Lapor Magazine - Final Project

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On dictionaries being a celebrity is described as the state of being well – known. For sure, as part of being well – known, celebrities are mostly perceived as things to be looked at. In this case, within the concept of voyeurism, the celebrity becomes the viewed and the audience becomes the viewer. This relationship becomes our new normal and forms an endless cycle. We want to look at celebrities and learn about them, for we want to be like them; celebrities sell their images to us, for they want to protect their status. This cycle ends up with commodification of the celebrity and the pointless struggle of the viewer to meet the beauty standards set by celebrities. I want to this to be a reminder of how these normalized commodified images of celebrities are phony because of pre-production techniques used as a strategy to promote the celebrity, and how important it is to be aware of this fakeness or otherwise, it may lead to expectations of unrealistic beauty standards on its viewers.

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