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Life is beautiful even if sometimes we don’t feel like it at all. It’s true that life has many

challenges that we have to face every day and we aren’t alone facing them at all. Most

people in this planet go through problems every day and are still positive and optimistic.

But what makes them feel like that despite all the hard challenges?

I think that the will to achieve something gives them strength to go through all of the

problems. This will also makes them stronger and gives them the ability of overcoming

bigger problems in the future. Great example are famous athletes. We often hear their

stories about their background and their life in the youth. Most of the athletes went

through poverty, family problems or even bullying and racism. But being exposed to this

everyday made them stronger and gave them the will to achieve something. On the other

hand, people that didn’t have to go through all of that didn’t have the same success because

when the problems or a bigger obstacle came in their everyday life they just gave

up because they weren’t used to problems and just didn’t have the strength to continue.

That’s why everyday problems are important so we can learn from them and gain mental


A great example are also scientists. They are working long hours and facing many unknown

problems. And despite all of that they still don’t give up and continue their researches.

We probably all heard about the scientists working on the cure against cancer.

It’s a completely unknown field and a lot of them are still working on finding the cure

nonetheless there is a chance that the one doesn’t even exist. And they aren’t paid nearly

enough for what they are doing and through how much stress they have to go through.

Because of their will to push through their limits and problems I am sure that one day in

the close future they will find the cure.

Life is also beautiful when we learn to see the happiness in the small details of our lives

and not only in big success or piles of money. With all of that said I think that life if beautiful

despite all of the everyday problems and struggles, because they make us stronger

and make us realise what the real meaning of life is. We just have to be aware of it.

Domen Filak, T4a


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