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Get > 350% more leads for your PDF brochures. Instantly gain more customers and readers through top rankings on Google & Co.

In just a few seconds, create an AI-bot optimized, SEO-friendly, interactive, digital ePaper, flipbook, brochure, catalog or magazine.

Your ePaper automatically receives new customers/readers through many free SEO-Backlinks.

Get > 350% more leads for your PDF brochures. Instantly gain more customers and readers through top rankings on Google & Co.

In just a few seconds, create an AI-bot optimized, SEO-friendly, interactive, digital ePaper, flipbook, brochure, catalog or magazine.

Your ePaper automatically receives new customers/readers through many free SEO-Backlinks.

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Creating an ePaper – it's really that easy!


Upload PDF

Select your PDF file and upload it via drag & drop.



HTML-Rendering streams and optimizes loading times. An AI-bot structures the data for search engines and transforms your PDF into an SEO-friendly, interactive ePaper.


Publish & Share

Your ePaper will automatically be in the Google top index within a few hours of activation/publishing and will continuously provide new customers/readers.

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Your Media Publisher - YUMPU

The unique and award-winning publisher solution automatically and continuously delivers many new customers/readers to you for free.

Immediately after publishing, your ePaper will be indexed by Google and through numerous valuable SEO-backlinks, your publication will gain the power of top rankings in the categories/topics determined by artificial intelligence (AI bot).

In addition, we publish your publication to 500 million annual ePaper readers/interested parties on YUMPU (Your Media Publisher).

Lean back and be amazed as your PDF content attracts new prospects every day.

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ePaper Software makes PDF files more attractive and interactive.

Flip, swipe, slide or scroll through your interactive ePaper. Set the desired display and enjoy the WOW effect.

Multimedia content, social media sharing, zooming, searching and dozens of other benefits compared to traditional static PDF files.

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Would you like even more customers, sales and prospects for your business?

All your documents in one convenient online kiosk. Or as an automated app solution for IOS and Android? The main thing is to reach more customers for you, your brand and your publications. Market publications and advertising space in your kiosk and tap into international revenue streams.

Embed your ePaper into your website with just a few clicks. Instead of or alongside your traditional PDF download, generate many additional leads.

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Via QR Code, each issue or collection gains additional potential for greater visibility beyond your website. Ideal for integration into emails or local touchpoints.

The Media Publisher transforms your PDF into SEO-friendly, optimized, interactive ePaper with significantly greater reach and a sales-promoting kiosk.



  • Up to 10 magazines

  • Conversion PDF to ePaper

  • Responsive design

  • Adjustable reading mode

  • Platinum server hosting

  • Worldwide availability

  • Page flip effect

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All Free Features plus:

  • Free trial version *

  • No 3rd party ads

  • Search engine indexing

  • Visibility settings

  • Player branding

  • Multimedia elements

  • Analytics

  • Integration into websites

  • Individual QR codes

  • SEO backlinks

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APP- &


  • New revenue streams

  • Shop system

  • IOS & Android app

  • Push notifications

  • Read preview setting

  • Own subdomain (add-on)

  • Own corporate design (add-on)

  • VIP Support

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Prices and more info

Many additional options - API interface

With the API, you can integrate useful functions into your business processes and applications.


ePaper tuning made easy

Endless variety of Embed styles

Choose from numerous templates for the perfect embedding of your flipbook. For example, a bookshelf on your website or a fully-fledged embed in your web shop.

Complete visibility control

Whether just hosting or publishing as well: you decide whether your publications may be downloaded, shared or made accessible only on a certain group of people.

Innovative Reader

Navigation made easy: showcase your PDF for flipping through or create a document for scrolling, swiping or sliding. Everyone gets the freedom of choice with the innovative reader from YUMPU.


Share your flipbook on social media by posting it on social media or sending it via email. Get more readers and be celebrated by your audience.

More traffic through valuable linking

Your publication is analyzed by artificial intelligence and structured. It receives tags (suitable keywords) and is connected to hubs (collections) with other publications. This gives your content many valuable do-follow SEO backlinks that brings your content to the top rankings on Google.

Total multimedia

Make your flipbook an experience! Embed video into your PDF, audio into your PDF and add links to your offerings in your PDF.

Perfect view thanks to Zoom check

Define how detailed your flipbook should be displayed with the zoom settings: mobile, desktop, tablet – everything is optimized. Of course, in the best HD quality and sharpness.

Be present everywhere with your QR code

Link your flipbook with your personal QR code. This way, YUMPU brings your publications to the places of your choice and ensures quick access via smartphone – for example to your brochure or menu.

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Josef Steiner – Head of Online Marketing

With our own YUMPU kiosk, we were able to significantly increase the reach for our brochures within just a few days. The solution converted our PDF files, which were already created for print, into modern flipbooks web formats, that we could easily embed on our website.

That's why ePaper is better than PDF.

PDF files are usually large (several MB in file size). Search engines do not like to index this type of content due to poor loading times – especially on mobile devices. The long loading times often do not meet the necessary requirements of search engines. The result: No indexing and if so, no good ranking results. This means that you lose valuable potential. This can be avoided. >>>

The reach of your ePaper is a currency.

Profit from your PDF publications by transforming them into ePaper format. The traffic generated by your own website by the YUMPU ePaper delivers you a highly profitable ROI. Try it out here. >>

More visibility and leads on Google – completely organic.

The Media Publisher converts your PDF into SEO-friendly, rendered flipbooks. The content is compressed using streaming technology and is hosted on high-performance server, which guarantee the best loading times (even if it gets busy). The content is read by artificial intelligence and the resulting tags (relevant search terms) are intelligently linked in hubs (categories) and receive valuable, relevant SEO-backlinks. This brings your content to the top of Google and other search engines, automatically generating clicks and additional prospects. You can start here. >>

More readers – more chances for sales.

Your visibility and traffic are worth money. Become your own publisher and make your publications chargeable. Gain your own subscribers and open up further sources of revenue. We are happy to assist you. >>

An attractive presentation makes out of every reading an event.

Reading becomes enjoyable with an attractive presentation through flip, slide, swipe and scroll effects for double or single pages. Whether you want to create a flipbook from your PDF files, making it digitally browsable or prefer to offer the document for scrolling, swiping or sliding, it's entirely up to your taste and that of your readers. Do you want to see it? Click here. >>

Google-Power through link integration on your own website.

Embed links are a true visibility booster for Google, significantly increasing your website's visitor numbers and reading access. Google rewards the interaction between your ePaper and your website, which provides appropriate relevance, so that your content, when linked to the homepage, typically appears on the front page of Google within 2-3 days. We offer numerous templates for this. Boost your visibility now. >>

ePaper makes a PDF look outdated: interactive presentation and content.

One outstanding and clear advantage of an ePaper is multimedia at its best. With the hotspot editor, you can integrate and link media files such as videos, soundfiles, slideshows, images and links to your publications automatically or manually. Trying has never been more fun. >>

ePaper on social media.

You can link your ePaper to your social media channels at any time. This not only brings you more clicks and even more attention, but also likes and engagement. And best of all, potential readers also have an opportunity to share, providing even more visibility. Try it out for free here. >>

Email marketing meets ePaper marketing.

You can embed your ePaper in the footer of your emails and promote your publications with every newsletter or email you send out. All of this is completely paperless and environmentally friendly. Click here to see how it works. >>

Many publications? Take a look into our WEB- or APP-Kiosk.

With your own ePaper web kiosk, you can provide many PDF publications in a sorted and optimized way. Here, you can display complete collections in enhanced way and link them SEO-friendly with each other. And additional advantage over several individual embeddings is that you can display dozens of issues on one page without risking a loss of quality in loading time. This is important because optimal loading times are crucial for indexing on Google and other search engines. Get free hits now. >>

Promotion of publications via your own QR code.

Be visible everywhere – no problem: because we create automatically a QR code that leads directly to your publications, thus ensuring quick access via smartphone, for example, for your paperless brochure or menu. Interested? >>

Do you want even more traffic? How about using tags?

To further increase the reach of your print publications, describe them with your own “tags”. Our modern AI automatically suggest suitable tags for you. This way you get additional display alongside the offers of your competitors. Try it for free now. >>

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