Your own online kiosk white-label solution

The WEBKiosk presents all your publications on one webpage. User can read and switch through them live.

Your own domain

Present yourself independent and unique with an own domain for your WEBKiosk. Any connection to Yumpu must not be visible.

Huge amount of traffic for your kiosk

With the possibility to set up your WEBKiosk under your own domain you will be able to secure a huge amount of organic traffic from search engines.

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WEBKiosk in your own design

Your own kiosk in the world wide web with your own design.

You have the total freedom to design your WEBKiosk to your preferences. Adapt the layout, logo, colors, typography and content of your kiosk. Every WEBKiosk can have its own completely independent design.

And best of all: You don't need any technical skills. By using the drag&drop-editor the creation of a kiosk is like a child's play.

WEBKiosk – explained fast and simple

With power features and an easy handling Yumpu WEBKiosk is an essential product to present several magazines under one internet address. The following video shows how to use the WEBKiosk.

Get your WEBKiosk now and start publishing professionally.


Your WEBKiosk is available under your own web address if you wish to. Yumpu must not be shown anywhere and works completely as white label solution.


To be more present on search enginges, like Google, you can set different settings for search enginges.


Get an higher traffic on your website or WEBKiosk by the use of backlinks.

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Link WEBKiosk

Call attention to yourself. With your WEBKiosk.

Your magazines and catalogs don't disappear in recycle bins of users, instead your publications are available live and all the time.

Link directly to your WEBKiosk from your social media platforms and your website. Also your business partners can link to your WEBKiosk and offer customers the latest issues and offers.

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CSS features of the WEBKiosk

With just a few simple clicks you adjust color settings. Your WEBKiosk will match with your corporate design. Define colors for backgrounds, texts and headlines, buttons and further more elements.

Additional you've the opportunity to enter color and CSS settings via code and write your own CSS.

CSS and WEBKiosk
Using drag&drop to create your WEBKiosk.
Layout to touch

It's so easy to create your WEBKiosk by using the drag&drop editor. Move and switch content elements.

As flexibel as the code itself

You've know-how about HTML and CSS? Of course you can create and design your WEBKiosk by using code.

Display advertisement

Sell advertising space on your WEBKiosk as additional source of income or promote your own products or offers.

Promote your app

You've your own app? Congratulation! Promote your app on your WEBKiosk with a smartbanner.

Content elements of the WEBKiosk

RSS Feed
RSS feed

Place the latest content on your WEBKiosk via RSS.


A navigation on your WEBKiosk let you link on sections within your WEBKiosk or extern on your website, blog or wherever you want to.


Insert content flexible with the use of HTML5.


Use the image element to place your logo, illustrations or images on your WEBKiosk page.


The user can read the magazine and switch through pages in the player.


Use the document element to insert the magazines which you like to present on the WEBkiosk.


Tags are words which user could use to look for your magazines. By defining them you can increase the chance to be found faster on Google&Co.


Link your social media profiles directly from your WEBKiosk.

Ad banner

Advertise for your own products on your WEBKiosk or sell ad space as additional source of income.

Some examples how users use their WEBKiosks:


Consistent and successful. The leading skincare brand presents its magazines on a personal WEBKiosk. A brand that can be enjoyed in multiple digital formats is the top of today’s charts.


Innovative and world-renowned. The global market leader in ropeway engineering uses an own WEBKiosk to professionally present its latest magazines, brochures and catalogs. Customers, business partners and prospects gain insights into recent developments and the most important business fields.


Sleek and unique. The BOLD magazine is free to own the design and the branding, making sure their WEBKiosk looks just as good as the magazine itself.

Yumpu has {{lp_statistics_active_users}} accounts of satisfied customers, like:

BOLD The Magazine
Eddie Bauer
Motorpresse Stuttgart
ZT Zukunft-Training