church news - Herbert W. Armstrong

church news - Herbert W. Armstrong

VOL. XI, NO. 12

ECONOMIC SUMMIT - U.S. Pres ident Ronald Reagan (left) strolls with

Helmu t Koh l. c hancellor of West Germany, at the Summit of Ind ustrialized

Nations in Williamsburg, Va , May 28·30. (See "Worldwatch," pag e 2.)

(Pho to by Bundesbildstelle Bonn - Color Press]


College announces honors'lists

PASADENA - Ambassador

College here released the chancellor's

and dean's lists for the spring

semester. 1983.

The chancellor's list recognizes

students with a 3.2 or bette r cumulative

grade point average for at least

two consecuti ve semest ers. T he

dean's list recognizes those who

have achieved a 3.2 average for one


Chancello r's list

Duane Abler. Cindy Acheson.

Greg Achte michuk, Heather Aikins.

All swe ll Al alib o, Ke lly

Ambrose. Ma rk Andreas . Jo hn

Andrews. Gloria Angel. Darcy Ashcroft.

Sandra Atkinson. Maryse

Au doin .

Linda Bakken. Ste phen Baranaskas.

Nigel Bearman. Renae Bechthold.

Ian Bell. Kathleen Bellamy,

Kenneth Bellamy. Michael Benjegerdes,

Kevin Blackburn. Donna

Bock. Mark David Bogdanchik.

Sandi Borax. Bertha Brandon. Carol

Bricker. Denise Browne. Norman

Brumm. Debbie Burbach. Robert

Burbach. Kathy Burch. Randall


Cheryl Campbell, Gary Campbell.

Jeffrey Caudle. Helen Chandler.

Karen Childers. Eli Chiprout,

Frank Clancy. Craig Clark. Joan

Clark. Mardy Cobb, Christi Cole.

Terri Conti. Tim Crabb, Ja mes

Cribbs. Bruce Dague. Belinda Davies.

Connie Deily. Mark Dixon. Bermevon

Dizon. Nancy Donnell. Dan

Dragt, Marguerite Dubois, Marjelaine

Dubois. Marlene Ducker.

Raynard Eddings. Peter Eddington.

Drew Efirnov. Alex Evdokias,

Steven Falk, Jeffrey Fall. Pam Fannin.

Salvatore Fanoross, Kerry Flaman.

William Flaman. Josef For-

son. Susan Francis. Wade Fra nsse n,

Scott Friesen. Daniel Girouard.

Scott Gjesvcld. Frankie Gomer.

Millie Gonzalez, Philip Gray. Colleen


Becky Harden. Amy Hargarten.

Lisa Harkins. Ann Hays. David

Hillman. Roger Hooper. Phillip

Hop wood . Jea n How ie. Holly

James. Kay Je rmakcwicz, Annette

Johnson, Bob Jo nes, Soc ra tes

Karagia nnidis, Joel King, Susan

Kipfer. Merry Knowlton. Cheryl

Lamore. Gerard Landret h, Saul

Langa rica, Eric Larison. Linda Lee.

Karen Leverett . Donna Levoir,

Michael Limanni. Linda Webber


John Mabry, Doug Maclj onald,

Ant hony Ma rcinelli, Joseph Martire.

Carolyn Matthe ws. Michael

McAlli ste r. Phillip McColl um,

Paula Mcf-all, Randall McGowen,

Bruce McN air, Joseph McN air,

Timothy McQuoid. Robert Meade.

Sherri Means. Joel Meeker. Daniel

Metz, Kim Meyerdierks, Bradley

Mitchell. Glenn Mitchell. Jeffrey

Mitchell. Michael Mitchell, Sheldon

Monson, Owen Morr is, Julie

Muenster, Victoria Murney. Eric

Nelson. Kate Ne lson.

Keith Olson. Armando Olvera.

Bob Orosz. Miriam Overton. Lee

Page. William Palmer. Ardys Parman.

Gregory Peitz. Dennis Pelley.

Brenda Peterson, Michele Petty.

Bria n Phipps. Mark T. Porte r,

Liane Proulx, Brenda Purkapile,

James Ramsay. Emily Raynes. Carla

Reinagel. George Relic, Daniel

Reyer, Lynn Reyngoudt , Michael

Rice. Lori Riddle, Mary Riner. Joel

Rissinger. Robert Rodzaj, William

Rogers. Dena Rolle r. Kathl een

Rcys, Doug Rum!.

Kath y Sarfert.Step hen Schemm.


J UNE 13, 1983

Handicappedyouths learn skills

at education centerin Jordan

By Jelf ZOOr..

PASA DENA - T he 1983-84

school year at the Young Women's

Mus lim Association Special Education

Center in AI Bunyat, Jordan,

should be an outstanding experience

for the mentally hand icapped students

repor ted Dick Weber, who

works at the center on behalf of the

Ambassado r Foundat ion.

" For instance. some of the handicapped

are not famil iar with modern

electric appliances," Mr. Weber

said J une 3 during a visit here . " So

when they flip the switch on a power

machine like a drill press or shaper,

it will be an experience for them ."

"I used safety guard s and power

feeds and modified some machines

to make them safe. so the student s'

hands will be as far away from danger

as possible," Mr. Weber commented.

When Pastor General Herber t

W. Armstrong approved the Jordan

program last July II. Joseph locke.

principal of Imperial Schools here.

was named director. "The purpose

of the vocational program is to help

students acquire a skill at which

they can work." said Mr. Locke.

"Jordan has virtually no unemployment.

sothe three-year vocational

program at the Bunyat Center

should helpjhem fi'ldjobs:;"Mr" ,

Weber said. " Employer prospects

Ma nuela Schlief. ChristineSchlote.

Norbert Schneider. Diane Schne pper.

Sarah Segers. Sio Ching Shia,

Sio Ou i Sh ia, Joe Sle vin. Lisa

Sproue , Jeffrey Stafford . Barr y

Sta hl. Garry Steadman. Ramona

Stephens. Amy Stoner. Linda Strelow.

Wendy Styer. John Sullivan.

Susan Sutte r.

Lisa Tanksley. Ken Tate. Karen

Thomas. Rosem ar y Th ompson,

Roxanne T idm ore. Kimberly

Tompsett, Gayle T ravis. Ruth

T raynor, Cliffton Veal. David ve enich,

Lana Walker. Robert Walker.

Wanda Waller. Peggy Warkent in,

Wesley Webster. Michael Wells.

Laura White. Karen Woodbridge.

Perry Worthen, Deborah Wright.

Agnes Youngblood. Claire Yourassoff.

Dean's list

Cindy M. Acheson. Greg T. Achternichuk,

Heather Aikins. Allswell

S. Alalibo, Charles Albrecht. Kelly

I. Ambrose, Debra Anderson, Mark

D. Andreas. Emmanuel Andrews.

J ohn E. Andrews. C hery l W.

Andrusko, Gloria G. Angel. Camille

L. Angus, Jen nifer D. Atkinson,

Sandra D. Atk inson, Maryse


David Baker . Linda Bak ken .

Stephen L. Baranaskas. DaleJ . Barta.

Nigel S. Bearman. Renae S.

Bechthold. Ian A. Bell. Kathleen J .

Bellamy. Kenne th M. Bellamy.

Michael Benjeg erdes, Rose M.

Bennett . Darrell Bentley, Kevin H.

Blackburn. Wayne A. Blankenship,

Mar k David Bcgdanchik, Sandi

Bor ax, Ber th a Brandon, Carol

Bricker. Denise Browne. Chris

Brumm. Norman A. Brumm. Sandra

J. Buffington. Debbie Burbach,

lSee HONORS, page 3)

look promising already. especially

sincethe minister of information told

methere is nothing like this [the vocationalsection)inallofJordan."

Sept. 8 Mr. Locke, Mr. Weber,

his wife Pat and daughter Stacy and

Greg Achtemichuk, a Pasadena

Ambassador College student. traveled

to AI Bunyat, soutbwest of

Amman. where Mr. Weber and Mr.

Locke planned educational courses

in carpentry and other construction

and maintenance trades with Ghusoon

Karah , director of Bunyat Center.

(See "Jordan Project 'Moving

Ahead: •• WN . Sept. 13, 1982.)

Since then Mr. Weber has been

remodeling the vocational section of

the Bunyat Center and instructin g

the youths in the use and safety of

tools and equipment.

While in Pasadena the Webers

made plans for the 1983-84 school

year. devised budgets and schedules.

made travel arrangements and

attended the May 30 through June9

Ministerial Refreshing Program.

Mr. Weber said equipment has

been purchased to teach arts and

crafts. horticulture.masonry.carpen ­

try, window washing. home economicsand


Within Bunyat Center are three

divisions: presch ool, classes for

those age 6 to U and the vocational


Eight Pasadena Ambassador students

were selected to aid in the Jordanian

program. after they completed

a special education class at

Ambassador taught by Mr. Locke

and Imperial vice principal Robert

Co te. The stu dents are J ohn

A ndrews. Da ve Baker . Bru ce

Dague. Stan Daniel. Keith Olson.

Ramona Chitwood. Anita Wilson

PASADENA - "The brethren

living in Spain and Portugal now

understand what it is like to have a

minister." said Fernando Barriga.

pastor of the Mexicala and Tijuana,

Mexico. churches.


Mr. Barriga and hiswifevisited the

brethren in Portugal. Spain and the

Canary Islands. which belong to

Spain, April 20 to May 19. Mr. Barrigasaid:"The

purpose of the trip was

not like my visits in the past. Idid not

baptize any people. The trip was

mainly to be with the brethren toconfirmtheir


and Cat hy McNeil.

The group will fly to Amman

Aug. 21 to be teachers' aides. helping

instruct courses in physical educat

ion. music, hor tic ultu re and

other subjects and working with

preschoolchildren. Mr. Weber said.

Most willatt end the Feast in Jerusalem.

"Mr. Armstrong's visit in mid­

March was one of the bighlights of

the year." said Mr. Weber. who

added tha t Jordan's Princess Sarvath

regularly conducts meetings at

the center. Bunyat Center is one of

the princess' special projects.

" Rosalyn Carter. the former

First Lady of the United States. and

the Dutchess of Kent visited us this

year." said Mrs. Weber. " and Dick

gave them a tour through the vocational

area," The Bunyat Center is a

" pilot project of what's being done

in the field: '

Mr. locke remarked that. initially.

one official from Jordan was

apprehensive about the program,

but now is " 100 percent behind and

just overwhelmed about the work

Mr. Weber has done." said Mr.

Locke. _

Whe n the st udents arr ive in

August. their atti tude of giving and

serving will help immensely. said

Mr. Weber. "The biggest reason

1983-84 is going to be a success is

because of the presence of Ambassador

students living God's way ­

people notice th at and greatly

appreciate it." he added.

"In Jordan we miss our family.

church services and friends." said

Mr. Weber. " but working there has

been exciting and interesting ­

most of all. though. it's for God's


Minister visits members

in Spain and Portugal

Except for Mr. Barriga's annual

visit and the Feast of Tabernacles.

the only contact the brethr en there

have with a minister is by letter.

The members in Spain and Portugal

are scattered. Usually the only

timethe brethren meet together is for

the FeastofTa bernacies.Seven mernberslivein

Portugaland 17inS pain.

"One man told me that he was


and the Feast of Tabernacles.

When a person really anticipates the

Sabbath. heisonthe right track."

Mr. Barriga said that five members

are distri buting Pura Verdad

(Spanish Plain Truth) subscription

cards in four Spanish cities. A Pura

Verdad advertisement ran in the

Iberian editionof the Jun e Reader's


Mr. Barriga said that the Feast of

Tabe rnacles will take place in Cullera,

Spain. this year. Spa nishspeaking

transfers are welcome; no

translations will be offered. Brethren

will stay in the Hotel Sicania, a

four-star hotel on the Mediterranean

coast. Room and board for

eight days is $150 a person. Room

and board for children under 12 is

$26 .50 . For more inform ation.

write to Fernando Barriga. Box

1323, Chula Vista, csnr.,92012.

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