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StoryFest 2018 – Programme Booklet

Workshops 12 Adapting

Workshops 12 Adapting Novels for Performance by Maimouna Jallow Fri, 1 June 2018, 2:00 4:00pm (10-min break) Living Room, The Arts House $20 How do you turn a book into a performance script? Explore the stepby-step process of adapting novels into performance. Discover the symbiotic relationship between written fiction and storytelling. Learn how to select literary works suitable for adaptation. Play with possibilities of music, song and dance to make the text come alive. Understand how to navigate permissions and rights. Story Play: Inspiration for Creative Storytelling by The Telling Theatre Sat, 2 June 2018, 2:00 4:00pm (10-min break) Living Room, The Arts House $20 Story Play was developed to share and refine personal stories through body, voice and presence. Story Play is based on five key stages of creating a story. Discover the ‘listener’, ‘carrier’, ‘opening’, ‘situation’ and ‘echo’ in developing your own personal narrative. A four year research experiment using the Story Play model concluded with the recognition of storytelling as a basic life skill. This in turn led to the integration of storytelling within the Danish education system. The Magic of Storytelling with Children by Mara Menzies Sat, 2 June 2018, 11:00am 1:00pm (10-min break) Blue Room, The Arts House $20 Stories have incredible influence over children and is an excellent conduit to a multitude of important skills such as improved listening, vocabulary and expressive skills. Stories also help develop greater confidence, imagination and creativity in children. Learn practical tips and techniques on how to engage with young children. Understand strategies for story selection, audience participation and expressive storytelling. Recommended for: •• Teachers & Educators •• Artists •• Storytellers •• Writers •• Spoken Word Recommended for: •• Parents & Caregivers •• Teachers & Educators •• Counselling & Therapy •• Artists •• Storytellers •• Writers •• Community Facilitators Recommended for: •• Parents & Caregivers •• Teachers & Educators •• Counselling & Therapy •• Storytellers •• Librarians •• Community Facilitators

Collage as Storytelling: An Assembly of Senses by Emylia Safian Sat, 2 June 2018, 2:00 4:30pm (10-min break) Blue Room, The Arts House $25 (Inclusive of art materials, and a canvas to take home) A workshop exploring both mixed- and multi-media collages as a technique to weave personal stories with archetypal nature of mythological narratives, through an assemblage of different forms of fabric, paper and other ephemera. Engage in your personal creative process in this experiential workshop and discover the language of imagery through art-making and narratives. Bring home your original canvas artwork. Safe Space Stories Writing Stories in a Safe & Affirming Group by Paul Rozario-Falcone Sun, 3 June 2018, 10:00am 1:00pm (10-min break) Living Room, The Arts House $25 Experience the transformative Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) writing method. Find your voice within the setting of an affirming and non-judgemental space. Learn to write in short bursts of time using prompts (lines of poetry, images, physical objects, etc.). Listen to stories through group affirmation techniques of positive feedback. Understand how to listen with an open heart and mind to encourage each other as writers. A safe, affirming and encouraging space in which to write and share stories. Recommended for: •• Parents & Caregivers •• Teachers & Educators •• Counselling &Therapy •• Community Facilitators •• Storytellers •• Writers •• Artists 13