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Vaughn Greenhill In the seven years that Vaughn has been with Phillip Johnson Landscapes, the company has doubled in size and established itself as a pioneering firm in the horticultural industry, and more broadly, as an ambassador agency for the urban environment concern. GENERAL MANAGER PHILLIP JOHNSON LANDSCAPES “in the past 12 months at Phillip Johnson Landscapes we have had some amazing design work to focus on. Our residential work throughout the country has been steady, whilst successfully adapting our residential product to large scale commercial and government projects. This means our commitment to working with nature to green our cities now has a much broader impact. We are investing heavily in forever changing the pool industry in Australia, establishing the first Natural Pool peak body in this country - our ultimate aim is to see every backyard and commercial pool being a natural one.” Vaughn’s focus has been working with Phillip to bring innovation to their product offering, realized in projects such as the Chelsea Flower Show wining Gold and Brest-in-show at the 100th year anniversary of the event. Focus on dedicated design and landscape architecture solutions; and building the foundation for Phillip Johnson Landscapes to be the Australian leaders in natural pool design and construction. Vaughn is committed to growing the business’ residential work on a national level, to foster biodiversity and sustainability “one backyard at a time”; as well as working with government and commercial partners to create a new approach towards public open spaces. This philosophy centres on designing “with nature and water” to create self-sustaining, energizing landscapes that don’t require mains power or water. Vaughn combines the white-collar business skills he developed during his 14 year career in IT and Project Management with his passion for the landscaping trade in his current role as General Manager at Phillip Johnson Landscapes. Joining the business in 2008, it was Phillip’s mantra of “working with nature, and not against it” that rang true with Vaughn, as well as the philosophies and practice of sustainable and indigenous design. After completing his horticultural studies, Vaughn started his own landscaping business in 2003, and later joined the Landscape Industry Association of Victoria (now Landscaping Victoria) in 2007. A turning point in his horticulture career, 2007 also saw him take a role at drug and alcohol rehab centre, Odyssey House – where he championed the design, implementation and delivery of a horticulture training program. The therapeutic benefits of working with horticulture are enormous, for both teacher and students. Vaughn was appointed to the Landscaping Victoria Board in September 2011 and is currently executive administrator for that board. Vaughn now leads a team of 16 members at Phillip Johnson Landscapes, and is committed to constant industry leading innovation, and to best practice construction methods in every project that bares the Phillip Johnson brand.