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Life is beautiful, it’s great,

even though you have to wait.

But waiting for good things,

sometimes feels like you have wings.

It feels like you can fly,

but you also need to try,

try to be better every day

and try go the right way.

Life is beautiful, it’s great.

It feels like you’re on cloud nine, not eight.

Like your over the moon

and the world will be yours soon.

But the world is already yours,

you just need to open doors.

Only you hold the key

and the ability to be free.

Life is beautiful, it’s great.

You’re here to love, not to hate.

You need to help others,

so it feels like they are your sisters and brothers.

And even if some times your life is sometimes

a mess,

please, don’t worry, it’s blessed.

Iva Baša in Petra Lozar, T1c

Life is beautiful…

There is darkness,

there is light.

There is sunshine

and there are stars.

There are plains

and there are rains,

but most importantly,

there are bays.

Laugh of children

and butterfly that finds way into your sight,

love, music and deep art,

sunsets put away all the bitterness in your


Leja Udovč, T3b


Life is beautiful when it’s natural,

not skeptical or cynical.

It takes a lot of work and dedication,

therefore you have to keep your concentration.

Sometimes you will be on cloud nine,

but you will also get trapped into that tragic


It will get you furious when it gets bad and it

makes you turn mad,

but life is way too short for being sad.

Make sure to keep moving on,

every moment has its perk and its con,

from bad moments you will move on,

just keep working on them,

on and on.

Megalej Lukić, R1a


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