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Platform for digital certificates<br />


An award for successfully<br />

attaining learning outcomes<br />

An edubadge <strong>en</strong>ables stud<strong>en</strong>ts or workers to show<br />

that they have achieved a certain set of knowledge or<br />

skills during a period of formal accredited education<br />

or during a period of non-formal learning.<br />

A single platform for<br />

Dutch education<br />

An edubadge is issued in an online format<br />

within a secure, trusted platform. The national<br />

platform makes it possible to compare,<br />

exchange and combine <strong>edubadges</strong>.<br />

Lifelong learning<br />

The knowledge and skills that a stud<strong>en</strong>t or<br />

worker has acquired will be visible in their personal<br />

backpack, where they can collect their <strong>edubadges</strong>.<br />

An edubadge can be shared with and verified<br />

by employers or learning institutions.<br />


1 2 4 5<br />

3<br />

Create<br />

Each institution can devise<br />

and develop its own <strong>edubadges</strong>.<br />

It can th<strong>en</strong> involve<br />

teachers and stud<strong>en</strong>ts.<br />

Apply Issue Share Verify<br />

A stud<strong>en</strong>t can<br />

apply for an<br />

edubadge online.<br />

The teacher or administrative staff<br />

th<strong>en</strong> assesses the application.<br />

The edubadge will be issued if<br />

the stud<strong>en</strong>t meets the criteria.<br />

Wh<strong>en</strong> the stud<strong>en</strong>t receives an edubadge,<br />

they save it in their personal <strong>edubadges</strong><br />

backpack, where they can share it digi tally<br />

with employers or other institutions.<br />

External parties, such as employers<br />

and institutions, can view any edubadge<br />

that has be<strong>en</strong> shared with them<br />

and verify its auth<strong>en</strong>ticity.

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