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We hope you have fastened your seatbelt and are ready for takeoff, but before the trip can begin, we need to

make sure you brought the essentials. Therefore, we have prepared a packing list for your remote home

experience to India. The packing list might be a little different from what you've seen before, but then again,

traveling to a new destination from home is definitely something different! The packing list contains all the

preparations you need in order to get the best possible experience, and most importantly, a true feeling of

actually being in India throughout this journey. You can find our packing list on the next page.

Indian rhythms may be something you have previously dismissed, but truth is, no country has more beautiful

and diverse music than the country of colour! Our ultimate Indian playlist is found in the below packing list

and make sure you listen to get into the groove of a true Indian adventure! If you're looking for more music

from India and beyond, we invite you to follow Kiwano Travel on Spotify.

When we talk about the beauty of India, we cannot and should not miss the food. It's one of the most unique

aspects of this country, and its diversity will blow your mind. Every region or state has its own indigenous

cuisine, and even though the same spices could be used all over, you'll be surprised both at the amount and

the variations in which they are in fact applied to different dishes. Exciting food experiences are definitely a

must when traveling somewhere new, and Asangle, our local ambassador in India, has put together a set of

delicious menus for you. You'll have both a veg and a non veg option available, both perfect for cozy nights in

and as preparations for magical nights out alike . The recipes are found later on in this booklet.

A trip to a new country requires learning a few new words and phrases and Asangle has consequently put

together a short video which shows you how to say the most essential words you need to get through the

day in India. You can find the video here.

We hope this virtual experience makes you want to visit India in person, and when you do, we will be here for

you! Until that day we hope this will help ease the travel abstinences for India!

With love, from Asangle and the Kiwano Travel team

packing list


Check out our playlist!

There's nothing quite like Indian tunes. From Bollywood bangers to

some of the most essentially beautiful slow tunes you'll ever hear,

lose yourself in our playlist of favourite songs from India. Enjoy!

Pick your choice of menu

Choose a menu and shop the groceries! In accordance with typical

Indian custom, you can choose between a veg and a non-veg option,

both are epic! Make sure you visit a grocery store with an

international touch to ensure all ingredients are available.

speak like a local

Watch the video with Asangle to improve your Zeme skills!

get that camera going for you

Charge your camera and find an empty memory card. The food, the

music and the resources will most definitely require some pictures,

and you’ll want to remember it! Make sure you click pictures! If you

tag your pictures with @kiwanotravel we might repost them!

all set for that virtual travel?

Make sure you check out the live online experiences by our Local

Ambassador Asangle so that you can get yours booked for the day

you’re traveling to India! Drop us a message and we will set you up!

Meet Asangle and check them out on next page!

bring lots of good mood!

You’re actually traveling again! Although the trip will take place

within you own home, you'll still get to experience a whole new

world from the comfort of your own living room!

meet Asangle

Hi, I’m Asangle, born in the small village of Tamenglong, Manipur, but

raised in Assam. Being brought up in two different states made me

accustomed to travelling even before speaking, and the travel bug

has not left me since! Due to my various jobs and positions, I have

travelled far off the beaten path, getting to know the hidden pearls

of both my own state as well as the rest of India. I am beyond

excited to show you the diverse cultures of my country and all they

have to offer! Welcome to India (albeit only virtually for now), where

celebration never ends!

let's get jammin'

Learn Traditional jam making with a touch of india. Dream of

endless orange fields in Tamenglong, Asangle's hometown, as she

teaches you the essential moves of making epic fresh fruit jam!




India is filled with traditions and

loinloom weaving is one of them.

contribute in keeping traditional arts

alive by learning the skills yourself

with Asangle! (Psst! No weave




Get inspired for epic natural skincare

from the home of Ayurveda! Learn

how to mix ingredients straight from

nature for the best result! Your skin is

definitely up for a treat!

Indian delights

non-veg menu


Suji ka Halwa

shopping list




ghee (clarified butter)

how to make it

Suji Ka Halwa is a traditional breakfast dish from India

and Pakistan. To make it you boil water, add sugar and

cardamom, and put it aside. Heat the ghee, add

semolina and keep stirring until it turns brown. Once

it turns brown pour sugar syrup and stir until it

becomes a soft paste.

shopping list







spring onion leaves

coriander leaves

chili soy sauce

how to make it

Boil the meat with garlic (do not mince) and onion. When

the meat is boiled, segregate the meat and remove onion

and garlic and keep the soup. Boil the noodle and remove

the water. Now add noodles and soup, chili soy sauce and

garnish with fresh spring onion leaves and coriander

leaves. The Thukpa is ready!


pork thali

In the Naga society pork is the most loved dish. Any celebration calls for pork meat. The word “Thali” is in Hindi, the

literal translation is “plate”. In India, “thali” is inclusive of rice, curry including all the side dishes. So when you see

“thali” in restaurants it means you have a plate of rice with cyrry and all the side dish a complete dish.

shopping list

pork meat

chili powder




dried fish

how to make it

Cut the meat in your desired size, add chili powder, water and salt to taste and cook for about half an hour. Add

ginger and garlic paste and cook until it becomes red and pasty. Then head for the vegetables. Go for any

vegetables you love. Heat the water, add a pinch of salt and add vegetables. Lastly, make the chutney (sauce):

Roast dried fish and chili, add garlic and salt to taste and smash it all together till your chutney is ready. Mix in a

little water if it’s too dry.

desSert - Chakhao kheer

(from the Meitei community of Manupur)

shopping list: Black Sticky Rice | milk | sugar | dried coconut | almonds |

get cookin'

Boil the rice. Once the rice cooked add milk and stir into soft paste. Mix shredded almond and coconut

and your dessert is ready. Enjoy! Psst! Switsh the milk with any plant milk and make it vegan!

vegan BLISS

Indian food is beyond easy to veganize! Enjoy!


shopping list


poha (rice flakes)



mustard seeds





how to make it

Put the Poha (rice flakes) in a strainer and wash it

through. No need to boil. Fry onion and potatoes with

oil in a pan. No need to boil the potato if diced into

small pieces. Add spices and mustard seeds, we highly

recommend turmeric, cumin, salt and coriander. Cook

with cover till the potato feels tender and add the

poha. Add diced tomato and pomegranate seeds last.

Drizzle lime on top and furnish with fresh coriander.

shopping list


sev puri!

dried chili

Potato & tomato


sev & Puri

tamarind paste Coriander leaves

garlic & onion

fresh mint leaves

how to make it

After a heavy breakfast, lunch consists of a light, but

absolutely epic street food snack! Place the puris (any

crispy Indian chip you can find) on a platter. Boil the

potatoes, dice them up and place on puris. Add chopped

onions and tomatoes. The chutneys are essential:

Red chutney: Grind dry red chilies and garlic in a mixer.

Green chutney: Grind mint and coriander leaves, lime and

preferred spices in mixer with just a little water.

Sweet chutney: Heat tamarind paste in pan with desired

spices and enjoy!

Add as much as you want on top of the puris. Sprinkle the

Sev (crispy dried vermicelli) and coriander leaves on top.


chana masala

A true classic, yet one of the absolute best recipes in the whole wide world if you ask us! Easy to make and

naturally vegan, this recipe will have your mouth water in no time! Enjoy your dinner!

shopping list




basmati rice

dried red chili

red onion




selection of spiceS

(no problem to skip a few):

turmeric anis seed cumin

curry leaves clove mustard seeds



garam masala (spice mix)

how to make it

Chop onion and chili, fry in pan with oil, minced ginger and a clove of garlic. Grind the tomatoes and add to the pan

before adding Indian spices of your choice. Coriander, garam masala, cumin, red chili powder and turmeric are all

fantastic for this. If you find dried anis seed, curry leaves, clove and cardamon in your local grocery store, add

them now. Let the mix be for a few minutes before adding the chickpeas. Stir and let rest on the stove on low

heat with a lid. Boil the basmati rice. Make thadka (tempering) and pour on top: Fry clove, cumin, curry leaves, anis

seed, turmeric, mustard seeds and dried red chili . Pour on top of the rice and serve sizzling hot. Cut tomato,

cucumber and red onion in slices and serve as a side dish together with lime.



There is no place on earth more diverse than

India and the same goes for its culture and

traditional heritage. From the home of ancient

yoga and meditation to the epicentre of modern

film making, creativity and glorious art, India is a

hub of inspiration and wisdom. Check out the

resources to dive into a world of complex history,

spendid colours and beautiful arts.


Books about India are as diverse as the country

itself! Most start out with Shantaram by Gregory

David Roberts, but make sure you also go these

ones a try:


a fine balance

Rohinton mistry

Mistry's depictions of India from the mid 70s until

the Emergency of 1884 represent pure magic!

You will feel so in one with this country and its

people that you'll never put the book down.

The god of small things

Arundhati ROy

"A few dozen hours can affect the outcome of

whole lifetimes". The flow of words in this book

fall like pearls on a string. A beautiful novel

touching upon the caste system and its effect on

Indian society.

train to pakistan

Khushwant Singh

A must read for those looking to understand

theIndian independence and the complex

relation between India and Pakistan, its closest

neighbour and once part of the same land.

GET inspired!

Bollywood grooves

Check out these 8 epic Bollywood movies to fuel your

virtual Indian adventure! Click here and enjoy!

thoughts on humanity, fame and love

Watch this absolutely beautiful TED talk by Shah Rukh

Khan, one of India's most popular movie stars. This talk

represents pure wisdom straight from the heart.

wanna dig really deep?

If you really aim to learn about Indian society, check out

Satyamev Jayate: A documentary and talkshow series

discussing challenges in the Indian society and their

potential solutions.




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