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CEN AUS Q3 2017


SPRING 2017 Contents 24 FROM THE EDITOR REGULARS 28 CONTRIBUTORS BLACKBOOK 60 STYLE & BEAUTY 31 31 CONTINENTAL SHIFT Outstanding hotels and resorts are springing up all over sub-Saharan Africa 38 CHECKING IN Sumptuous villas adding a patina of luxe to already enticing establishments 40 RIVIERA REVERIE Openings on the Côte d‘Azur show the revered coast at its most stunning 48 AMERICAN WILD Some remote areas of the US just became a little more accessible 50 BAY OF PLENTY Once a hippy hangout, Byron Bay is enjoying a change of image 54 GLOBAL GOURMAND A French classic updated and beef in Barcelona, plus epicurean tomes 58 HELICOPTER HIGHS The latest advanced iterations from a trio of aviation masters 48 60 Elie Saab made an immediate impact in Paris with the exquisite ornateness of his gowns 72 Creative Hub, 60 69 PLUS 59 CRIMSON TIDE Red is the colour for a selection of eye-catching footwear for her 60 CREATIVE HUB From Beirut to Bel Air, Lebanese designers are whipping up a storm 64 BLOOM TIME The rose recaptures its essence at the heart of some beguiling new scents 60 66 IN THE BAG Hermès‘ Birkin special-edition print is a multicoloured marvel ART & DESIGN 69 CULTURAL CACHE The burgeoning appeal of Jean-Michel Basquiat and the work of Wim Delvoye 72 ALL ABOUT RESIN Versatile and flexible, the all-purpose material knows no bounds CENTURION IN FOCUS: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL REAL ESTATE MARKET 103 PHOTOS CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: DOOK, © LILY GABRIELLA, © ELIE SAAB, © NATHALIE TRAD, GIANNIS VASTARDIS, © ANDY MARTIN, KODIAK GREENWOOD