖 滨 店 ) 湖 滨 路 51

号 ( 近 庆 春 路 )

Gobi Barbecue (gē bì tān xiàn kǎo yáng ròu

chuàn) At the cross-section of Tiyuchang Lu and

Wulin Lu (150 8860-4327) 戈 壁 滩 现 烤 羊 肉 串 ( 体 育

场 路 店 ) 体 育 场 路 武 林 路 交 叉 口 机 场 大 巴 旁 边

Hanna Mountain (hàn ná shān) 1FC102

Zone77C3 Hubin Yintai Wushan Lu (8702-2705) 汉

拿 山 ( 湖 滨 银 泰 新 店 ) 吴 山 路 湖 滨 银 泰 in77C3 区

1FC102 号

Nine Yanger Northwest Barbecue and

Dumplings (jiǔ yàng ér • dōng běi shāo kǎo

shuǐ jiǎo) 206, 2F, West Lake D11, Wulin Lu (8892-

2512) 九 样 儿 • 东 北 烧 烤 水 饺 ( 武 林 店 ) 武 林 路 163

号 西 湖 D11 食 尚 城 二 楼 206

Wang Jintumen Barbecue (wáng jì jīn tú mén

chuàn kǎo) 101 Baijingfang xiang (8517-3954)

王 记 金 图 门 串 烤 ( 百 井 坊 店 ) 百 井 坊 巷 101 号 ( 近

延 安 路 )

West Lake Stove Barbecue (xī hú lú biān •xiān

kǎo zhū ròu) B1, Lixing Luxury Plaza, 124 Pinghai

Lu (8539-4230) 西 湖 炉 边 • 鲜 烤 猪 肉 ( 利 星 店 ) 平 海

路 124 号 利 星 名 品 广 场 B1 楼

Zao Chuan Chang Barbecue (zào chuàn chǎng

shāo kǎo) 237 Tiancheng Dong Lu (135 6784-

8644) 灶 串 厂 烧 烤 天 城 东 路 237 号

Hotpot 火 锅

Chuan Xi Ba Zi Hotpot (chuān xī bà zǐ huǒ

guō) 2F, Zone77B Hubin Yintai, Pinghai Lu

(8715-6866) 川 西 坝 子 火 锅 ( 湖 滨 店 ) 平 海 路 湖 滨 银

泰 in77B 区 2 层

Fu Kua•Hua Jiao Ji Seafood Hotpot (fú kuā •

huā jiāo jī hǎi xiān huǒ guō) 4F, Big City Plaza,

609 Yan’an Lu (8667-6800) 福 夸 • 花 胶 鸡 海 鲜 火 锅 (

国 大 城 市 广 场 店 ) 延 安 路 609 号 国 大 城 市 广 场 4 层

Gang Guan Chang Wu Qu Xiao Jun Gan

Strings Hotpot (gāng guǎn chǎng wǔ qū xiǎo

jun4 gān huǒ guō chuàn chuàn xiāng) 281

Wulin Lu (8722-8585) 钢 管 厂 五 区 小 郡 肝 火 锅 串 串

香 ( 皇 后 公 园 店 ) 武 林 路 281 号

Grandpa Pan (lǎo yé guō) 902, A Yintai Mall, 530

Yan’an Lu (8583-6328) 老 爷 锅 ( 武 林 银 泰 店 ) 延 安

路 530 号 银 泰 百 货 A 馆 902

Lao Fo Ye Charcoal Frog Hotpot (lǎo fó yé tàn

huǒ wā guō) D11, West lake, 155 Wulin Lu (8693-

9527) 老 佛 爷 炭 火 蛙 锅 武 林 路 155 号 西 湖 D11

Mi Shi Chaoshan Beef Hotpot (mì shí cháo

shàn niú ròu huǒ guō) 166 Huansha Lu (8782-

6211) 秘 食 潮 汕 牛 肉 火 锅 ( 湖 滨 店 ) 浣 纱 路 166 号

Ren Wu• Hua Jiao Seafood Hotpot (rén wù •

huā jiāo hǎi xiān huǒ guō) B157, B1 Hangzhou

Building Center Plaza, 11 Wulin Plaza (8606-5777)

仁 物 • 花 胶 海 鲜 火 锅 武 林 广 场 11 号 杭 州 大 厦 中 央

广 场 B1 层 B157 商 铺

Shu Liao Chongqing Hotpot (shǔ liáo

zhòng qìng huǒ guō) Queen Park 277 Wulin Lu

(8782-0008) 蜀 燎 重 庆 火 锅 ( 武 林 店 ) 武 林 路 277

号 皇 后 公 园

Shui Lin Jian Japanese Buffet Hotpot (shuǐ lín

jiān rì shì zì zhù guō wù liào lǐ) 9F, Yintai Mall,

Yan’an Lu (8583-6329) 水 林 间 日 式 自 助 锅 物 料 理 (

武 林 银 泰 店 ) 延 安 路 银 泰 百 货 A 馆 9 楼

Xing Fu Li Beijing Barbecue and Hotpot (xìng

fú lǐ wén shuàn wǔ kǎo lǎo běi jīng shuàn guō)

4F, Jiangjin International, 251 Anye Lu (8677-9689)

幸 福 里 文 涮 武 烤 老 北 京 涮 锅 安 业 路 251 号 江 锦

国 际 四 楼

Local Cuisine 本 帮 菜

Cai Yun Xuan (cǎi yún xuān) 13 Beishan Lu

(8796-4550) 彩 云 轩 北 山 路 13 号 ( 断 桥 对 面 )

Chang’s Garden (lóu wài lóu) 30 Gushan Lu

(8796-9023) 楼 外 楼 ( 孤 山 路 店 ) 孤 山 路 30 号 ( 近

平 湖 秋 月 )

Da Pai Da Traditional Dish (dà pái dà chuán

tǒng cài) 41 Xueshi Lu (8805-7737) 大 牌 大 传 统

菜 学 士 路 41 号

Grandma’s home (wài pó jiā) The Podium

Building of Hangzhou Daily Paper, 218 Tiyuchang

Lu (8515-7979) 外 婆 家 ( 杭 州 杭 报 店 ) 体 育 场 路 218

号 杭 州 日 报 大 楼 裙 楼 ( 中 河 北 路 口 )

Green Tea (lǜ chá cān tīng) 3F, West Lake Yintai,

98 Yanan Nan Lu (8700-2788) 绿 茶 餐 厅 ( 西 湖 银 泰

店 ) 延 安 南 路 98 号 西 湖 银 泰 3 楼 ( 近 吴 山 广 场 ) 238

Dadou Lu (8899-8277) 绿 茶 餐 厅 大 兜 路 238 号

Hangzhou Restaurant (háng zhōu jiǔ jiā)

Building1-3 205 Yanan Lu (8708-7123) 杭 州 酒 家

( 延 安 路 店 ) 延 安 路 205 号 1-3 楼 ( 延 安 路 与 邮 电

路 交 叉 口 )

Ma Deng Bu Luo Restaurant (mǎ dēng bù luò)

238 Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8698-9975) 马 灯 部 落 ( 四

眼 井 店 ) 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 238 号

New White Deer (xīn bái lù cān tīng) 5F,

Yintai Merchandise West Lake Culture Plaza 487

Zhongshan Bei Lu(8898-7698) 新 白 鹿 餐 厅 ( 西 湖 文

化 广 场 店 ) 中 山 北 路 487 号 西 湖 文 化 广 场 银 泰 百 货

5 楼 ( 近 环 球 中 心 )

No.23 Qiangmen Cai (23hào qiáng mén cài

•lǎo dǐ zǐ háng zhōu wèi) 23 Jietansi Xiang (159

6810-3025) 23 号 墙 门 菜 • 老 底 子 杭 州 味 戒 坛 寺

巷 23 号

Old mans sautéed shrimp (lǎo tóu ér yóu bào

xiā) Building A Wanhua Wulin Business Edifice, 25

Jietansi Xiang(8515-1117) 老 头 儿 油 爆 虾 ( 武 林 店 ) 戒

坛 寺 巷 25 号 万 华 武 林 商 务 大 厦 A 座

Shi Ke (shí kè) No. 1224, Dongxin Avenue (8819-

8811) 食 课 东 信 大 道 1224 号

Tian Lun Li Restaurant (tiān lún lǐ cān tīng) 1F,

Bldg. 7, Xixi New Plaza, 550 Xixi Road (8106-0001)

天 伦 里 餐 厅 西 溪 路 550 号 西 溪 新 座 7 号 楼 1 楼 东 边

Yun Shan Hostel (yún shān shàng) 30

Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8796-9989) 云 山 上 虎 跑 路

四 眼 井 30 号

Other Restaurants 其 它 餐 馆

7017 Restaurant (7017 wèi dào gōng chǎng)

68 Tonghe Lu (8806-7017) 7017 味 道 工 厂 ( 中 财 店 )

通 和 路 68 号


A Wa Shan Zhai (ā wǎ shān zhài) 2F, Bldg. 4,

Xingguang International Plaza, 228 Jiangnan

dadao (8709-2520) 阿 瓦 山 寨 ( 星 光 广 场 店 ) 江 南 大

道 228 号 星 光 国 际 广 场 一 期 4 号 楼 2 层

Meng Ke Han Restaurant (méng kě hàn tè sè

cān tīng) Rm. 306, Bldg. 3, Hangzhou Yin, 2030

Jianghui Lu (8524-5685) 蒙 可 汗 特 色 餐 厅 江 晖 路

2030 号 杭 州 印 3 楼 306 号 ( 钱 江 龙 对 面 )

Sit and Forget Lijiang Restaurant (yī zuò yī

wàng lì jiāng zhǔ tí cān tīng) NL101, Bldg. 4,

Kerry Centre, 385 Yan’an Lu (5610-7266) 一 坐 一 忘

丽 江 主 题 餐 厅 ( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 385 号 嘉 里 中

心 4 幢 NL101

Tangmen• Jianghu Restaurant (táng mén

•jiāng hú jiǔ jiā) 306 3F Bolan Elephant City 294

Wenyi Lu (2802-3107) 唐 门 • 江 湖 酒 家 文 一 路 294 号

铂 澜 大 象 城 3 楼 306 号

Wen Xin Shi She (wén xīn shí shě) Room5008

F5 Hangzhou Bldg. 546, Yan’an Lu (8138-3238) 文

心 食 舍 ( 武 林 银 泰 店 ) 延 安 路 546 号 杭 州 百 货 B 馆

5 楼 5008

Xi Bei You Noodle Restaurant (xī bèi yóu miàn

cūn) B1, Zone77C Hubin Yintai, 238 Jiefang Lu

(0820-7320) 西 贝 莜 面 村 解 放 路 238 号 ( 湖 滨 银 泰

in77C 区 负 一 层 )

Yu Man Tang Chuan Restaurant (yú mǎn táng

chuān cài guǎn) 12 Baijingfang Xiang(8515-8619)

渝 满 堂 川 菜 馆 百 井 坊 巷 12 号

Yu You Yu Xiang (yú yǒu yú xiāng) 345 Wenshan

Lu(8607-9181) 渔 有 鱼 香 文 三 路 345 号

Yun Ji Yun Gui Yunnan Restaurant (yún jì

yún guì fēng wèi cān tīng) L5-26 Longhubin

Sky Street at the cross-section of Jianghan Lu and

Yueming Lu (8703-3412) 雲 季 云 贵 风 味 餐 厅 ( 滨

江 龙 湖 天 街 店 ) 江 汉 路 与 月 明 路 交 叉 口 龙 湖 滨 江

天 街 5L-26

Teahouses 茶 室

Chenghuangge Teahouse (chéng huáng gé

chá lóu) 3 Wushan(8703-9698) 城 隍 阁 茶 楼 吴

山 3 号

Hu Pan Ju Teahouse (hú pàn jū chá lóu) 1

shengtang Scenic Spot (8702-0701) 湖 畔 居 茶 楼

圣 塘 景 区 1 号

Hua Hai Yuan Teahouse (huá hǎi yuán chá

lóu) 36 Xixihe Xia (183 6718-0353) 华 海 源 茶 楼 西

溪 河 下 36 号

No Rain Teahouse (wèi yǔ chá lóu) 92 Dadou Lu

(8803-8855) 未 雨 茶 楼 大 兜 路 92 号

Qingteng Teahouse (qīng téng chá guǎn) 583

Fengqi Lu (8506-0909) 青 藤 茶 馆 凤 起 路 583 号

San Qing Cha Xu Tea House (sān qīng chá xù

yì shù chá guǎn) Rm. 208, Bldg. A, Runheyada

International 1750 Jianghong Lu (5669-3737) 三

清 茶 叙 艺 术 茶 馆 江 虹 路 1750 号 润 和 信 雅 达 国 际

A 幢 208 室

Wan Hu Lou Teahouse (wàng hú lóu chá shì)

2-3 Beishan Jie (8515-5843) 望 湖 楼 茶 室 北 山 街 2-3

号 ( 靠 近 断 桥 )

West Lake Hotel• Lakeside Teahouse (xī hú

guó bīn guǎn •hú pàn chá jū) 18 Yangongdi

Inside the West Lake Hotel (8797-9889) 西 湖 国 宾

馆 • 湖 畔 茶 居 杨 公 堤 18 号 西 湖 国 宾 馆 内

Ya Ye Ji Teahouse (yǎ yè jí chá xué táng) 66

Jiangjun Lu(8706-4525) 雅 叶 集 茶 学 堂 将 军 路 66 号

Yin Hu Shang Yue Teahouse (yǐn hú shàng yuè

chá guǎn) 188-277 Wulin Lu (153 9704-0116) 隐 湖

上 悦 茶 馆 武 林 路 277 号 -188 号

Zen To (shān gǔ xiǎo wū) Shangchengli Cun,

Longwu, Zhuantang (135 7577-4116) 山 谷 小 屋 转

塘 龙 坞 上 城 埭 村 听 风 阁 对 面

Vegetarian & Vegan 素 食

Plant Power (wéi gēn tè lì hài) 3-101

Tongshengjiayuan, Liubai Nong, Zhongshanbei Lu

(159 6879-5306) 维 根 特 厉 害 中 山 北 路 六 百 弄 通 盛

嘉 苑 3-101( 西 湖 文 化 广 场 D 口 向 前 150 米 )

Qingchun Canteen 66 Qingchundong Lu

(8702-6930) 庆 春 食 堂 102 道 纯 手 工 蔬 食 料 理 庆

春 东 路 66 号

The Lakeside Veggie (lín hú sù shí tīng) Inside

Liucheng Lu, Scholar Bridge 1, Nanshan Lu 临 湖 素

食 南 山 路 学 士 桥 一 号 柳 铖 道 内

Vegetarian Canteen (sù shí táng jiě fàng lù

diàn) Xing He business building B1, 89 Jie Fang Lu

(8677-2369) 素 食 堂 ( 解 放 路 店 ) 解 放 路 89 号 星 河

商 务 大 厦 B1 层

Zhi Chun Su Shi Restaurant (zhī chún sù shí

cān tīng ) 1F, Xiandai Building, Zhongshan Zhong

Lu (Westlake Cultural Square Exit C) 只 纯 素 食 餐 厅

中 山 中 路 现 代 城 建 大 厦 一 层

ZhuYuanSu (zhú yuán sù) 185 Lingyin Tianzhu

Lu (Lingyin Temple Entrance) 竺 源 素 灵 隐 天 竺 路

186 号 ( 灵 隐 寺 大 门 口 )


国 际 料 理

American 美 国

Element Fresh (xīn yuán sù)S37, B1, Mix C Mall,

701 Fuchun Lu (8669-8130) 新 元 素 ( 万 象 城 购 物 中

心 店 ) 富 春 路 701 号 万 象 城 B1 层 B1S37 商 铺 L127,

1F, Building 3, Kerry Centre (8813-3687) 新 元 素 (

嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 353 号 嘉 里 中 心 3 幢 1 层 L127

L1-33, Paradise Walk Binjiang, 1515 Jianghan Lu

(8791-2690) 新 元 素 ( 龙 湖 天 街 店 ) 江 汉 路 1515 号

龙 湖 滨 江 天 街 L1-33

The Habit Burger Grill (hā bǐ tè hàn bǎo)

Shop88, Outer Street, 1F, Building D, Chengxi

Intime City (8801-7875) 哈 比 特 汉 堡 城 西 银 泰 D 座

1 楼 外 街 088 号 铺

Australian 澳 大 利 亚

Max Sonia (mǎ sū yà) 1F, Pingan Financial

Center, Jiangjin Lu (8602-9950) 马 苏 娅 江 锦 路 平 安

金 融 中 心 悦 坊 商 场 106 铺

Mona Vale (méng yuè qīng shí) 527

Yuhangtang Lu (8670-3575) 檬 悦 轻 食 余 杭 塘

路 527 号

Arabian 阿 拉 伯

Doner Kebab 1205, 25th Avenue, Xiasha (137

3220-0797) 白 杨 街 道 25 号 大 街 1205 号

Dubai Flavour Music Restaurant (dí bài háng

zhōu fēng wèi yīn lè cān tīng) Building 3, No.

30-6, Changsheng Lu (189 5802-1581) 迪 拜 ( 杭 州 )

风 味 音 乐 餐 厅 长 生 路 30-6 号 3 楼 ( 长 生 路 与 东 坡

路 交 叉 口 文 物 大 楼 )

H&N KEBAB (kǎ bā yīn yuè cān ba) 1F & 2F, 45

Wenjin Lu (158 5828-5220) 卡 巴 音 乐 餐 吧 文 津 路

4 5 号 1 层 ,2 层 201,20 4

Layali Cafe 387 Xuelin Jie (132 5571-2217) 学

林 街 387 号

Pizza Curry Restaurant (sà lǐ yuán) 1F,

Building1, No. 8 section of Xinyuan, Xiaoheshan

(183 6815-2699) 萨 哩 缘 留 下 街 道 小 和 山 新 苑 8

区 1 幢 1 楼

Sana’a Restaurant (sà nà cān tīng) 504 Liuhe

Lu (8755-3246) 萨 娜 餐 厅 留 和 路 504 号

Bakery 烘 焙

Donco Bakery B1, Ruffles Center, 228 Xinye Lu

(8515-3326) 新 业 路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 B1 层

Gontran Cherrier 101-12, 1F, Xizi International

Center, 9 Jingtan Lu (8815-6017) 景 昙 路 9 号 西 子 国

际 中 心 一 层 101-12

HPC Bakery (hóng pǎo chē dàn gāo shì jiè) 72

Zhongshanbei Lu (8660-9093) 红 跑 车 蛋 糕 世 界 中

山 北 路 72 号

MR. MAIMAi (mài qiū fàn) 1F, Raffles Plaza (180

6897-6382) 麦 丘 梵 ( 来 福 士 店 ) 来 福 士 广 场 1 楼

3F, Kerry Center (180 5710-1348)( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 嘉

里 中 心 3 楼 1228 Dongxin Avenue (133 4616-9613)

( 滨 江 店 ) 东 信 大 道 1228 号

Ruson (lù sōng) Pingan Financial Center,

Jiangjin Lu (131 1675-1820) 鹿 松 江 锦 路 平 安 金

融 中 心 Store1-1, Building 1, Huanglongyayuan,

Paomachang Lu (137 3812-9121) 跑 马 场 路 黄 龙 雅

苑 1 幢 底 商 商 铺 1-1

Brunch 早 午 餐

Wagas (Raffles Branch) (wò gē sī )1F, No.

29/30, Raffle Centre, 228 Xinye Lu (8796-1123) 沃

歌 斯 ( 来 福 士 店 ) 新 业 路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 01

层 29/30 号

Café 咖 啡

Bean’s Cafe 358-5 Xixi Lu (138 5719-9991) 西 溪 路

358-5 号 ( 西 特 超 市 正 对 面 )

Beans & Roast Coffee (bā dòu xiàn hōng kā fēi


广 告 • 杭 州 黄 页 // HANGZHOU LISTINGS /

gōng fáng) 123 Building 2, Starry City I (151 5808-

5014) 八 荳 现 烘 咖 啡 工 房 星 耀 城 1 期 2 幢 123 号

Black Rainbow Coffee 38 Pingfeng Jie (Opposite

Family Mart) (158 6811-4119) 屏 风 街 38 号 ( 全 家

便 利 店 对 面 )

Café Couture (kē tú kā fēi tīng) 2F Dikai

International Centre, 19 Dangui Street, Xincheng

Commercial (5856-8987) 珂 图 咖 啡 厅 新 城 商 圈 丹

桂 街 19 号 迪 凯 国 际 中 心 裙 楼 2 楼

Cafe Sangu’s (sān gǔ kā fēi) Room101, Huafeng

International Commercial Building (8770-1075) 三

谷 咖 啡 华 峰 国 际 商 务 大 厦 101 室

Cat Fiend Cafe (māo jīng kā fēi) Shop 107

Shenlan Plaza, 203 Zhaohui Lu (153 8103-5653) 猫

精 咖 啡 朝 晖 路 203 号 深 蓝 广 场 107 商 铺

Crackafe (bào liè kā fēi) 30 Hai’er Xiang (187

0581-0520) 爆 裂 咖 啡 孩 儿 巷 30 号

Dongwo Seal Coffee (zī dǒng wō xǐ Coffee)

45 Dajing Xiang (150 5710-8917) 资 董 窝 玺 大 井

巷 45 号

Hola Coffee (Hola pǐ zhī yǐn pǐn) 426 Xixi Lu (186

6804-6817) Hola 匹 芝 饮 品 西 溪 路 426 号 ( 浙 江 大

学 玉 泉 校 区 北 门 旁 )

I Like Coffee & Bar (yī kā fēi) 95 Shangtang Lu

(8536-1609) 伊 咖 啡 上 塘 路 95 号

Kingsland Coffee (bái chéng kā fēi) 1F, Bldg.2,

Xixi Impression City, Wuchang Avenue (8766-0378)

白 城 咖 啡 五 常 大 道 西 溪 印 象 城 2 期 1 层

Maan Coffee (màn kā fēi) (Bei Cheng Tian

Di)Building 8, Bei Cheng Tian Di, 567 Huzhou

Jie (8970-5577) 漫 咖 啡 ( 北 城 天 地 店 ) 湖 州 街 567

号 北 城 天 地 八 号 楼 (IN77 Branch) (màn kā fēi) 13

Hubin Lu (8646-5577) ( 湖 滨 银 泰 in77 店 ) 湖 滨 路

13 号 (Huang Long) (màn kā fēi) Huang Long Shi Ji

Yuan, 133-4 Xixi Lu (8680-0121) ( 黄 龙 店 ) 西 溪

路 133-4 号 黄 龙 世 纪 苑 (Queen's Park) (màn kā fēi)

277 Wulin Lu (8970-0377)( 皇 后 公 园 店 ) 武 林 路

277 号 皇 后 公 园 底 商 1 层

Mellow Coffee and Wine (fāng chún hóng jiǔ

kā fēi tǐ yàn guǎn) 436 Dunxiang Jie, Sandun

(153 8110-8777) 芳 醇 红 酒 咖 啡 体 验 馆 三 墩 镇 墩

祥 街 436 号

MONEY CAT (qián māo kā fēi) 527-5 Xixi Lu (156

0653-2117) 钱 猫 咖 啡 西 溪 路 527-5

NEST CAFE (cháo kā fēi) 619 Weiye Lu

(8898-4763) 巢 咖 啡 ( 伟 业 路 店 ) 伟 业 路 619 号 567

Xincheng Lu (156 5887-7660) 巢 咖 啡 ( 江 南 店 ) 信 诚

路 567 号 诺 基 亚 大 楼 A 座 大 厅

Pillow Books (zhěn biān shū) 15

Shangmanjuelong (1F, Jianxiang Hostel) (8196-

1555) 枕 边 书 上 满 觉 陇 15 号 ( 简 象 酒 店 一 楼 )

Shixia Specialty Coffee (shī xià jīng pǐn kā fēi)

(West Lake) 46 Santaiyunshe, Santaishan Lu (152

5715-1111) 诗 夏 精 品 咖 啡 三 台 山 路 三 台 云 舍 46

号 (Hushu Lu) Gurangdian Market, 65 Hushunan

Lu (188 6750-2234) 湖 墅 南 路 65 号 广 电 市 场 57

Guihuaxi Lu (158 6817-1444) 桂 花 西 路 57 号

Sunset Coffee (rì luò kā fēi) Building P1,

Hangzhou Creative & Design Center, 102

Genshanxi Lu (8833-3310) 日 落 咖 啡 艮 山 西 路 102

号 杭 州 创 意 设 计 中 心 P1 楼 底 商

Wa Cafe (wèi bàn shēng huó) 224 Zhuanjiang

Jie (182 6802-1630) 未 半 生 活 转 塘 街 道 转 江 街 224

号 人 才 家 苑 小 区 门 口

Weekend Coffee 127 Jianguo Bei Lu (189 6616-

4262) 下 城 区 建 国 北 路 127 号

What Ghost Coffee (shén me guǐ) 15

Donghexia, Doufuyi Qiao (171 3004-7200) 什 么 鬼

斗 富 一 桥 东 河 下 15 号

Wooby Cafe (wù bái kā fēi) Shop 16, 1F of

Building 4, Ludi Xuhui Cheng, Binjiang (178 1604-

0660) 悟 白 咖 啡 绿 地 旭 辉 城 4 号 楼 底 商 16 号 铺

XY Coffee 337 Fengqi Lu (188 5285-2439) 凤 起

路 337 号

Desserts 甜 品

Mr. Wishes Jinshagang Living Quarter, Zhejiang

Industry and Commerce University, Xiasha (186

5784-2951) 下 沙 街 道 浙 江 工 商 大 学 金 沙 港 生 活 区

Oui Kitchen 289 Zhongshanbei Lu (173 5714-

5059) 中 山 北 路 289 号

Plant Power (wéi gēn tè lì hài) 3-101

Tongshengjiayuan, Liubai Nong, Zhongshanbei Lu

(159 6879-5306) 维 根 特 厉 害 中 山 北 路 六 百 弄 通 盛

嘉 苑 3-101( 西 湖 文 化 广 场 D 口 向 前 150 米 )

French 法 国

Carbon (Carbon běi shān shí hào fǎ guó cān

tīng) 10 Beishan Lu (8796-8775) 北 山 十 号 法 国 餐

厅 北 山 路 10 号

Chinchin Building 66, Dongxinhechuang Park,

139 Liuhe Lu (8605-5513) 留 和 路 139 号 东 信 和

创 园 66 座

La La Villa Restaurant (sān yàn gé fǎ cān

tīng) 1 Bapanling Lu (8796-6528) 三 嚥 阁 法 餐 厅 八

盘 岭 路 1 号 紫 萱 度 假 村 内

PAPAGAYO (pà pà jiā yuē cān tīng) 4

QingZhiWu, Yugu Lu (8703-9803) 帕 帕 家 约 餐 厅 青

芝 坞 路 4-1 号

Satine French Restaurant (sà tíng fǎ cān

tīng) 1F, Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Wetland Park

Resort, Zijingang Lu (8500-2222) 萨 婷 法 餐 厅 杭

州 西 溪 天 堂 国 际 旅 游 综 合 体 1 号 杭 州 西 溪 喜 来 登

度 假 大 酒 店 1 层

German 德 国

Falco’s German Bar (hǎi màn dà shū) 88

Xiangyuan Lu (8665-2638) 海 曼 大 叔 祥 园 路 88 号

( 星 巴 克 斜 对 面 ,N 座 1 楼 )108-2, 1F, Building27,

Xixiyihao Creative and Commercial Center (8702-

4815) 西 溪 壹 号 创 意 商 务 中 心 27 号 楼 1 层 108-2 室

Lenbach Restaurant & Bar (lán bā hè xī cān

pí jiǔ fāng dà yuè chéng diàn) (Joy City) L1-12,

Joy City, 1 Yinxiu Lu (8738-2120) 兰 巴 赫 西 餐 啤 酒

坊 ( 大 悦 城 店 ) 隐 秀 路 1 号 大 悦 城 购 物 中 心 L1-12

(Chengxi Intime City) 1F80-82, Intime City, 380

Fengtan Lu (8691-1220) ( 城 西 银 泰 店 ) 丰 潭 路 380

号 城 西 银 泰 城 7 幢 105 室 1F080

Paulaner Brauhaus (dé guó bǎo lā nà pí jiǔ

fāng) 4F, 1157 Shangcheng, 77 Zhongshan Zhong

Lu (5666-8229) 德 国 保 拉 纳 啤 酒 坊 中 山 南 路 77 号

尚 城 1157 利 星 2 期 四 楼

Global Cuisine 无 国 籍 料 理

Amour (ài mù cān ba) 1F, Shimaobingu

Commercial Center, 4756 Jiangnan Avenue (8838-

1567) 爱 慕 餐 吧 江 南 大 道 4756 号 世 贸 滨 谷 商 业

中 心 一 楼

Aussie Kitchen (ào jiāo) 25 Zhonghezhong Lu

(177 0641-1277) 澳 骄 中 河 中 路 25 号

BERNINI (bèi ní ní cān tīng) 206 Nanshan Lu

(139 8980-9967) 贝 尼 尼 餐 厅 南 山 路 206 号

Black Burger (Zhongshan Zhong Lu) 264

Zhongshan Zhong Lu (173 6454-6602) 中 山 中 路

264 号 商 铺

Blue Frog (lán wā) L137A, Bldg.3 Hangzhou Karry

Centre, 385 Yan’an Lu (8665-7058) 蓝 蛙 延 安 路

385 号 杭 州 嘉 里 中 心 3 栋 L137A L1-01,L202, E Area,

Hubin Intime In77, Dongpo Lu and Youdian Lu

(8708-2960) ( 湖 滨 银 泰 In77E 店 ) 东 坡 路 与 邮 电

路 交 叉 路 口 湖 滨 银 泰 In77E 区 L1-02,L202 号 1515

Jianghan lu, Paradise Walk (8799-0208)( 龙 湖 天 街

店 ) 江 汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 天 街 1 幢 101-18 室

Blune (bù lǔ cān tīng) No. 512, 5F, Building 3,

Kerry Centre (8779-1872) 布 鲁 餐 厅 延 安 路 385 号

嘉 里 中 心 3 幢 5 层 521 号

Borox Salad (bù lù kè shā lā) 051, 2F, Paradis

Walk Xiasha, Jinsha Avenue (8662-5083) 布 露 克 沙

拉 金 沙 大 道 下 沙 龙 湖 天 街 2 楼 051

Brunch 304 104, Building 4, Kerry Centre (177

6707-3314) 嘉 里 中 心 4 幢 104 号

Brunch Restaurant (jiǔ shù xī chú cān tīng)

218 Tiyuchang Lu (157 7991-7292) 玖 树 西 厨 餐 厅

体 育 场 路 218

Burger Lab (hàn bǎo shí yàn shì) 498

Zhongshanzhong Lu (138 1774-4540) 汉 堡 实 验 室

中 山 中 路 498 号

Clove Forever (wú yuè dīng xiāng) 2F, Fuleide

Plaza, 99 Wenze Lu (8778-1316) 吾 悦 丁 香 文 泽 路

99 号 福 雷 德 广 场 2 层

eShine eats (Jiaogong Lu) (yī xiàng qīng shí

jiào gōng lù diàn) 18 Jiaogong Lu, Building D,

EAC (2800-2377) 壹 向 轻 食 ( 教 工 路 店 ) 教 工 路 18

号 欧 美 中 心 D 座 39

HANGZHOU LISTINGS // 广 告 • 杭 州 黄 页


十 月 酒 店 资 讯

Lu, near the west tea (8799-8703) 牛 匠 日 本 料 理 炭

火 烤 肉 崇 仁 路 247 号 西 茶 旁

Yi yi (yì yī rì běn liào lǐ) 12 Shangmanjuelong Lu

(8693-2259) 鮨 一 日 本 料 理 上 满 觉 陇 路 12 号

Yongle (yǒng lè rì běn liào lǐ) 1F, Building6,

Laiyinjuzhen International, the intersecting of

Fengtan Lu and Yuhangtang Lu (8889-1080) 永 乐

日 本 料 理 丰 潭 路 与 余 杭 塘 路 交 叉 口 莱 茵 矩 阵 国

际 6 号 楼 1 层

Indian 印 度

Chak De Indian Cricket Restaurant (chá kě

dé yìn dù cān tīng) 183 Xinyifang Commercial

Street (133 0651-5830) 查 可 得 印 度 餐 厅 信 义 坊

商 街 183 号

Lalqila The Royal Redfort (hóng bǎo yìn dù

cān tīng ) 4F, No. 011, Baolong Shopping Mall

(8195-1639 ) 红 堡 印 度 餐 厅 宝 龙 城 市 广 场 4 层 011

Wyndham Grand Plaza

Royale Hangzhou

杭 州 温 德 姆 至 尊 豪 廷 大 酒 店

Naughty Halloween Night

This Halloween, you get nothing but

treats when you come to Wyndham

Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou for a

fun and delicious meal that includes

festive holiday-themed face painting,

decorations, and even free-flow wine

for the adults!

Venue: Café Royale @ Hotel 2F

Date: 31 Oct, 2019

Time: 17:30-21:30

Reservations: 8761 6888 ext. 6321

JW Marriott Hotel


杭 州 JW 万 豪 酒 店

Fresh Oyster and Caviar Feast with

Chablis Wine

Cru Steak House is promoting French

La Bourriche Oyster for the first time, a

rare oyster on the Yangtze market. The

oyster can also be paired with 3 kinds

of superb French L’affinage Caviar

and Chanson Chablis white wine

which brings a food extravaganza tor

gourmet lovers.

Oyster La Bourriche 98 RMB/PC

Caviar 318 RMB-600 RMB/CAN

Oyster/Cavier and Wine Set 588 RMB-

1388 RMB/set

Date: 8 Oct 2019-31 Dec 2019

Time: Monday to Friday 18:00-22:00

Saturday & Sunday 11:30-14:00; 18:00-


Venue: Cru Steak House @ Hotel 2F

Reservations: 8981-7357

Meilu Legend Hotel


杭 州 丽 晶 美 庐 酒 店

Hugged by green hills on three sides,

the Meilu Legend Hotel Hangzhou is

located at the intersection of Zhijiang

National Resort and West Lake Scenic

Area. It is just a stone’s throw away

from Songcheng Resort, with easy

access to famous attractions like

‘Trees in Mist by the Nine Rivulets’ and

‘Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi’.

The hotel is designed in a European

classical-style decoration, including

furnishings and furniture. The elements

of this design all combine to make this

hotel full of classical character to create

a luxurious and elegant wedding


Characterized by classic American-style

exquisite art and bespoke furnishings,

the hotel’s 88 deluxe rooms, of which

18 are suites, are each equipped with

luxurious linens and flat-screen TVs,

and create a luxurious and elegant

‘home away from home’ atmosphere.

Many guest rooms and suites feature a

private balcony or terrace overlooking

the lush gardens.

Reservations: 8709-8800

Pita's & Tika's (zhōng dōng hé yìn dù fēng wèi

cān tīng) 217, 2F, LongFor Paradise Walk, 1515

Jianghan Lu, Binjiang (8538-6691) 中 东 和 印 度 风

味 餐 厅 江 汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 天 街 铂 金 岛 商 业 街 2 楼

217 428-7 Dongxin Dadao, Puyan (8693-6382) 浦 沿

东 信 大 道 428-7 号 ( 天 鸿 君 邑 小 区 )

Xindier (xīn dì ěr kā lí zhǔ tí cān tīng) 215

Jianguonan Lu (8827-0017) 欣 帝 尔 咖 喱 主 题 餐 厅

建 国 南 路 215 号 及 三 味 庵 1-1 号 ( 近 斗 富 三 桥 )

Italian 意 大 利

Angelo’s (ài jiā lù) 1L, Building 7,Tianhongjunyi,

the intersection of Dongxindadao and Liuhe Lu

(8139-3788) 意 大 利 西 餐 厅 东 信 大 道 与 六 和 路 交 叉

路 口 天 鸿 君 邑 小 区 7 号 楼 1 层

Carbon (mó kǎ duō) Room 123, Building D,Wulin

square, Miduqiao Lu (8190-5656) 莫 卡 哆 意 大 利

餐 厅 密 渡 桥 路 武 林 广 场 1 号 杭 州 大 厦 购 物 城 D 座

1 层 D123 号

Ciao Piano (màn shí guāng yīn yuè cān

tīng) 1F, Qianjiang International Times Plaza, 111

Chengxing Lu (8756-7968) 慢 时 光 音 乐 餐 厅 城 星

路 111 号 钱 江 国 际 时 代 广 场 一 楼

Fei Zi (fēi zī yì dà lì cān tīng) Room 326, 380

Fengtan Lu (8761-6227) 菲 滋 意 大 利 餐 厅 丰 潭 路

380 号 3 楼 326

Il Forno (yì fāng) 224-230 Xihu Avenue (199

0472-9336) 意 坊 西 湖 大 道 224-230 号

La Giara (kǎ luò) Room 091-092, Building F, Yintai

city, Fuqiang Lu (87616211) 卡 洛 意 大 利 餐 厅 富 强

路 银 泰 城 F 座 1-091-092

MULINACCIO (mò lǐ nà qiáo cān tīng) (Hubin

headquarter) 3F, No. 123 Pinghai Lu (8782-5681) 莫

里 纳 乔 · 餐 厅 平 海 路 123 号 3 楼 ( 湖 滨 银 泰 A 区

国 际 名 品 店 )(Xixi branch) 1F, Building 27, Xixiyihao

Creative and Commercial Center, 808 Wenerxi Lu

(8895-9982) 莫 茉 · 餐 厅 文 二 西 路 808 号 西 溪 壹

号 创 意 商 务 中 心 27 号 楼 1 楼

Gatto Matto (yě miāo pī sà) 104 Huaxing

Chuangye Mansion, Huanggushan Heng Lu (8733-

2082) 野 喵 披 萨 黄 姑 山 横 路 华 星 创 业 大 厦 104 店

Hello27 (mǐ qí lín fēng wèi qīng chú fáng)

D101-1, 1F, EAC Oumen Centre, 18 Jiaogong Lu

(2822-5887) 米 其 林 风 味 轻 厨 房 教 工 路 18 号 EAC

欧 美 中 心 一 楼 D101-1

Jason’s Library (jié sēn tú shū guǎn) 529, 1F,

Bldg.4, Juzhen Guoji, 515 Yuhang Tang Lu (8683-

9773) 杰 森 图 书 馆 余 杭 塘 路 515 号 矩 阵 国 际 4 号 楼

1 楼 商 铺 529

Maggie & Rose Restaurant (mài qí luó sī qīn

zǐ cān tīng) 2F, Henglong Plaza, 688 Shanyin Lu

(8380-5399) 麦 琪 萝 丝 亲 子 餐 厅 山 阴 路 688 号 恒

隆 广 场 2 层

Mamba Gastro Lounge (màn bā měi shí jiǔ

láng) 3F (Upstairs of KFC), World Trade Alley, 4758

Jiangnan Avenue (8738-1175) 曼 巴 美 食 酒 廊 江 南

大 道 47 5 8 号 , 世 贸 滨 谷 (K F C 楼 上 3 楼 )

Mamala (Kerry Centre) (Mamalaxī cān tīng

(jiā lǐ zhōng xīn diàn)) 268 Qingchun Lu (180

5718-7799) Mamala 西 餐 厅 ( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 庆 春

路 268 号

Osteria Pelacanus (tí hú) 3-5 Huanggushan

Lu (177 5717-3631) 鹈 鹕 黄 姑 山 路 3-5 号 539

Zhongshanzhong Lu (8501-3612) 中 山 中 路 539 号

Panchos (mò xī gē cān tīng) 168 Huaxing Lu

(8512-1219) 墨 西 哥 餐 厅 华 星 路 168 号

Pinano La Citta (bǐ lán wān xī cān tīng) Shop

101, Building 4, Star Avenue Plaza (8663-7787) 彼

蓝 湾 西 餐 厅 星 光 国 际 广 场 一 期 4 号 楼 101

SUAI Fusion Restaurant 1F, Zhewaishewai, 339

Liuhe Lu (152 5895-6600) 留 下 街 道 留 和 路 339 号

浙 外 涉 外 一 楼

Super 27 NL 105&106, Building 4, Kerry Centre,

385 Yanan Lu (159 5715-6573) 延 安 路 嘉 里 中 心

4 幢 105 号

Supercado (shū kǎ qīng shí) 206-207, B2F,

Hedacheng (8801-7639) 蔬 卡 轻 食 下 沙 和 达 城 负

二 楼 B206-207( 近 文 泽 路 地 铁 口 )

Tofo Burger (tú fū hàn bǎo) 243 Zhongshanbei

Lu ( 131 1679-8684) 屠 夫 汉 堡 中 山 北 路 243 号

Wade (wǎ de yīn yuè cān ba) Room 328,

Building 16, Xiasha Powerlong Mall Phase 1 (151

6715-2440) 瓦 的 音 乐 餐 吧 学 府 街 宝 龙 城 1 期 16 幢

328 室 ( 必 胜 客 旁 )

Wade’s (wèi dé) Wulin Branch: 3F, Hangzhou

Xiecheng, 163 Wulin Lu (8701-1778) 味 德 武 林 路

163 号 杭 州 鞋 城 3 楼 Wensan Branch: Room 105,

1F Building H, Dragon Vanke Centre, 77 Xueyuan

Lu (8195-7668) 味 德 学 院 路 77 号 黄 龙 万 科 中 心 H

座 1 楼 105

Yuan Cafe (yuán kā fēi) 440-442, Building7,

Tianhongjunyi community, Dongxin Avenue (137

5087-6527) 元 咖 啡 东 信 大 道 天 鸿 君 邑 小 区 7 幢

440-442 号 53 Zixia Jie (8813-0109)( 西 溪 首 座 店 )

紫 霞 街 53 号

Japanese 日 本

51NB (51NB rì běn shāo kǎo jū jiǔ wū) 2F

Building G, Xixi Valley, 80 Zixia Street (189

6990-2080) 51NB 日 本 烧 烤 居 酒 屋 紫 霞 街 80 号 西

溪 谷 G 座 2 楼

Daochuan (dào chuān jū jiǔ wū) 279

Zhongshanbei Lu (8692-7780) 稻 川 居 酒 屋 中 山

北 路 279 号

Genki Sushi (yuán qì shòu sī) 057A, 2F,

Chengxi Intime Mall, 380 Fengtan Lu (8681-

0329/13588344738) 元 气 寿 司 丰 潭 路 380 号 城 西

银 泰 二 楼 057A 号

HuNT’S (hāng shí) Shop No. 126, F1, K-lab,

Huanglongwwanke Center, 77 Xueyuan Lu

(8778-2886) 夯 食 学 院 路 77 号 黄 龙 万 科 中 心 K-lab

商 场 一 楼 126 铺

LINKS (LINKS rì shì liào lǐ) Building G, Wanke

Centre (133 3607-1498) 日 式 料 理 万 科 中 心 G 座

Liubenmu (liù běn mù rì běn liào lǐ) Room 138-

2, Building 3, Golden Street Meidi (180 5878-5580)

六 本 目 日 本 料 理 金 街 美 地 3 号 楼 138-2 号

Nasibi (nà sī bǐ rì běn liào lǐ) 4F Shimaojunlan

restaurant, 122 Shuguang Lu (8796-9826) 纳 思 比

日 本 料 理 曙 光 路 122 号 世 贸 君 澜 饭 店 四 楼

Niujiang (niú jiàng rì běn liào lǐ) 247 Chongren

NEW BERE (xīn bèi lè) 117 Building C,Yeah Street,

58 Lishui Lu (2803-1623) 新 贝 乐 意 大 利 餐 厅 丽 水 路

58 号 Yeah 街 C117 号

Petaloso (luó sòng) 5F Jinsha Street,560

Jinshadadao (138 6866-8289) 罗 颂 意 大 利 餐 厅 金

沙 大 道 560 号 金 沙 天 街 5 楼

Piano 18 (yǎ lái) 18/F Raffles City Hangzhou

Tower 1, 228 Xinye Lu (5602-6226) 雅 来 18 新 业 路

228 号 来 福 士 中 心 塔 一 雅 诗 阁 18 楼

Mexican 墨 西 哥

LaBamba (lā bā mǎ mò xī gē cān ba) 203, 2F,

Fuleide Plaza, 99 Wenze Lu (180 7299-0375) 拉 芭

玛 · 墨 西 哥 餐 吧 文 泽 路 99 号 福 雷 德 广 场 2 楼 203

Mojar (me hā) 5 Lanjiawan, Yugu Lu (8522-2105)

么 哈 玉 古 路 兰 家 湾 5 号 1257-1 Xuelin Jie (8669-

2563) 学 林 街 1257-1 号 ( 汉 庭 酒 店 电 梯 旁 )

Panchos (mò xī gē cān tīng) 168 Huaxing Lu

(8512-1219) 墨 西 哥 餐 厅 华 星 路 168 号

Mongolian 蒙 古

Mongolian Culture Restaurant (méng gǔ

wén huà tè sè cān tīng) 2F, Yuanlong building

No.1,Xiasha (18268196195) 蒙 古 文 化 特 色 餐 厅 经

济 技 术 开 发 区 10 号 大 街 与 25 号 大 街 交 叉 口 源 隆

大 厦 1 幢 2 楼

Nepalese 尼 泊 尔

Kasthamandap (jiā dù fēng líng ní bó ěr fēng

wèi cān tīng) Room109, North Building, XiXi


广 告 • 杭 州 黄 页 // HANGZHOU LISTINGS /

Intime Mall No.3 (159 6882-3868) 加 度 风 铃 尼 泊 尔

风 味 餐 厅 西 溪 银 泰 商 业 中 心 3 北 楼 109 室

Northern European 北 欧

Eata 2F, Zprime Hotel, 372 Yanan Lu (8196-

5135/18701997301) Eata 北 欧 西 餐 酒 吧 延 安 路 372

号 智 尚 臻 选 酒 店 2 层

Pizza 披 萨

Italian Pizza (yì shì pī sà diàn ) Qingfengxincun

14-7 (182 9736-9401) 意 式 披 萨 店 庆 丰 新 村 14-7

Nabulesi Pizza (nà bú lè sī bǐ sà) EAC, 18

Jiaogong Lu (8195-6717 / 185 0581-5485) 那 不 乐 斯

比 萨 教 工 路 18 号

Oh My Pizza 852 Haidanan Lu (137 3588-2586) 海

达 南 路 852 号

Pizza Marzano (Raffles Centre Branch) (pī sà

mǎ shàng nuò) 1F, No. 35/36, Raffles Centre, 228

Xinye Lu (8805-7806) 披 萨 玛 尚 诺 ( 杭 州 来 福 士 店 )

新 业 路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 01 层 35/36 号 L203, 2F,

Building 3, Kerry Centre (8715-6526) ( 嘉 里 中 心

店 ) 延 安 路 353 号 杭 州 嘉 里 中 心 3 幢 2 层 L203

Singapore 新 加 坡

Pojak (yà cuì jiā lǐ zhōng xīn diàn) 312, 3F,

Building3, Kerry Centre, 353 Yanan Lu (8738-5839)

亚 萃 ( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 353 号 嘉 里 中 心 3 幢 3

层 312 号

Spanish 西 班 牙

Eatspanol Tapas Restaurant (yī shí bàn nǐ

xī bān yá cān tīng) 18 Jiaogong Lu( Near Apple

Store), EAC (8505-8272) 伊 食 伴 你 · 西 班 牙 TAPAS

餐 厅 欧 美 中 心 东 路 教 工 路 18 号 ( 苹 果 店 旁 边 )

Hola (Hola nián lún gōng yuán) 3867 Binsheng

Lu (173 4854-8821) Hola 年 轮 公 园 ( 宝 龙 城 店 ) 滨

盛 路 3867 号 宝 龙 城 步 行 街 1 层

La Pedrera (bā tè luò xī bān yá yì shù cān

tīng) West Gate, the Dragon Hotel Hangzhou, 2

Hangda Lu (8899-5577) 巴 特 洛 · 西 班 牙 艺 术 餐 厅

( 黄 龙 店 ) 杭 大 路 2 号 黄 龙 饭 店 西 门 Wenlvaolai,

Xixi Xiyue City, 21 Zijingang Lu (8848-9830) 巴 洛

特 · 西 班 牙 音 乐 酒 吧 餐 厅 紫 金 港 路 21 号 西 溪 栖 悦

城 文 旅 奥 莱 ( 近 西 溪 湿 地 博 物 馆 )

Steak 牛 排

Cru Steak House (JW bā fáng ) 2F J W Marriott

Hotel Hangzhou, 28 Hushu Nan Lu (8578-8888 ext.

6337) JW 扒 房 湖 墅 南 路 28 号 JW 万 豪 酒 店 2 楼

Thai 泰 国

Blue Elephant Restaurant (lán xiàng tài guó

cān tīng) F4, Baolong City Plaza,3867 Binsheng

Lu (159 8886-6804) 蓝 象 泰 国 餐 厅 滨 盛 路 3867

号 宝 龙 城 4 楼

Golden Pepper (jīn hú jiāo tài guó cān tīng)

3F, Paradise Walk Xiasha, 560 Jinsha Avenue

(2822-6777 / 18858037288) 金 胡 椒 泰 国 餐 厅 金 沙

大 道 560 号 龙 湖 天 街 商 业 中 心 三 楼

Mango Thai (měi tài tài guó cān tīng) 5F,

Westlake Intime Mall, 98 Yanan Lu (8700-2377) 美

泰 泰 国 餐 厅 延 安 路 98 号 西 湖 银 泰 城 5 层

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant (sà wǎ dí tài guó

cān tīng) 2F, Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale, 555

Fengqi Lu (6888-6387) 萨 瓦 迪 泰 国 餐 厅 凤 起 路

555 号 杭 州 温 德 姆 至 尊 豪 廷 大 酒 店 2 楼

Tai Rong (tài róng) Xinyifang Pedestrain, 1

Caoyingxiang (8822-3700) 泰 榮 湖 墅 南 路 草 营 巷 1

号 信 义 坊 步 行 街

Vietnamese 越 南

Funyo station (fěn yuè xī gòng) L301, Kerry

Centre (139 8949-0772) 粉 越 西 贡 越 南 米 粉 嘉 里

中 心 L301

PHO (dōng tián yuè nán fěn jiā lǐ zhōng xīn

diàn) 234, 2F, Building 3, Kerry Centre (2813-7633)

东 田 越 南 粉 ( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 353 号 嘉 里 中 心

3 幢 2 层 234 号 Room 601-44, Building 1, Paradise

Walk, 1515 Jianghan Lu (8692-9563)( 滨 江 天 街 店 )

江 汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 天 街 1 幢 601-44 室

Yue Yu( Baolong) (yuè yù bǎo lóng diàn) 4th

floor, Baolong City Plaza, Jiangnan Avenue (173

0091-9893) 越 遇 ( 宝 龙 店 ) 江 南 大 道 宝 龙 城 4 楼


酒 吧 & 夜 生 活

1999 Pub (1999 jiǔ ba) 87 Nanshan Lu (8160-

0066) 19:00pm - 2:00am 1999 酒 吧 南 山 路 87 号

A Bull (ā bù xī cān kā fēi) 814-818 Haidanan

Lu (152 6816-5561) 阿 布 西 餐 咖 啡 下 沙 海 达 南 路

814-818 号

Aurora Cocktail Lounge 85 East Huancheng Lu

东 环 城 路 85 号

Basement Bar Buy Now Electronics Supermarket

-1F, Jiaogong Lu (180 7298-1901) 教 工 路 百 脑 汇 科

技 大 厦 负 一 楼

Chimney (yān cōng) 524 Zhongshanzhong Lu

(173 6706-1849) 烟 囱 中 山 中 路 524 号

College Bar (kā lè jí) 4 Lanjiwan, Yugu Lu (8739-

9817) 咖 叻 吉 玉 古 路 青 芝 坞 兰 家 湾 4 号

COS.MOS.29 123-2 Xueyuan Lu (8720-3633) 学

院 路 123-2 号

ENJOY (yǐn jiǔ) 59 Bai Jing Fang Xiang (158 6912-

2807) 瘾 酒 百 井 坊 巷 59 号

G-Plus 2 Baochu Lu 保 俶 路 2 号

ALCHEMY (liàn jīn shù) 7 Paomachang Xiang (

85145618 ) 炼 金 术 黄 龙 跑 马 场 巷 7 号

Helens (Wulin Lu) (Helens (wǔ lín lù diàn))

89 Wulin Lu (8806-0271) Helens ( 武 林 路 店 ) 武

林 路 89 号

Joy Bar (jiǔ yǐn) 5 Haiguan Lu (158 2121-5580)

7pm - 2am 酒 隐 海 关 路 5 号 87 Nanshan Lu (158

2121 5580) 7pm - 3am 南 山 路 87 号

Kameleon (xī yì hóng jiǔ láng) 104, Bldg.C,

Waketown Pedestrian Zone, 9 Wulin Lu (134

5673-7273) 夕 邑 红 酒 廊 武 林 路 9 号 Wake Town 街

区 C 幢 104 号

Late Market Building 2, Chenghexia, 6 Fengqi

Lu (151 5806-0898) Late Market 凤 起 路 城 河 下

6 号 2 幢

Lightning 176 Jiaogong Lu ( 199 6743-9084) 来

电 教 工 路 176 号

Mislead (wù dǎo jiǔ ba) 168 Baochu Lu (153

9701-7157) 误 导 酒 吧 保 俶 路 168 号

Old Captain Lounge Bar (lǎo chuán zhǎng)

113 Shuguang Lu (8603-5510) 老 船 长 酒 吧 曙 光

路 113 号

Orange Flower (chéng huā kā fēi jiǔ ba) 1

Xiaoheshanxinyuan (8538-3397) 橙 花 咖 啡 酒 吧 小

和 山 新 苑 1 号 ( 留 和 路 浙 江 科 技 大 学 东 和 宿 舍 )

Shares Bar Room 203 2F Gemini Mansion, 1785

Jianghan Lu 17:00pm - 01:30am 江 汉 路 1785 号 国

际 网 新 大 厦 2 楼 203 室

Socia10 (Socia10 yīn lè jiǔ ba) Socia10 always

makes more than you expect. Find the delicacy

of Mditerranean and passionate cocktails in an

American Bar & Grill at Socia10. From Sicily to the

Aegean sea to Barcelona to the streets of Paris,

Socia10 traveled along the entire Mediterranean

coast looking for the best quality ingredients

and trying to find out the best way to prepare

these fine ingredients. Each of these finest

ingredients are very rich in nutrients and at the

same time delicious making our food healthy

and of traditional classic cuisine. Mondays:

burgers & pizza 30% off. Tuesdays: anything with

seafood 20% (squid shrimp prawn fish salmon).

Wednesdays: all the salad 50% off more selected

menu of salad. Thursdays: RMB 6 for cocktails on

“Wild & Sexy” page (only first glass) & Dessert 50%

off ladies only. Weekends: All Burgers & Steaks,

get 1 draft beer tiger / house wine / mojito choose

free, Shish 50% off. 173 Yugu Lu (8817-1891)

Socia10 音 乐 酒 吧 玉 古 路 173 号 -3

SOS Club 3/F, Huanglong Hengli Mansion, 5

Huanglong Lu (5683-6688) 20:00pm – 5:00am 黄

龙 路 5 号 黄 龙 恒 励 大 厦 3 楼

Xanadu (pǐn ) 255 Zhongshan Zhong Lu (8691-

6283) 品 中 山 中 路 255 号

YOLO Bai Jing Building 75, Bai Jing Fang Xiang

(178 5733-0121) 百 井 坊 巷 百 井 大 厦 75 号

Craft Beer 精 酿 啤 酒

Aishang Beer (Zhongshan Lu) (ài shàng pí jiǔ)

266 Zhongshan Bei Lu (8702-5715) 艾 尚 啤 酒 ( 中 山

店 ) 中 山 北 路 266 号 156 Shuguang Lu (8680-6916)

艾 尚 啤 酒 ( 曙 光 路 ) 曙 光 路 156 号

Boxing Cat Brewery (bù sī pí jiǔ guǎn) 34

Shihuqiao Lu (159 8881-1179) 布 斯 啤 酒 馆 狮 虎

桥 路 34 号

Brew Gang (shàng chéng jīng niàng cān bā)

Not only a restaurant or bar, but a platform

which created by a few craft beer geeks for

illustrating convergence culture about food and

drinks. This bar brews its own beer right in the

restaurant. Everything focuses on the art of beer.

422-434 Zhongshan Zhong Lu, Drum Tower Food

Street (8512-6626) 上 乘 精 酿 餐 吧 中 山 中 路 422-

434 号 鼓 楼 美 食 街

Craftbeer Buyer (jīng niàng pí jiǔ mǎi shǒu) 5F

(Roof) of Powerlong Square, Binjiang (177 4680-

1730) 精 酿 啤 酒 买 手 滨 江 宝 龙 广 场 5F 露 台

East River Tap Room (dōng hé Taproom) 238

Zhongshan Zhong Lu (8675-9199) 东 河 Taproom

中 山 中 路 238-1 号 ( 近 地 铁 1 号 线 定 安 路 A 出 口 )

Midtown Brewery (chéng zhōng pí jiǔ ba) 1F,

Shangri-La Hotel, 6 Changshou Lu (8159-0265)

城 中 啤 酒 吧 长 寿 路 6 号 杭 州 城 中 香 格 里 拉 大 酒

店 一 层

Mill3 Craft Beer Bar (City West) Shop700-9,

South Gate,Sailihuiyuan (8718-7673) Mill3 精 酿 啤

酒 吧 ( 城 西 店 ) 拱 墅 区 赛 丽 慧 园 南 门 商 铺 700-9 号

Peers Bar (pí kè) 3-2 Baochu Bei Lu (8683-9917)

啤 客 保 俶 北 路 3-2 号 338-1 Zhongshanzhong Lu

(8722-9338) 中 山 中 路 338-1 号

Professor P (pí jiāo shòu shǒu gōng pí jiǔ) 465

Jianguo Lu, above Binhe Square (132 9675-0921) 啤

教 授 手 工 啤 酒 建 国 路 475 号 ( 滨 河 广 场 楼 上 近 建

国 北 路 必 胜 客 旁 )

RingCorner by BoxingCat 28 Xinyifangshang Jie

(135 0654-0002) 信 义 坊 商 街 28 号

Schanke Music Beer Bar (xuān kè yīn yuè pí

jiǔ cān ba) Room 1-3, building 32, Da Fu Qing

Qing Chun Fang, Qingchun Lu (5666-0999) 喧 客 音

乐 啤 酒 餐 吧 庆 春 路 大 福 清 巷 青 春 坊 32 幢 1-3 室

Taste Room 73 Wen’er Xi Lu (8690-7226) 文 二

西 路 73 号

Thirteen peaches (táo shí sān) 13 Taohuanong

(189 6906-9559) 桃 十 三 桃 花 弄 13 号

Cocktails & Whiskey

鸡 尾 酒 & 威 士 忌

CASK by Connoisseur 161-165 Jiangnan Avenue

(139 1725-2311) 江 南 大 道 161-165 号

Go professor (jiāo shòu hěn máng tài kōng jiǔ

ba) No. 104, Unit 3, Building 5, Jiarungongguan,

Jinji Lu (177 6711-9616) 教 授 很 忙 太 空 酒 吧 金 鸡 路

嘉 润 公 馆 5 号 楼 3 单 元 104 号

Hola (Hola nián lún gōng yuán) 3867 Binsheng

Lu (173 4854-8821) Hola 年 轮 公 园 ( 宝 龙 城 店 ) 滨

盛 路 3867 号 宝 龙 城 步 行 街 1 层

Mill (Huanglongwanke) 101, Building G,

Huanglongwanke Center (8823-1332) Mill( 黄 龙

万 科 店 ) 黄 龙 万 科 中 心 G 座 101 (City West) 77 Yile

Lu (8891-2175) ( 城 西 店 ) 益 乐 路 77 号 (Nanshan Lu)

176-3 Nanshan Lu (8670-5929) ( 南 山 路 店 ) 南 山 路

176-3 号 (Binjiang) 4317 Binsheng Lu (8111-1772)

( 滨 江 店 ) 滨 盛 路 4317 号 (Qianjiangxincheng)

217 Kunpeng Lu (8819-7779) ( 钱 江 新 城 店 ) 鲲 鹏

路 217 号

One Pint (yī pǐn tuō jiǔ guǎn) 302, Tianhe

Building, 257 Tiyuchang Lu (8603-3042) 一 品 脱

酒 馆 体 育 场 路 257 号 天 合 写 字 楼 302 室 087A, 1F,

Building C, Chengxi Intime Mall (8835-5142)( 城 西

银 泰 店 ) 丰 潭 路 380 号 城 西 银 泰 C 座 1F087A

Quarter 591 Qingtai Street (8829-8788) 清 泰

街 591 号

U LOUNGE BAR 145 Jiangnan Avenue (183 5810-

6873) 江 南 大 道 145 号 ( 江 南 星 座 楼 下 )

WITCHERY (nǚ wū jiǔ ba) Shimaobingfen,

crossroad of Jiangnan Avenue and Nanhuan Lu

(135 8801-9007) 女 巫 酒 吧 江 南 大 道 与 南 环 路 交 叉

口 ( 肯 德 基 隔 壁 )

Live Music 现 场 音 乐

9Club (jiǔ qiú huì) 2F, South Building, City Life

Square, 262 Wantang Lu (8106-0813) 酒 球 会 万 塘

路 262 号 万 糖 汇 城 市 生 活 广 场 南 楼 2 楼

Eudora Station (yì duō ruì zhàn xī cān tīng)

101-7 Nanshan Lu (8791-4760) 亿 多 瑞 站 西 餐 厅 南

山 路 101-7 号

Hi Livehouse 3F, Building2, Xiaochengtiandi,

Xiasha (182 5751-9535) 下 沙 经 济 开 发 区 晓 城 天

地 2 幢 三 楼

Hutaoli (hú táo lǐ) Building 1, K-lab, Huang

Wanke Center, 77 Xueyuan Lu (150 0559-8881) 胡

桃 里 ( 西 湖 店 ) 学 院 路 77 号 坤 和 黄 龙 万 科 中 心

K-lab 一 楼 二 号 门 旁

JZ Club (huáng lóu) 6 Liuying Lu (8702-8298) 黄

楼 柳 营 路 6 号

Liyue Music Bar (lǐ yuē yīn lè jiǔ ba) Room

108, Building 1, Commercial Street, 9 Wulin Lu

(8588-6111) 里 约 音 乐 酒 吧 武 林 路 9 号 ( 商 业 街 1

幢 108 室 )

Long Ji Mao Yan Xia Yu Music Restaurant

(lóng jì háo yán xiā yǔ yīn yuè cān tīng) 38

Hubin Lu (158 2414-9705) 龍 記 · 蚝 言 虾 语 音 乐 餐 厅

湖 滨 路 38 号 ( 华 侨 饭 店 旁 )

Loopy Rm. 313, 77 Zhongshan Nan Lu (5610-7080)

中 山 南 路 77 号 313 室

Old Melody Music Bar (jiù shí guāng yīn yuè

ba) 21 Cangqiantang Lu (Zhang Taiyan Former

Residence) (8861-5577) 旧 拾 光 音 乐 吧 仓 钱 塘 路 21

号 ( 章 太 炎 故 居 )

Mao Livehouse 3F, Shangcheng 1157, 77

Zhongshan Nan Lu (8783-5787) 中 山 南 路 77 号 尚

城 1157 利 星 3 楼


Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake (píng hú

qiū yuè) 1 Longjing Lu 平 湖 秋 月 龙 井 路 1 号

Bai dike (bái dī) 1 Gushanhoushan Lu (8799-

6663) 白 堤 孤 山 后 山 路 1 号

Bamboo-lined path at Yunqi (yún qī zhú jìng)

8 Yunqi Lu 云 栖 竹 径 云 栖 路 8 号

Baochu Pagoda (bǎo chù tǎ) Baochu Lu (8799-

6663) 保 俶 塔 保 俶 路

Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (qǔ

yuàn fēng hé) 89 Beishan Lu 曲 院 风 荷 北 山 路

89 号

China National Silk Museum (zhōng guó sī

chóu bó wù guan) 73-1 Yuhuangshan Lu (8706-

2129) 中 国 丝 绸 博 物 馆 玉 皇 山 路 73-1 号

Dream of the Tiger Spring (hǔ pǎo mèng

quán) 39 Hupao Lu 虎 跑 梦 泉 虎 跑 路 39 号

Enjoying tea at Dragon Well (lóng jǐng wèn

chá) 148 Longjing Lu (8778-8585) 龙 井 问 茶 龙

井 路 148 号

Evening bell at Nanping Hill (nán píng wǎn

zhōng) 55Nanshan Lu (8717-9603) 南 屏 晚 钟 南

山 路 55 号 41

HANGZHOU LISTINGS // 广 告 • 杭 州 黄 页

Guan Yao Museum (nán sòng guān kū bó wù

guan) 60 Nansong Lu (8608-3990) 南 宋 官 窟 博 物

馆 南 复 路 60 号

Guo’s Villa (guō zhuāng) 28 Yanggongdi (8798-

6026) 郭 庄 杨 公 堤 28 号

Hangzhou Botanical Garden (háng zhōu zhí

wù yuán) 1 Taoyuanling (8796-1904) 杭 州 植 物

园 桃 源 岭 1 号

Hangzhou Flower Nursery (háng zhōu huā

pǔ) 14 Xishan Lu (8796-9691) 杭 州 花 圃 西 山 路

14 号

Huagang Park (huā gǎng gōng yuán) 10

Yanggongdi (8796-3033) 花 港 公 园 杨 公 堤 10 号

King Qian’s Temple (qián wáng cí) 11

Qianwangci Lu 钱 王 祠 钱 王 祠 路 11 号

Leifeng Pagoda (léi fēng tǎ) 15 Nanshan Lu

(8798-2111) 雷 峰 塔 南 山 路 15 号

Lingyin Temple (líng yǐn sì) 1 Fayunnong (8796-

8665) 灵 隐 寺 法 云 弄 1 号

Long Bridge (cháng qiáo gōng yuán) 35

Nanshan Lu 长 桥 公 园 南 山 路 35 号

Meijiawu (méi jiā wù) 7Yunqi Lu 梅 家 坞 云 栖

路 7 号

Melting Snow at Broken Bridge (duàn qiáo

cán xuě) 1 Longjing Lu 断 桥 残 雪 西 湖 龙 井 路 1 号

China Seal Museum (zhōng guó yìn xué bó

wù guan) 10 Hougushan Lu (8799-4193) 中 国 印

学 博 物 馆 后 孤 山 路 10 号

Nine Creeks in Misty Forest (jiǔ xī yān shù)

Jiuxi Lu 九 溪 烟 树 九 溪 路

Orioles Singing in the Willows (liǔ làng wén

yīng) 87 Nanshan Lu 柳 浪 闻 莺 南 山 路 87 号

Precious Stone Hill Floating in Rosy Clouds

(bǎo shí liú xiá) 22 Zhaoqing si li jie (8717-9603)

宝 石 流 霞 昭 庆 寺 里 街 22 号

Prince Bay Park (tài zǐ wān gōng yuán)

Nanshan Lu (8796-3701) 太 子 湾 公 园 南 山 路 5-1 号

Six Harmonies Pagoda (liù hé tǎ) 16 Zhijiang Lu

(8659-1401) 六 和 塔 之 江 路 16 号

Solitary Hill (gū shān gōng yuán) 3 Gushanbei

Lu (8717-9603) 孤 山 公 园 孤 山 北 路 3 号

Spring Dawn at Su Causeway (sū dī chūn xiǎo)

1 Longjing Lu 苏 堤 春 晓 龙 井 路 1 号

Sunny and Rainy Views from the Lakeside

(hú bīn qíng yǔ) 250 Nanshan Lu 湖 滨 晴 雨 南

山 路 250 号

Temple to Yu Qian (yú qiān cí) 161 Santaishan

Lu (8796-2534) 于 谦 祠 三 台 山 路 161 号

The Yellow Dragon Cave (huáng lóng dòng)

Shuguang Lu (8797-2468) 黄 龙 洞 69 曙 光 路 69 号

Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon (sān tán yìn

yuè) 1 Longjing Lu 三 潭 印 月 龙 井 路 1 号

Tomb of Wu Song (wǔ sōng mù) Beishan Lu 武

松 墓 北 山 路

Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor (huā gǎng

guān yú) 5-1 Xishan Lu (8796-3033) 花 港 观 鱼

西 山 路 5-1 号

West Lake (xī hú) 1 Longjing Lu (8717-9617) 西

湖 龙 井 路 1 号

Wu Yun Mountain (wǔ yún shān) 6 Wuyundong

Lu (8608-6364) 五 云 山 五 云 东 路 6 号

Xiling Seal-Engravers’ Society (xī líng yìn

shè) 31 Gushan Lu 西 泠 印 社 孤 山 路 31 号

Yue Fei’s Temple (yuè wáng miào) 80 Beishan

Lu (8796-9670) 岳 王 庙 北 山 路 80 号


住 宿

5-Stars 五 星

Banyan Tree Anji (ān jí yuè róng zhuāng)

Baimu Avenue, Baishui Bay Village, Anji Town (589-


1818) 安 吉 悦 榕 庄 安 吉 县 天 荒 坪 镇 白 水 湾 村 百 亩 弄

Club Med Joyview (ClubMed ān jí dù jiǎ cūn)

1888 Qingyuan Lu, Anji Town (589-8888) ClubMed

安 吉 度 假 村 安 吉 县 灵 峰 街 道 清 远 路 1888 号

DoubleTree by Hilton Hangzhou (háng

zhōu hé dá xī ěr dùn yì lín jiǔ diàn) 600 Jinsha

Avenue, Jianggan District (8989-8888) 杭 州 和 达 希

尔 顿 逸 林 酒 店 江 干 区 金 沙 大 道 600 号

Four Points by Sheraton Hangzhou, Binjiang

(háng zhōu lóng xǐ fú péng xǐ lái dēng) 868

Dongxin Dadao (2887-8888) 杭 州 龙 禧 福 朋 喜 来 登

东 信 大 道 868 号

Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake

(háng zhōu xī zǐ hú sì jì jiǔ diàn) 5 Lingyin Lu

(8829-8888) 杭 州 西 子 湖 四 季 酒 店 灵 隐 路 5 号

Grand Hyatt Hangzhou (háng zhōu jūn yuè

jiǔ diàn) 28 Hubin Lu (8779-1234) 杭 州 君 悦 酒 店

湖 滨 路 28 号

Grand Metro Park Hotel Hangzhou (háng

zhōu wéi jǐng guó jì dà jiǔ diàn) 2 Pinghai Lu

(8708-8088) 杭 州 维 景 国 际 大 酒 店 平 海 路 2 号

Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Qianjiang 399

Juyuan Lu, Jianggan District (139 5802-2988) 杭 州

钱 江 新 城 万 豪 酒 店 剧 院 路 399 号

Hangzhou Qianxi Vacation Hotel (háng zhōu

qiān xǐ dù jiǎ jiǔ diàn) 15 Jiuxi Lu (8761-3666) 杭

州 千 禧 度 假 酒 店 九 溪 路 15 号

Hangzhou Yi Hotel (háng zhōu yì jiǔ diàn)

198 Hushuan Lu (8809-9999) 杭 州 逸 酒 店 湖 墅 南

路 198 号

InterContinental Hangzhou (háng zhōu zhōu

jì jiǔ diàn) 2 Jiefangdong Lu (8981-0000) 杭 州 洲 际

酒 店 解 放 东 路 2 号

JW Marriott Hotel Anji (ān jí JW wàn háo) 1

Huancheng Nan Lu, Anji Town (561-8888) 安 吉 JW

万 豪 安 吉 县 环 城 南 路 1 号

JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou (háng zhōu

JWwàn háo jiǔ diàn) 28 Hushu South Lu,

Gongshu District (8578-8888) 杭 州 JW 万 豪 酒 店 拱

墅 区 湖 墅 南 路 28 号

Le Meridien Hangzhou Binjiang (háng zhōu

bīn jiāng shì róng ài měi jiǔ diàn) 4756 Jiangnan

Avenue (8837-0777) 杭 州 滨 江 世 融 艾 美 酒 店 江 南

大 道 4756 号

Marriott Executive Apartments Hangzhou

(háng zhōu wàn háo xíng zhèng gōng yù) 2F,

Wecan Center, EFC Tower 3, Future Sci-Tech City,

Yuhang District (8868-7999) 杭 州 万 豪 行 政 公 寓 未

来 科 技 城 EFC 欧 美 金 融 城 3 幢 万 创 国 际 2 层

Meilu Legend Hotel (lì jīng měi lú jiǔ diàn) 8

Zhibei lu (8709-8800) 丽 晶 美 庐 酒 店 之 北 路 8 号

丽 晶 美 庐 酒 店

Midtown Shangri-La Hangzhou (háng zhōu

chéng zhōng xiāng gé lǐ lā dà jiǔ diàn) 6

Changshou Lu (8733-8888) 杭 州 城 中 香 格 里 拉 大

酒 店 长 寿 路 6 号

Oakwood Residence Hangzhou (háng zhōu

ào kè wǔ dé guó jì jiǔ diàn gōng yù) 28

Jiaogong Lu (8899-3131) 杭 州 奥 克 伍 德 国 际 酒 店 公

寓 教 工 路 28 号

Park Hyatt Hotel Hangzhou (háng zhōu bǎi

yuè jiǔ diàn) 1366 Qianjiang Lu (8696-1234) 杭 州

柏 悦 酒 店 钱 江 路 1366 号

Pins De La Brume Hangzhou (háng zhōu

jiǔ lǐ yún sōng dù jiǎ jiǔ diàn) 18-8 Lingyin Lu

(8798-7999/13777489457) 杭 州 九 里 雲 松 度 假 酒 店

灵 隐 路 18-8 号

Relais & Chateaux Chaptel Hangzhou (luó lái

xià duǒ ·háng zhōu hú biān cūn jiǔ diàn) 57

Changsheng Lu (8788-2999) 罗 莱 夏 朵 · 杭 州 湖 边

邨 酒 店 长 生 路 57 号

Shangri-la Hotel Hangzhou (háng zhōu xiāng

gé lǐ lā fàn diàn) 78 Beishan Lu (8797-7951) 杭 州

香 格 里 拉 饭 店 北 山 路 78 号 ( 近 岳 庙 )

Sofitel Westlake Hotel Hangzhou (háng

zhōu suǒ fēi tè xī hú dà jiǔ diàn) 333 West Lake

Dadao (870-75858) 杭 州 索 菲 特 西 湖 大 酒 店 西 湖

大 道 333 号

Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Wetland Park

Resort (háng zhōu xī xī xǐ lái dēng dù jiǎ dà

jiǔ diàn) 1 Westbrook Resort, Zijingang Lu (8500-

2222) 杭 州 西 溪 喜 来 登 度 假 大 酒 店 杭 州 西 溪 天 堂

国 际 旅 游 综 合 体 1 号

Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou

(háng zhōu wēn dé mǔ zhì zūn háo tíng dà jiǔ

diàn) 555 Fengqi Lu (8761-6888) 杭 州 温 德 姆 至 尊

豪 廷 大 酒 店 凤 起 路 555 号

Yellow Dragon Restaurant (huáng lóng fàn

diàn) Intersection of Hangda Lu 120 Shuguang

Lu (8799-8833) 黄 龙 饭 店 曙 光 路 120 号 杭 大 路 口

( 近 杭 大 路 )

4-Stars 四 星

Courtyard by Marriott Hangzhou Wulin (háng

zhōu wǔ lín wàn yí jiǔ diàn) 28 Hushu South Lu

(8981-7777) 杭 州 武 林 万 怡 酒 店 湖 墅 南 路 28 号

Hilton Garden Inn Hangzhou Jingshan

Luniao Xinhu (háng zhōu jìng shān lú niǎo xīn

hú xī ěr dùn huā yuán jiǔ diàn) 8 Xunli Street,

Yuhang District (8857-6616) 杭 州 径 山 鸬 鸟 新 湖 希

尔 顿 花 园 酒 店 余 杭 区 鸬 鸟 镇 寻 梨 街 8 号

Holiday Inn (háng zhōu guó jì jiǎ rì jiǔ diàn)

289 Jianguobei Lu (8527-1177/139 5712-5019) 杭 州

国 际 假 日 酒 店 建 国 北 路 289 号

Boutique Hotels 艺 术 酒 店

Seven Villas Hangzhou (zǐ xuān dù jiǎ cūn)

1 Bapanling Lu (8886-7888) 紫 萱 度 假 村 八 盘 岭

路 1 号

Hostel 客 栈

Bikery (bài kè lǐ mín sú) 51 Shangchengdai,

Zhuantang Jiedao (137 7065-4953) 拜 客 里 民 宿 杭

州 市 西 湖 区 转 塘 街 道 , 上 城 埭 51 号

Daisy Hostel (chú jú qīng nián lǚ shè) 65

Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8882-8537) 雏 菊 青 年 旅 社 虎

跑 路 四 眼 井 65 号

Ele Jane (jiǎn xiàng) 15 Shangmanjuelong Lu

(8196-1555 / 18267185222) 简 象 上 满 觉 陇 路 15 号

Fan Hua Si Jing Hostel (fán huā sì jǐng jīng pǐn

jiǔ diàn) 61 Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (159 2414-3344)

繁 花 似 景 精 品 酒 店 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 61 号

Hua Qing Yuan Hostel (huā qīng yuán kè

zhàn) 63 Siyanjin, Hupao Lu (8816-1377) 花 青 原 客

栈 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 63 号

Ling Shang Youth Hostel (lǐng shàng guó jì

qīng nián lǚ shè) 106 Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8798-

1068) 岭 上 国 际 青 年 旅 社 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 106 号

Ming Bai Mountain Hostel (míng bái shān

shù) 36 Siyanjin, Hupao Lu (8798-1211) 茗 白 山 墅

虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 36 号

Mio Hostel (miào jū mín sù) 220 Siyanjin, Hupao

Lu (8577-1125) 妙 居 民 宿 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 220 号

Pan Yue Lan Hu Hostel (pàn yuè lǎn hú mín

sù) 197 Kong Jia Li Village, Shanyi Community,

Binjiang (177 6719-6054) 泮 月 揽 湖 民 宿 长 河 街 道

山 一 社 区 孔 家 里 197 号

Shi Bai Yun Hostel (shī bǎi yún jiǔ diàn) 66

Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8799-9903) 诗 柏 云 酒 店 虎

跑 路 四 眼 井 66 号

Spring Flower Hostel (chūn nuǎn huā kāi qīng

nián kè zhàn) 79 Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8678-3660)

春 暖 花 开 青 年 客 栈 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 79 号

The Green Hostel (háng zhōu qīng tíng qīng

nián lǚ shě) 88 Qingzhiwu (8799-0755) 杭 州 青 庭

青 年 旅 舍 青 芝 坞 88 号

Wang Xing Qiu Hostel (wāng xīng qiú qīng

nián lǚ shè) 39 Siyanjin, Hupao Lu (133 5571-2787)

汪 星 球 青 年 旅 社 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 39 号

Wulin Youth International Hostel (wǔ lín

guó jì qīng nián lǚ shè) 4F, Wanhua Commercial

Building, 409 Tiyuchang Lu ( Near Wulinmen

subway station) (2818-0881) 武 林 国 际 青 年 旅 社 体

育 场 路 409 号 万 华 商 务 楼 4 楼

Yun Shan Hostel (yún shān shàng) 30

Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8796-9989) 云 山 上 虎 跑 路

四 眼 井 30 号

Resorts 度 假 酒 店

Banyan Tree (ān jí yuè róng zhuāng) Baimu

Avenue, Baishui Bay Village, Anji Town (589-1818)

安 吉 悦 榕 庄 天 荒 坪 镇 白 水 湾 村 百 亩 弄

Fuchun Resort (fù chūn shān jū) 339 Jiangbin

Dong Lu (6341-9500) 富 春 山 居 东 洲 街 道 江 滨 东

大 道 339 号


休 闲 娱 乐

Fitness 健 身

A+ Sports Club (A+yùn dòng jù lè bù) 3F

Building D Yuanjian Edifice (8703-9812) A+ 运 动 俱

乐 部 ( 远 洋 国 际 店 ) 远 见 大 厦 D 座 3F

Buddy Fitness Personal Trainer Studio (bā

dì jiàn shēn sī jiāo gōng zuò shì) Room2116

Boyuexuan Edifice 1870 Binsheng Lu (8880-2800)

巴 帝 健 身 私 教 工 作 室 ( 滨 江 星 光 店 ) 滨 盛 路 1870 号

新 世 界 铂 悦 轩 大 厦 2116 室

C-M Fitness Sports Concept Museum (C-M

Fitness yùn dòng gài niàn guǎn) R605 Hengxin

Edifice 588 Jiangnandadao (8537-0490) C-M

Fitness 运 动 概 念 馆 江 南 大 道 588 号 恒 鑫 大 厦 605

CrossFit Unicorn (qí lín zōng hé xùn liàn guǎn)

Huaicheng Sports Center Huaide Jie (8779-7269)

麒 麟 综 合 训 练 馆 怀 德 街 怀 诚 体 育 运 动 中 心

CrossFit Xihu R167 B1 Hubing Yintai 245 Yan’an

Lu (137 3502-4354) 湖 滨 银 泰 店 延 安 路 245 号 湖 滨

银 泰 B 区 地 下 一 层 167 室

EP Fitness Club• Epoch Fit (EP jiàn shēn

jù lè bù •Epoch Fit) 2242-2248 Binsheng Lu

(8510-7167) EP 健 身 俱 乐 部 •Epoch Fit 滨 盛 路

2242-2248 号

HT Fitness Studio (HT jiàn shēn gōng zuò shì)

R1601 F16 B2 Hexinyada International Anye Lu

(8663-5399) HT 健 身 工 作 室 安 业 路 润 和 信 雅 达 国

际 2 幢 16 层 1601 室

LEFIT (lè kè yùn dòng) 2F, building 3, Starry City

Phase 2, Jiangling Lu (159 5811-5762) 乐 刻 运 动 ( 星

耀 城 店 ) 江 陵 路 星 耀 城 二 期 南 区 商 场 3 幢 2 楼 B2,

Xingfu Plaza, 30120, Section F, West Lake Cultural

Square (400 150-1866)( 西 湖 文 化 广 场 店 ) 西 湖 文 化

广 场 F 区 30120 幸 福 广 场 B2 楼 2F, Shangpinzhekou

Shopping Mall, 505 Si Hao Da Jie (400 150-1866)

( 下 沙 上 品 折 扣 店 ) 下 沙 四 号 大 街 505 号 上 品 折 扣

商 城 2 楼 西 南 角

Leti Fitness (lè tǐ jiàn shēn) F10 Big City Plaza

609 Yan’an Lu (8776-6716) 乐 体 健 身 ( 国 大 店 ) 延 安

路 609 号 国 大 城 市 广 场 10 楼

Reebok 1030 CrossFit A304 L3 Yuanyang

Ledigang 58 Lishui Lu (5626-0377) 远 洋 乐 堤 港 店

丽 水 路 58 号 远 洋 乐 堤 港 三 楼 A304

Shushibao Fitness Center (shū shì bǎo jiàn

shēn zhōng xīn) F4 1st Starlight International

Plaza 228 Jiangnandadao (2898-2222) 舒 适 堡 健

身 中 心 ( 星 光 广 场 店 ) 江 南 大 道 228 号 星 光 国 际 广

场 一 期 4 层

WILL’S (wēi ěr shì jiàn shēn) NL109, Kerry

Centre, 385 Yanan Lu (8716-1658) 威 尔 士 健 身 ( 杭

州 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 385 号 嘉 里 中 心 NL109 6F,

Paradise Walk Mall, 1515 Jianghan Lu (8607-1289)

( 滨 江 龙 湖 天 街 店 ) 江 汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 滨 江 天

街 购 物 中 心 6F 8F, Paradise Walk Mall, 560 Jinsha

Avenue (8725-6699) 金 沙 大 道 560 号 龙 湖 杭 州 金

沙 天 街 8 楼

BEAUTY 美 容 美 体

Spas 美 容 养 生

Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat (yōu tíng bǎo

jiàn huì suǒ) L6-04, Raffles City, 228 Xinye Lu

(8889-9191) 悠 庭 保 健 会 所 来 福 士 中 心 店 新 业 路

228 号 来 福 士 中 心 L06-04 141 Xixi Lu (8502-3288)

西 溪 店 西 溪 路 141 号

Haiyinhui Hot Spring (hǎi yīn huì wēn quán)

Jiangnan Dadao Near Zhongnan Shopping Centre

(8601-8197) 海 茵 汇 温 泉 江 南 大 道 1090 号 中 南 购

物 中 心 附 近

Tuankou Zhongan’an Hot Spring Resort (lín

ān tuān kǒu zhòng ān dōng wēn quán dù jiǎ

jiǔ diàn) 188 Tuanquan Lane, Tuankou Town,

Lin’an (5868-6889) 临 安 湍 口 众 安 氡 温 泉 度 假 酒 店

临 安 湍 口 镇 湍 泉 街 188 号

Xin’an River Forest Hot Spring (háng zhōu

xīn ān jiāng sēn lín wēn quán dù jiǎ jiǔ diàn)

广 告 • 杭 州 黄 页 // HANGZHOU LISTINGS /

71 Hengshan Lu, Shouchang Town, Jiande (6456-

8866) 杭 州 新 安 江 森 林 温 泉 度 假 酒 店 建 德 市 寿 昌

镇 横 山 社 区 横 山 路 73 号

Xinyifang Spa (xìn yì fāng wēn quán yù

chǎng) 328 Moganshan Lu (8836-9493) 信 义 坊 温

泉 浴 场 莫 干 山 路 328 号

Yunman Hot Spring (yún màn wēn quán) 255

Fengqing Avenue, Xiaoshan (Inside the First World

Hotel) (8386-0020) 云 曼 温 泉 风 情 大 道 255 号 第

一 世 界 大 酒 店


购 物

Food & Beverage 食 品

Epermarket (zhè yàng shēng huó) When you

think of fresh and imported grocery experts,

Epermarket should come to mind. They are an

online supermarket that has over 5000 imported

products, from a source you can trust. Whether

you are looking for fresh fruit and organic

vegetables sourced from over 35 partner farms,

pantry favorites such as pasta, proteins, and

condiments, or even home care products such as

kitchenware and small appliances, Epermarket

has everything you need. You can also enjoy

convenient delivery times and receive your

groceries 7 days a week. Plus, an international

customer service team that offers support in

French, English, and Chinese. Epermarket is also

ISO 9001 certified, and routinely tests their fresh

products with SGS, the world’s leading inspection,

verification, testing, and Certification Company.

Visit to discover more on

their website. (400 776-0776) 这 样 生 活

Ole‘ B208, 701 Fuchun Lu( Near Jiangjin Lu

subway station) (2817-2098) 富 春 路 701 号 负 二

层 B208 铺

Sam’s Club (wò ěr mǎ shān mǔ huì yuán

shāng diàn) BM/F, IN city, Xixi Store, 1 Wuchang

Avenue (8873-6900) 沃 尔 玛 山 姆 会 员 商 店 五 常 大

道 1 号 西 溪 印 象 城 BM 层


International Schools

国 际 学 校

Hangzhou International School (háng

zhōu guó jì xué xiào ) Founded in 2002, HIS

is an IB World School that offers the expatriate

community in Hangzhou an inclusive international

experience and curriculum (Early Years to Grade

12) based on the International Baccalaureate (IB)

framework. HIS is the first and only international

school in Hangzhou that is fully accredited by

an international accrediting association and

authorized by the IB for all three IB Programmes:

PYP, MYP, and DP. The school currently serves

over 650+ students (ages 2-18) from over 50

nationalities. HIS is a member school of ECIS, ISA,


gives students and faculty access to international

school sports leagues, cultural exchanges, and

professional development. Graduates of HIS

attend prestigious universities throughout the

world., www.his-china.

org. 78 Dongxin Ave, Binjiang District (8669-0045)

杭 州 国 际 学 校 滨 江 区 东 信 大 道 78 号

0571- 87157555

Wahaha International School (háng zhōu wá hā

hā wài jí rén yuán zǐ nǚ xué xiào) Established in

2015, Wahaha International School (WIS) is a nonprofit,

English language immersion international

school located in Hangzhou, serving students

from Kindergarten through Grade 9. In the stateof-the-art

campus, WIS offers students a rich, fully

international, IB (International Baccalaureate)

based curriculum complemented by a strong and

vibrant Chinese language and culture program.

Through its unique curriculum, WIS develops

in students the creativity, critical thinking,

collaboration, and communication skills that are

essential for success in today’s and tomorrow’s

rapidly developing marketplace of ideas and

innovation., 5 Yaojiang Lu, Shangcheng

District (8715-7555) 杭 州 娃 哈 哈 外 籍 人 员 子 女 学

校 姚 江 路 5 号

Wellington College International Hangzhou

(háng zhōu huì líng dùn wài jí rén yuán zǐ

nǚ xué xiào) Wellington College International

Hangzhou provides a world-class holistic

education to expatriate children from ages 2 to

18, following the English National Curriculum

in Pre-Prep and Prep School, which is enhanced

by the cross-curricular International Primary

Curriculum (IPC). In Senior School, children

complete IGCSE and then either A Level or IB

Diploma Programme depending on their goals.

Closely tied with the Wellington College in

England, and with sister international schools

in Tianjin and Shanghai, WCIH provides the

high-quality international education that has

become synonymous with the Wellington College

name. A wide range of academic and co-curricular

activities are supported by state-of-the-art

custom built facilities. For Admissions: 8239-6366

or 2399

Xuezhi Lu, Xiaoshan District 杭 州 惠 灵 顿 外 籍 人 员

子 女 学 校 萧 山 区 学 知 路 2399 号

Chinese Language 汉 语

Chinesetown. Shinyway Language

Institute (xīn tōng huá wén) Established

in 2006, Chinesetown is a certified Mandarin

training institute which is well-known for its

professionalism, efficiency and excellent service.

We provide a rich selection of courses, including

comprehensive Chinese courses, HSK preparation,

business Chinese and online course in both small

group and private one-on-one form. We also

provide custom-designed courses for enterprise

employees taken at their office and cultural events

monthly. 4F (Reception

Floor), Metro Business Building, 611 Zhongshan

Bei Lu. Line 1 west lake cultural square Exit B.

(2807-3392) 新 通 华 文 中 山 北 路 611 号 地 铁 商 务

大 厦 1-6 层

Chinese Surfing (háng zhōu chàng yǔ zhōng

wén) Room 401, 4F, 334 Fengqi Lu (151 5811-6008)

杭 州 畅 语 中 文 下 城 区 凤 起 路 334 号 401 室

Faith Education (fù xìn jiāo yù) 803 Pinghai

Wangjiao, 58 Pinghai Lu (138 0574-2761) 复 信 教 育

平 海 路 58 号 平 海 旺 角 803

Free Tongue Education (fēi cháng jiāo yù) 248

Dong Xin Avenue, Binjiang District (138 0576-

0599) 非 常 教 育 浦 沿 街 道 东 信 大 道 248 号

Private Schools 私 立 学 校

BASIS International School Hangzhou (háng

zhōu qián jiāng bèi sài sī guó jì xué xiào) 99

Yuntang Street, Jianggan District (8815-3888) 杭 州

钱 江 贝 赛 思 国 际 学 校 江 干 区 运 塘 街 99 号

Wahaha Bilingual School Hangzhou (háng

zhōu wa hā hā shuāng yǔ xué xiào) 5 Yaojiang

Lu, Shangcheng District (8780-1933) 杭 州 哇 哈 哈 双

语 学 校 上 城 区 姚 江 路 5 号

Kindergartens 幼 儿 园

Hangzhou Victoria Kindergarten (háng zhōu

wéi duō lì yà yòu ér yuán) Honghui Lu, Xiaoshan

District (8351-5277) 杭 州 维 多 利 亚 幼 儿 园 萧 山 区

弘 慧 路 延 伸 段 众 安 景 海 湾 内

Wesley School (wèi sī lǐ yòu ér yuán) 269

Gongfa Lu, Gongshu District (8882-880) 卫 斯 理 幼

儿 园 拱 墅 区 工 发 路 269 号


Yougo Sports Academy (sài dí yōu guǒ guó

jì tǐ yù xué yuàn) West Lake Sports & Cultural

Center (180 6942-3303) 赛 迪 优 果 国 际 体 育 学 院

西 湖 区 文 体 中 心 Donglian Sports Park (180 6942-

3303) 东 联 体 育 公 园


演 出 场 所

Theatres 剧 院

Hangzhou Theatre (háng zhōu jù yuàn) 29

Wulin Square (8517-7801) 杭 州 剧 院 武 林 广 场 29 号


Hospitals 医 院

Greentown Hospital (zhè jiāng lǜ chéng yī

liáo) 409 Gudun Lu (8885-7888) 浙 江 绿 城 医 疗 古

墩 路 409 号

Hangzhou Aima Maternity Hospital (háng

zhōu ài mǎ fù chǎn yī yuàn) 666 Gudun Lu

(5681-8818) 杭 州 艾 玛 妇 产 医 院 古 墩 路 666 号

International Healthcare Services of Sir Run

Run Shaw Hospital (shào yì fū yī yuàn guó

jì mén zhěn) 11F, Tower II, 3 Qingchun Dong Lu

(8600-6118) 邵 逸 夫 医 院 国 际 门 诊 庆 春 东 路 3 号

2 幢 11 层

Maria Obstetrical and Gynaecology Hospital

(háng zhōu mǎ lì yà fù chǎn yī yuàn) 300

Qiutao Lu (8652-1200) 杭 州 玛 莉 亚 妇 产 医 院 秋

涛 路 300 号

No.7 People Hospital (dì qī rén mín yī yuàn)

305 Tianmushan Lu (8512-1914) 第 七 人 民 医 院 天

目 山 路 305 号 附 近

No.117 Liberation Army Hospital (jiě fàng

jun1 dì 117yī yuàn) 14 Lingyin Lu (8734-8500) 解

放 军 第 117 医 院 灵 隐 路 14 号

Red Cross Hospital (hóng shí zì huì yī yuàn)

84-86 Xinhua Lu (5610-9999) 红 十 字 会 医 院 新 华

路 84-86 号

Shulan (Hangzhou) Hospital (shù lán háng

zhōu yī yuàn) 848 Dongxin Lu, Xiacheng District

(400-103-9999) 树 兰 杭 州 医 院 下 城 区 东 新 路 848 号

The 2 nd Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang

University School of Medicine (zhè jiāng dà

xué yī xué yuàn fù shǔ dì èr yī yuàn) 88 Jiefang

Lu (8778-3777) 浙 江 大 学 医 学 院 附 属 第 二 医 院 解

放 路 88 号

United Family Clinic (háng zhōu hé mù jiā

mén zhěn) L2-S288, The MixC, 701 Fuchun Lu

(Huarun Mansion Block B-L2) (4006 393 900) 杭 州

和 睦 家 诊 所 富 春 路 701 号 杭 州 万 象 城 L2-S288 (

华 润 大 厦 B 座 裙 楼 2 层 )

Zhejiang Hospital (zhè jiāng yī yuàn) 12

Lingying Lu (8798-7373) 浙 江 医 院 灵 隐 路 12 号

Dental Clinics 齿 科

Baibo Dental Clinics (bài bó kǒu qiāng) 1881

Binsheng Lu (8504-9777) 拜 博 口 腔 ( 滨 江 店 ) 滨 盛

路 1881 号

Grammy Dental Clinics (gé lái měi kǒu qiāng)

341 Tiyuchang Lu (2822-0051) 格 莱 美 口 腔 体 育

场 路 341 号

Huashan Liantianmei Dental Clinics (huá

shān lián tiān měi yī yuàn kǒu qiāng kē) Qiutao

Edifice B 248 Qiutao Lu (151 5814-1263) 华 山 连 天

美 医 院 口 腔 科 秋 涛 路 248 号 秋 涛 大 厦 B 幢

Kewa Dental Clinics (kē wǎ chǐ kē) L6-19 Fushi

Center 228 Xinye Lu (400-606-0222) 科 瓦 齿 科 新

业 路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 L6-19 号

My Dental 2F, Building 2, Qianjiang International

Times Square, (8608-6616) 铭 一 口 腔 城 星 路 钱 江

国 际 时 代 广 场 2 号 楼 2 层

Qier Dental Clinics (qí ěr kǒu qiāng zhèng

jī zhōng xīn) Civil Aviation Building 2 392

Tiyuchang Lu (8530-5080) 齐 尔 口 腔 正 畸 中 心 体 育

场 路 392 号 民 航 大 厦 2 楼

Teeth Whitening 口 腔 护 理

Bright Life Teeth Whitening (liàng bèi měi

kǒu qiāng hù lǐ) Room 3, Building 5, Heda City,

No.2 Avenue (159 2560-5949) 亮 贝 美 口 腔 护 理 下

沙 2 号 大 街 和 达 城 5 幢 03 商 铺

Surgery Clinics 医 学 美 容

Hangzhou Jinggang Beauty Clinics (háng

zhōu jìng gǎng yī liáo měi róng) 508-1 Yan’an

Lu (400 087 6600-0325) 杭 州 静 港 医 疗 美 容 延 安

路 508-1 号

Hangzhou Time beauty Clinics (háng zhōu shí

guāng yī liáo měi róng yī yuàn) 596 Jiaogong

Lu (400 087 6600-0736) 杭 州 时 光 医 疗 美 容 医 院

教 工 路 596 号

MyLike Beauty Clinics (MYLIKEháng zhōu

měi lái yī liáo měi róng yī yuàn) Meilai Edifice

333 Moganshan Lu (150 5819-2199) MYLIKE 杭 州 美

莱 医 疗 美 容 医 院 莫 干 山 路 333 号 美 莱 大 厦

Victoria Beauty Clinics (wéi duō lì yà yī liáo

měi róng yī yuàn) 658 Jianguobei Lu (400 087

6600-0314) 维 多 利 亚 医 疗 美 容 医 院 建 国 北 路 658 号

Yes Skin Beauty Clinics (Yes Skinyán shù yī

měi) t3b-12F International Health Center 9 Jingtan

Lu (400 091-0890) Yes Skin 颜 术 医 美 景 昙 路 9 号 西

子 国 际 全 程 健 康 中 心 t3b-12F


Foreign Visa Service 签 证 服 务

ARK Foreign Services (háng zhōu yà kē shāng

wù fú wù yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Room 748, Block A,

China Resource Building, 1366 Qianjiang Lu (135

8845-2749) 杭 州 亚 珂 商 务 服 务 有 限 公 司 钱 江 路

1366 号 华 润 大 厦 A 座 748 室




Socia10 Memoirs Party

By Brine Taz

Mid-Autumn at HITEIP

By Brine Taz

Get your face in REDSTAR! Send photos to our

REDSTAR WeChat account by 15 October 2019!

(WeChat account: redstarhangzhou)

请 于 10 月 15 日 前 发 送 照 片 到 红 星 官 方

微 信 平 台 ( 微 信 号 :redstarhangzhou)


十 月












By Kyla Robertson

Renting an apartment anywhere

can be stressful - there’s a lot

at stake and you want to feel

comfortable in your new home.

When you first move to China, not only

do you have to adjust to a new culture,

you most likely also have to decide on

a new place to live relatively quickly.

Although you’ve probably already

determined where you are going to live

for the moment we’ve answered some

of the most frequently asked questions

people ask when renting an apartment

in China. We hope you’ll find these useful

for the future if you decide to relocate

or useful to share with a friend or new

colleague who is preparing to make the

move here.



Is there a certain time of day I

should look for apartments?

Aim to look for apartments during

daylight hours. Not only will

this give you a good idea of the

amount of light in the apartment,

but you can also check-out to see

if there is ongoing construction

near your potential apartment.

Construction can begin very early,

and depending on your lifestyle,

could really put a damper on your

sleep schedule.

What should I check for inside the


checking the water pressure is a must,

as this can be an issue with certain

apartments. If it’s not great you can

double-check with the landlord to see

if they have it turned down. If you’re

really keen on the place you can buy a

water pressure pump on Taobao, but

installing it might require the services

of a professional.

Check the cupboards and be on

the lookout for evidence of bugs or

potential dampness issues. Indicators

like bug spray or insect repellents can

help when the pests themselves can’t

be easily spotted.



The quality of the appliances, like

the air conditioners, can be a good

indicator of the investment the

landlord has put into the apartment.

If the landlord invests in decent

appliances, then they likely take good

care of their place.

What should I look for outside the


Take a look at common areas in the

apartment complex, this is a good

gauge to see how well the property is

managed. Is the trash/recycling area

well organised? Are the elevators and

stairs clean?

What if I already know the area/

compound I want to live in?

If you’ve been eyeing a specific

compound, you might be able to find

an available unit without using a real

estate agent. One REDSTAR contributor

was able to get her apartment

simply by inquiring directly within the

complex to see which apartments

were available for rent.

Do I need a real estate agent?

Chances are, you probably do. There

are exceptions, like the example

mentioned above, as well as rental

apps you can download on your phone

to search for apartments. That said,

all the housing apps we’ve seen are

only in Chinese, so your language skills

would have to be good. Alternatively,

you may be able to take over someone

else’s lease and avoid an agent



How much of a deposit should I pay

to secure the accommodation?

The standard deposit is one month’s

rent. This deposit will be used as the

damage deposit and will be returned

to you when you move out as long as

you do not cause any damage.

How often should I pay rent?

Often landlords will ask you to pay

your rent three months at a time. That

said, this can be negotiable, and if you

prefer to pay monthly try to negotiate

this before you sign the lease.

How much will my real-estate agent


Your agent will charge a percentage

of the monthly rent you pay as a onetime

commission fee. The agency fee

differs depending on the city in China;

in Hangzhou, it is most common for

renters to pay 50% of one months’ rent

to the agency. The landlord also usually

also pays a 50% one-time commission

fee to the agency; thus, the agency

usually receives one month’s rent in

total for renting out the apartment.

What documents should I check

before I officially sign the lease?

Be sure to review the landlord’s

Property Certificate. This will ensure

the landlord is who they say they are.

The landlord can show you their ID

card along with the property title, so

make sure the information matches.

Once you have decided on a

place, make sure you get a written

confirmation for everything you pay

for. Ask for a receipt for the deposit

and the rent you pay for. Sometimes

getting a rental deposit back can be

difficult; ensure you have all the proper

documentation for when the time



Do I need to do anything else once I

move in?

You will have to register yourself as

living at your new apartment at the

local police station. You will need

information from your landlord, such

as the official Property Ownership

Certificate and the Lease Agreement.

Your agent can help you with this.

What happens when I need to cancel

my lease?

Most contracts are 1 year’s duration.

If you have to cancel before the year

is up, so the chances are you won’t

get your deposit back. However, you

may be able to find someone else to

take over your lease and then get your

deposit back.

Anything else I should know?

Be sure to clarify with your agent and/

or landlord if there are additional fees

for you to renew your lease for another

year. Some agencies may charge a

yearly fee to help you coordinate with

your landlord/building or there may be

other hidden fees you’ll want to know


Although not completely exhaustive,

we hope this Q and A provides you

with some good insight when looking

for an apartment in China! 47





By Lawrie Keen

The Hangzhou Harlequins Rugby

Club is the infamous social rugby

team of Zhejiang's capital. The

club consists of old rugby players

missing home, new recruits looking for

that next challenge and anyone else

who enjoys the fun side of life. The

club was founded back in 2006 by

a group of expats with a passion for

the sport and were looking to throw

the 'egg' around on a small grass field

outside of a factory. The club grows

stronger each year with each new

face that injects energy into the team.

Although rugby is normally considered

a 'manly' sport, back in 2018 we

officially started a women's rugby

team, aptly named the 'Harlequeens'

for their royal grace on the field.

The Club participates in the Eastern

conference of a country-wide league

system separated by region. The team’s

main rivals include Shanghai and

Nanjing, with matches being played

throughout the year at home and

away locations. Rugby has a handful

of variations from the fast-paced

seven-a-side version, to the traditional

15-a-side Rugby Union which draws

the largest crowds. The Harlequins

take part in both the traditional

15s format and in a rare amateur

10-a-side format that is popular in

Asia. The 10s version is popular for its

slower pace and social atmosphere,

perfect for players with beer-bellies.

Rugby has always been a minor

sport across the Middle Kingdom.

However, recent pushes from Sports

Universities and the introduction of

Rugby Sevens into the Olympics has

meant that our sport is finally being

noticed. Leagues have been set up

and funding allocated from big names

such as Hangzhou's very own Alibaba.

The Chinese National Team is making

massive strides and has become a top

contender in Asia as well as abroad.

The Chinese Women's 7s team has

been a leading example of this, even

developing to become a threat to

traditional rugby playing countries like

New Zealand and South Africa. This

September and October is the first time

the Rugby World Cup has been hosted

in an Asian Nation, over in Japan.

One of the cornerstones of rugby is

its reliance on community. This means

events have an array of local foods,

social groups and youth teams to

show their skills and talents. Our Club

has always been a major supporter

of youth rugby and has aspirations to

create a place where children can learn

and develop new skills while playing

sport. The Hangzhou Touch-Rugby

League has been a huge contributor to

this and is a great way for beginners

to get into the sport without the hits

and bruises. We welcome anyone from

any background, as long as they have

the passion for a new (or old) sport

and are looking to make plenty of new

friends in this great city. Come be part

of our community, meet new friends,

have great chances to travel around

China and get fit! See you on the pitch!

To know more

about the Hangzhou

Harlequins, scan

Lawrie’s WeChat using

the QR Code.






By A. Michelle

“Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Those of you old enough to remember

this classic American TV commercial

may chuckle, but for the rest of the

population this is a real fear. You’re

hurt/sick/in pain and in a foreign

country – often without a command

for the native language…what next?

with the medical community at

large, running English Salons at

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, and

facilitator as a licensed medical

insurance broker.

When asked for a “pearl of

wisdom” to help ease the pain

for expats in Hangzhou, founder

of Alicare, Ali replied, “Know

your address - there are three

main hospitals in Hangzhou,

you should find out which is the

closest and plan to go there in

case of an emergency. Avoid

calling 120 or an ambulance –

the wait is often 20-30 minutes

and that can be the difference

between life and death; success

and failure. Become familiar with

your local hospital beforehand

so you know what to do in case

of an emergency. You should

talk to your insurance provider

beforehand also, so you know

the procedures they require for





• Zhejiang Provincial People’s

Hospital has a VIP Unit with

English speaking nurses

and doctors. Each patient

is assigned to one of the

well-trained advocates who

assist patients and guide

them through the maze of

departments in this very large

hospital. The VIP department is

open 24 hours a day, 7 days a

week and has direct billing with

most insurance companies.

158 Shangtang Lu 上 塘 路 158 号

188 5813-5075 (English Service)

• Sir Run Run Shaw has an

International Healthcare

Center with English speaking

staff. They run monthly salons

and seminars in English for

patients to come and meet

doctors and begin to establish

relationships in the medical

community. Although they

are currently open only from

Monday through Friday from

8:00 -12:00 and 13:30 – 17:00,

special accommodations can be

made (for an additional fee) for

extended service hours.

11F, Tower II, 3 Qingchun Dong

Lu 邵 逸 夫 医 院 国 际 门 诊 庆 春 东 路 3

号 2 幢 11 层

0571 8600-61189

Luckily, healthcare options for

foreigners in Hangzhou have

made great leaps and bounds

in recent years. In addition to an

increase of English speaking doctors

and nurses, there are agencies working

hard to bridge the gap for expats.

The leader in this category has to be

Alicare which functions as a medical

advocate and resource for foreigners

visiting and living in Hangzhou.

Alicare offers a wide range of services

including acting as unbiased liaison

For more information about

Alicare services, scan the QR code

and/or add their WeChat Official


• United Family Healthcare is a

newcomer to Hangzhou but is

well established in other cities.

They are open from 09:00-

17:00, Monday through Friday.

The MixC, 701 Fuchun Lu

(Huarun Mansion Block B-L2) 和

睦 家 诊 所 富 春 路 701 号 杭 州 万 象 城

L2-S288 ( 华 润 大 厦 B 座 裙 楼 2 层 ) 49







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