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Taxi Times International - March 2015 - English

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CONTENT u p d t e Update

CONTENT u p d t e Update yourself on different forms of 'New Mobility' Details and registration on Political options and choices in a new era aAmsterdam, a great destination for a two-day networking opportunity Taxis & FHV new horizons for operations, design and technology Extensive information and discussion sessions save the dates ! 23-24 April 2015 DEAR TAXI-FRIENDS, Were you a bit shocked to see this month’s cover? We initially had the same feeling when our design agency showed us their cover proposal. None of the people you see working there is a taxi operator. They are all strangers to the profession and it is their interpretation of the change the taxi sector must make. The longer you look at the drawing, the clearer it becomes how the taxi industry will have to change in the coming months and years. To deal with these themes in one go, is impossible. But the first steps are being taken, that much is clear from various articles in this Taxi Times edition. Some are experimenting in the area of electro-mobility, others with the use of cashless payment systems. The entire taxi trade can profit from the outcome of these experiments and initiatives – as long as it remains connected. - the editors - DATES TAXIintell Update International Taxi & FHV Conference April 23–24, 2015, Amsterdam RAI TLPA Spring Conference & Expo April 29–May 2, 2015, San Diego (USA) International conference Modern Taxi II May 27–29, 2015, Novosibirsk, Russia 4. Norddt. Taxi- und Mietwagentag June 6, 2015, Hamburg Eurocab October 14–16, 2015, Antwerp, Belgium 7. Taxitreff 2015 (in German) Including Taxi Times workshop October 29–31, 2015, Mallorca Spain CHANGING TAXI TRADE 8 At TRB, the largest transport conference: focus on apps and autonomous driving 10 Al LaGasse interviewed: why the CEO of the American taxi and FHV-association TLPA is envious of Europe RADIO CIRCUITS 18 tests mobile payment TRADE FAIRS 16 More exhibitors for Salon des Taxi in Paris 17 Fresh start: Taxi World Turkey focused on national taxi market TAXI OF THE FUTURE 20 Electrotaxi-special, Part 3: the first results of the Mercedes Benz B-class Electric Drive-test COMPETITION 23 Betting on the battered boxer: Uber’s defeats don’t frighten its investors 24 Daimler and Uber – Connected via a Carpooling-portal 25 A start-up in the Big Company League. A bloated value? COMMENT 6 Our comment on a taxi trade which is so much more than just apps 22 Christoph M. Schwarzer: Why the first mass-produced hydrogenpowered vehicles should be used as taxis REGULAR ITEMS 7, 15 News 4 People 26 The Final TAXI MARCH / 2015 3

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