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Vinexpo Daily - Day 4 Edition

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SPECIAL FEATURE: SWEET WINES Advertorial The Sweetness of the Jurançon Hills Foehn 2008 is a wine whose history dates back to the birth of good King Henri IV This sweet white from the Jurançon AOC is rendered golden by the Foehn effect (dry hot wind blowing from Spain), and consists of a blend of Petit Manseng and Gros Manseng grapes. Lively, elegant, fresh and airy, its aromas are exotic with confided notes. Rich and with good ageing potential, it can be enjoyed young owing to its freshness. With time, notes of honey, white truffle and a touch of walnut will appear. The vines grow on the Pyrenean Piedmont slopes, with amphitheatre-like terraces facing South. Climate is oceanic, cool and moist during the growing season. However, autumn is often dry and hot, thanks to Southern winds. The grapes are concentrated through drying on the vine, without rot. Harvested very late, the cold means these vine-dried grapes are preserved extremely well. This wine stands out due to its beautiful brilliant gold colour. It has an expressive aroma with depth and exotic notes (fresh pineapple, mango, etc.) and white truffle, as well as a touch of vanilla. The same is found in the mouth, where the balance between the sugar and acidity makes this sweet wine airy and fresh. Great with foie gras, chicken with pineapple, curry, roast chicken, cheeses (Pyrénées ewe-milk cheese, Cantal, Roquefort), desserts and fresh fruit tarts, crêpes, etc • Hall 1, Stand E324 SWEET SOUTH AMERICA Carole Renckert, Head of export, Cleebourg When we think of South American wines we quickly turn to big, luscious Argentine reds bursting with fruits and flavours or zingy, refreshing whites from cool climate Chile. But what Argentina, Chile and increasingly Uruguay all have in common is their ability to produce beautifully nuanced late harvest wines that offer a New World alternative to the sweet wines that usually dominate wine lists from Northern Europe. The battle for South American wine producers is always to battle and balance long hours of sunshine with careful vine and canopy management to create elegant wines, packed with acidity. Check out the late harvest wines being produced by esteemed Chilean producer, Errazuriz, like its cool climate Sauvignon Blanc (Hall 1, AB260) or Argentina’s Bodega Norton (Hall 1, E236) that has a wide range including Malbec, Rosé and Moscato styles • Stephanie Honig Producing Dessert in a Glass A Napa Valley based family-owned Honig Vineyard and Winery is primarily known for its dry Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, but the company also has a limited edition late harvest Sauvignon Blanc which is a real head-turner. Describing the wine, proprietor Stephanie Honig says, “Our property borders the Napa Valley River, so even though it’s a dry climate, there is some humidity there. When we pick the Sauvignon Blanc, we leave one block just hanging, and see what happens. Some years it gets Botrytus, and some years it doesn’t. It’s a risk we take, and seven years out of ten it works. The result is 200-300 cases. It has all the same characteristics of Sauterne, but there is no Semillon in the blend, so this is a much lighter wine.” This wine is sold primarily through restaurants to accompany desserts such as crème brulée, or to accompany wine platters. “It’s kind of like dessert in a glass”, quips Ms Honig with a smile • Discovering Cleebourg The wine cellars of Cleebourg, located within the Vosges Natural Park, 60 km north of Strasbourg, comprise all the winegrowers of Cleebourg and the four surrounding villages of Rott, Oberhofen les Wissembourg, Steinseltz and Riedseltz. The smallest cooperative in Alsace, Cleebourg is made up of about 180 winegrowers with 200 hectares of vineyards, where all types of Alsatian grape varieties are present, with a production of about 14,000hl per year. A favourite is the late harvest Pinot Gris - rich, and opulent, with fine aromas, from the hamlet of Himmrich. Here one can discover the best flavours of the terroir, as well as award-winning Gewurztraminers, not forgetting the organic wines of Domain Burger. 10% of the produce is exported – primarily throughout Europe, the USA and Asia • Hall 1, Stand DE177 Hall 1, Stand DE288 8 VINEXPO DAILY / DAY 4 EDITION / WEDNESDAY 21 st JUNE 2017

SPECIAL FEATURE: COCKTAILS Marie Brizard Looks to Capitalise on Big Demand for Frozen Cocktails Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits hopes new range extensions to its Fruits & Wine brand will help it strengthen and grow its position as the number one fruit based wine drink in France. The two different ranges of frozen pouch 200ml drinks – one with fruit based wines, the other a combination of cocktail mixes – are being pitched at the mainstream on and off-trade markets and are already on sale in France in leading chains such as Carrefour, but are also being pitched at the international market, particularly in Europe and Africa. Bees and Honey Combine for Joseph Cartron Burgundy liqueur distiller, Joseph Cartron, has introduced a Heather Flower Honey Liqueur which combines fresh honey that comes direct from heather flowers found on sand dunes within the Landes forest of Gascony in south west France. The honey is collected from over 300 beehives carefully located within the forest and has a unique spicy, woody flavour influenced by the trees of what is the largest maritime pine forest in Europe. The liqueur is made by combining the honey with pure alcohol with no other ingredients. The result is a sweet, aromatic liqueur with a dense nose of smoked peat, vanilla and beeswax. It is described as having a “remarkable freshness” on the palate and a long finish. Joseph Cartron’s Heather Honey Liqueur is available from July 1 in 500ml and 700ml bottles. It is also showing its Crèmes des Cassis de Bourgogne and its Crèmes de Fruits et Liqueurs de Création at the show • Hall 3, Stand R328 Exploring French Liqueurs and Creams Marie Brizard’s new fruit based wine range is being positioned as an alternative to fruit based beers with retailers encouraged to merchandise them side by side. It includes three choices: Rosé Grapefruit; White Peach; and Elderflower Lime and Mint. The cocktail range includes four mixes each endorsed either by the Marie Bizard brand name or an appropriate spirit. They are: Marie Brizard - Manza Nita (apple); Marie Brizard - Mojito (rum, lime, mint); Sobieski - Cosmopolitan (vodka, lime, triple sec, cranberries); and William Peel - Peel Cola (whisky, cola). Both ranges are made to be sold in ambient condition and need to be frozen for a minimum eight hours • Hall 1, Stand BD287 Distillerie de Miscault Devoille offers you the chance to explore the traditional spirits of the Burgundy- Franche-Comté region in France. It produces a wide range of products including 26 liqueurs as well as creams, cherries in brandy and gins. It handles and distills 500 tonnes of fruit and produces 400,000 bottles a year to be sold in France and its growing exports markets around the world. The distillery specialises in creating spirits and liqueurs where the emphasis is very much on expressing the natural fruits that help bring out the flavours in its classic fruit styles, such as William pear, raspberry, Mirabelle plum, poppy, or its new rhubarb liqueur flavour. These are best shown in its fine liqueur range that include tangerine, ginger and génépi. Its wider liqueur and creams range are also popular with mixologists and bars as they are ideal as base spirits in cocktails • Hall 1, Stand E208-1 Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits group is attending the 19 th edition of Vinexpo Bordeaux. Welcome to our booth to live abold and savory experience Hall 1 - BD287 VINEXPO DAILY / DAY 4 EDITION / WEDNESDAY 21 st JUNE 2017 9