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CEN AUS Q1 2018

Limited Edition

Limited Edition Exclusively for CENTURION MAGAZINE Lotusier presents the “Noire” Tea Humidor An exclusive opportunity to acquire a unique version of Lotusier‘s meticulously crafted tea-preserving box. Comprising 20 distinct components, created by master artisans in France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland, the Humidor has been specially designed to enhance the preservation and presentation of tea. The Humidor contains an innovative two-way humidification system, hand-blown crystal containers, hygrometers and a thermometer – all of which allow up to six different teas to be stored in individually optimal conditions. Now just 25 Limited Edition ”Noire“ Humidors with a refined sunbeam pattern – created from 54 carefully curated pieces in midnight-black sycamore wood – will be handmade exclusively for Centurion Magazine readers. Not available elsewhere, and bearing a personalised, artful inscription for each owner, every Humidor will be a truly unique and collectable objet d’art. Limited to 25 pieces Priced at £14,000 excl. shipping (approx. AU$25,000) TO ACQUIRE THIS RARE ITEM, AS WELL OTHERS PROFFERED EXCLUSIVELY FOR CENTURION MEMBERS, VISIT CENTURION-MAGAZINE.COM/LIMITED-EDITIONS. YOUR LOGIN CODE: RL15CM


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