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Welding and cutting technology

Manual Metal Arc Welding

Manual metal arc welding is often called manual electric welding, stick or MMA welding. It is the oldest and most

versatile form of arc welding. The electric arc is set up between a coated welding electrode and the work piece.

The metallic core of the coated welding electrode melts in the arc and becomes the molten weld pool drop by drop.

A portion of the coating stabilizes the arc and provides the required gas protection.The rest of the coating forms a slag

that protects the weld pool and the cooling seam from the atmosphere. This slag must be removed after each welding


There are hundreds of different types of electrodes. The strength and toughness of the weld seam can be determined

very precisely by their alloying elements.

MMA welding is mostly used on steel based materials. Despite its comparatively low deposition rates the process has

unbeatable advantages when welding outdoors and in hard to reach places

ArcPlus II

No more spatter with ArcPlus

ArcPlus allows welding without spatter even with difficult electrodes.

The restriking of the arc has been greatly improved, especially with basic electrodes.

Through ArcPlus II the welding current that is required for a stable process is

also less than that required by conventional units


TIG welding with manual metal arc or MAG units often fails due to the arc striking method.

LiveTig provides a reliable striking procedure for the TIG welding process,

which is gentle on the electrodes.

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