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Museum Vakdagen Magazine 2018


DORFMAN MUSEUM FIGURES, INC. Realistic Figures since 1957. Conservation Forms since 1996. © Airborne & Special Ops Museum © McKinley Presidential Library © Birmingham Museum of Art © Airborne & Special Ops Museum Dorfman Conservation Forms created exclusively with Ethafoam® brand inert polyethylene foam. Baltimore, MD, USA tel. 001 410 284 3248

Dorfman Museum Figures, Inc. 2017 marked Dorfman Museum Figures’ 60th year of providing ultra Realistic Figures to the museum community, helping to keep history alive, dynamic and relevant! Originally specializing in creating life-size, life-like realistic figures for museums, DMF has sculpted over 840 heads that provides us with a mold inventory with which we have (and can continue to) create thousands of figures for museums, visitor centers, design /exhibit companies, corporate entities, and private collectors. We routinely add new sculpted heads every year to our inventory, working from historic reference images, or contemporary photographs, and then cast these in either vinyl plastic or silicone. We then complete the assembly of the heads and hands onto our Flexible Foam, Military Man, or Custom-Crafted body types. Or we may sell our Heads and Hands individually for retrofitting onto a client’s existing body. Driven by our client’s needs for display and storage of high value artifact garments, costumes, uniforms, and clothing, we developed and launched our second product line, the artifact appropriate Conservation Forms in 1996. This comprehensive line of conservationally-sound forms are made from Ethafoam®, an Oddy-tested, inert polyethylene foam. These Forms use no glues or adhesives, and are widely recognized as safe and compatible with artifacts. We offer a broad line of Conservation Forms at different price points, including full-bodied Ethafoam® Men and Women Figures, Dress and Suit Forms, Thin Chest Mounts, stylized featured and featureless Head Mounts, and our Classic Adjustable Conservation Forms. These Forms are covered with 3 artifact-safe stockinette coverings: the standard white, and the upgraded gray or black. But we also offer a wider color palette of cover fabrics made of a blend of 80% nylon and 20% elastane (spandex) to suggest ethnicity, or to provide a contrasting splash of color for more contemporary clothing exhibition. Our Realistic Figures and Conservation Forms have shipped to over 35 countries worldwide, on five continents. And some of our Conservation Form products are available exclusively through PEL (Preservation Equipment Ltd - in the UK, and ProMuseum (http://www. in France, Belgium, and Italy. We are continually adding to our line of products. So if you don’t see what you need, please contact us, and let us know what we can do for you! 35

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