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Vinexpo Daily 2018 - Preview Edition

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Vinexpo Daily 2018 - Preview

PREVIEW EDITION THURSDAY 24 TH MAY 2018 LEVEL 1 ENTRANCE D DAILY EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Guillaume Deglise CEO, Vinexpo Group The range of wines and the expertise available is impressive and the opportunities to do business are almost limitless. See page 14 REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT ASIA CHINA – GLOBAL GROWTH DRIVER KOREA – THE REBOUND JAPAN – SPARKLING BOOM A REGION DRIVING GLOBAL DEMAND FOR WINE Go to page 17 SPECIAL FEATURE GASTRONOMY More and more restaurant owners, managers and chefs are turning to food and wine pairing to impress their guests. See page 16 TRADE TALK Alex Li CEO, Wajiu Wajiu uses Internet opportunities to improve wine industry efficiency. See page 13

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