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ADVERTORIAL APPLY OUR EXPERTISE TO YOUR PRINTING PROCESS Innovative Precision Tools from the Technology Leader: Optimizing paste release behavior – PLASMA Coating Compensating for height differences – 3D and Step Technology Offering a high yield and long service life – CK Nanovate Nickel Know-how Quality Experience Reliability Progressing miniaturisation of SMD components continues to increase the demands on stencil manufacture. The release properties of the apertures have a decisive impact on the printing process. During laser cutting, melting residues are formed on the stencil surface and the inner walls of the openings. Such changes in the material are the cause of unclean deposits in many applications, particularly in the fine pitch area. We recommend that our customers make use of in-depth advice beforehand based on the layout to ensure that the right surface technology is chosen. Hall 4A, Booth 320 The technology of the PLASMA stencil ® features several vital characteristics. Significant ly im proved release properties can be seen, in particular in fine struc tures and apertures. The metal stencil provides a measur ably more consistent per formance. The PLASMA coating reduces the adhesion of print media and makes cleaning significantly easier. Production output and firstpass yield are increased. Overall, when evaluating the condition of the stencil based on the paste volume, the stencil life is significantly prolonged. Volume transfer onto the pads is also increased. 20 EPP EUROPE May 2018

States of matter and phase transitions; Source: Christian Koenen GmbH Result: The characteristics of the PLASMA stencil ® improve the printing process significantly and increase the performance of the manufacturing line. Advantages of CK PLASMA Coating: • Improved release behavior • Greater process safety • Smooth inner walls, even without electro-polishing • High chemical resistance • High mechanical resistance CK Nanovate Nickel extends stencil service life New, innovative stencil materials are essential when it comes to keeping up with miniaturization from a manufacturing engineering perspective. Over the past few years, more and more research and development has focused on stencil materials, with nickel coming out as a promising option. CK Nanovate Nickel is a proven product in the field of aeronautics. Extensive tests were carried out in the Application Center to begin with. A number of customers are now already using the material and ongoing test phases are producing excellent results. Above all, finer grain sizes and enhanced laser cutting behavior make for excellent paste-release properties, leading to higher yields and lower costs. Sharper cutting edges on the PCB-side result in far better sealing of the print deposits. Stencil life is significantly prolonged due to improved hardness and ductility, while uneven boards do not risk bending the stencil. The new high-tech stencil material CK Nanovate Nickel is suitable for specialist applications and is an excellent addition to our existing product portfolio. CK Nanovate Nickel – outstanding material properties: • More consistent printing performance • Improved paste release properties • Optimized printing depot sealing properties • Enhanced self-cleaning effect • Increased tool life • Shape retention in high runner applications • Increased process reliability Profile Stepped Stencils keep a firm grip on the SMD welding paste Stepped Stencils have become increasingly important in electronic assembly production. They are used whenever the applied paste quantity can no longer be adequately regulated by modifying the apertures. Another area of application comes in the compensation of height differences on the board surface, which can result e.g. from labels or excessively high via-hole pluggings. Height differences are compensated for by recesses on the underside of the SMD stencil, preventing unintended snap-off and subsequent print smearing. Headed up by Christian Koenen, the Munich-based company is the European technology and market leader when it comes to manufacturing high-precision metal stencils and precision screens for technical printing. Due to the increasing miniaturization of components and their more varied use on ever smaller surfaces, customers need an overall package that meets their performance requirements. Our long-established company has always placed special value on quality, precision and service – A high quality standard visible at every one of our sites. The stencils and screens exhibit an extraordinary level of precision. This accuracy allows customers to enjoy larger process windows for production als well as cost savings and increased efficiency. EPP EUROPE May 2018 21