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Present your magazines to your readers with an unlimited number of pages

Publish your magazines and reach the widest possible audience. The number of pages per magazine is unlimited.

Multimedia is already available in the FREE version

Your online magazine can be much more! By adding multimedia content, like videos, image galleries or links to your online shop, your online magazine gets a true added value.

Distribute your magazine all over the world wide web

Win more readers for your online magazine on your website, your blogs or by using social media, like Facebook. Or even by sending newsletters.

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Reach more readers with online magazines – no print and postage costs.

Our online magazine software is everything you need to convert and publish your magazines online. Your magazines get published immediately on Yumpu and is easy to implement on your website or blog.

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Many free advantages with Yumpu FREE

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Reach millions of readers

On Yumpu.com you present your magazine to the a big community of interested readers. Your magazine can easily be found by users because of links within Yumpu.

Search enginge marketing

If you are not indexed on Google, you will not be found. Although search engine marketing could be so easy: Upload your PDF on Yumpu.com and get listed on search engines immediately.

Share on Facebook&Co

Yumpu offers a lot of possibilities to share your magazine online. Social media, like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest is just one of many options.

Developer API in the FREE version

Import and export – anybody can do that. But with the API of Yumpu and the PHP library, professional programmers also have everything to start their next amazing project with Yumpu.
Go to the Yumpu developer section.

7 exciting solutions to present your magazine everywhere.

The implementation of your magazine on your website or blog has never been so simple. But there's more! Watch further ideas in the video. And the best of it: You do not need any technical skills.

Your magazine can be so much more!

With just one click you can implement videos, image galeries or music into your magazine. Link products directly to your online shop. No problem with the hotspot editor of Yumpu.

Get your FREE plan now and publish your PDFs online. For free.

Check out these online magazines:

Tischler Reisen

All catalogs of the austrian tour operator Tischler Reisen can be viewed online. The costs for print and dispatch for more than 4600 travel agencies can be reduced massively.


Always up-to-date. AJOURE engages their readers by showcasing their monthly issues using Yumpu.


Accessible at any time, and everywhere. SPORTaktiv’s publications are optimized for every device – PC, tablet or smartphone – thanks to Yumpu’s mobile player.

Yumpu has the perfect solution for your business.

Compare FREE with the further options of the adFREE plan.

FREE plan

  • With ads, but therefore free

    With Yumpu FREE you can convert your PDF documents into digital magazines. You do not have any restricting limits with regards to the pages per magazine and your magazines stay online as long as you want them to. To make that possible advertisements will be displayed in and beneath the magazines.

  • Many basic functions

    You already get the most important functions with the FREE plan. Upload and publish magazines, edit title, description and tags and with the help of the hotspot editor you can implement multimedia content, like video or audio files.

  • Instant rendering

    Don't worry about the quality of your magazine. All uploaded PDFs are converted into high-quality e-papers by using our modern render technology.

  • Embed wizard

    You get all the embed types of Yumpu. Make use of the different options to implement your magazine on your website. Embed the whole magazine with turning pages, link with a button to your magazine or present more magazines in a shelf.

  • Lightning-fast HTML5 and flash player

    To present your magazine as fast and as beautiful as possible Yumpu makes use of its own HTML5 and flash player which is in no way inferior to comparable players.

adFREE plan

  • No ads and foreign magazines

    To present your magazines in a professional way, recommended magazines of other users and advertisements are not published within an adFREE plan. Only your magazines are displayed in you userhub. Of course you can deactivate this solution.

  • 30 additional functions

    Besides all the features of the FREE plan you get 30 additional features for professional publishing. From the possibility to upload new revisions of already created magazines to a comfortable download function of PDFs for your readers - all your whishes come true.

  • HD instant rendering

    High resolution images and sharp texts are part of the adFREE plan. All your magazines are rendered in HD quality and offer your readers the best experience in digital reading.

  • Open embed directly in fullscreen

    While the fullscreen button of the FREE plan only opens the magazine on Yumpu, your readers can open the magazine directly on your website in fullscreen mode. Therefore the website doesn't has to be changed. Enjoy the magazine in full size.

  • Adaption of logo and player

    Personalize your magazines to show to the user which magazine he or she is reading at the moment. You have the option to replace the logo of Yumpu with your own logo. If you do not want to use any logo, you can deactivate the branding of Yumpu and get a whitelabel solution.

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