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Viking Jupiter Art Collection

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THE RESTAURANT | DECK 2 FRANK BRUNNER 1971 • NORWAY • OIL ON CANVAS Frank Brunner started painting when he was 13 or 14 years old, copying old masters like René Magritte and Diego Velázquez with a friend. After completing his studies at Yale and the Academy of Fine Arts in Norway, Brunner found his own personal expression. Brunner’s paintings express something vague. They suggest an underlying story, and we as viewers are taken into a world where we have to finish the story ourselves. Staircases, ladders, suitcases and beehives are all recurrent objects. Sometimes we can glimpse a trace of people as well, as in Brunner’s water mirror paintings. In these pictures, we see the same motif from two different angles, often upside down, with a figurative and abstracted version. With these complex paintings, Brunner explores what or how much we see in a picture, in another person and in our perception of ourselves—what you see is not quite what you think you see. 48