V tujem jeziku

Mavis was in shock the whole evening, even after congratulation the young couple, her

perspective on life changing negatively. But she wasn’t going to ruin a happy relationship

between two lovebirds. She wasn’t raised to destroy homes and she wasn’t in a reckless,

hormonal state to act like a selfish child.

The clear, night sky was a perfect background behind the moon which shone brightly.

It was beautiful just like the stars, like the scenery the party took place in and it was as

beautiful as the harmonies everyone enjoyed because of the talented musicians entertaining

the guests.

“Would you like a drink?” Mavis heard and Adam was standing right next to her with two

glasses of champagne. “Yes, thank you. Where is Julia?” she asked quietly. “She is talking

with her parents and I wanted to check up on you. Are you feeling okay? You look a bit


“Oh, I’m fine. I was just thinking how fast everything is going. You’re getting married, I’m

graduating soon, our friends are traveling around the world and some are even having

their own children.”

The two best friends talked endlessly. They reminisced about the old days, tried to predict

the future and commented on current moments happening around them. Mavis felt

much better after spending some time with her secret source of happiness. It calmed the

negativity inside her, cleared her head and made her think clearly again.

Life was still beautiful.

A small misunderstanding between her and the universe was not going to make her dwell

about letting Adam slip through her fingers so easily. The conversation between them

helped her look at so many attributes that make every day beautiful. Adam’s life was now

wonderful as he made one of his greatest wishes come true and Mavis’ life was just as

pleasant, having many other things that give her joy.

And so, when Adam asked her how her journey is at the very moment, she smiled and

said, “Life is beautiful.”

Nikita Galuh Kapušin, R3b


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