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EPP Europe P1.2018


PCB + ASSEMBLY PRODUCT UPDATES Fume extraction system concept with additional filter modules At the SMT show, fume extraction vendor units are capable of maintaining the required ULT AG will introduce a unique system concept. The ULT 200 unit series was not only capturing elements attached to the system. performance level, even if there are several renewed conceptually and technically, but However, the overall concept with a range of provides users with unrivaled benefits. accessories provides added value. It includes The 200 systems help to remove soldering a food switch, suction hoses, Y-tube pieces, fume (LRA series), dust and smoke (ASD sleeves, reductions and a bracket for extraction arm installations. The accessory range is series), as well as odors, gases and vapors (ACD series). The modularly designed units specifically designed for this series, showing can be equipped with additional filter modules, e.g. for higher amounts of air pollutants Visitors will get first-hand information on the economic and applicable benefits. or with activate carbon. A variable number of high flexibility of the system, as well as purchasing and maintenance cost savings. capturing elements, such as extraction arms, tubes or hoses can also be installed per unit. The fume extraction systems provide clean Enabling an automatic vacuum stabilization air in production processes. They protect employees, manufacturing plants and products and selectable pressure range, ideal extraction performance is guaranteed. This is also from hazardous airborne contaminants occurring during the utilization of laser ideal for several workplaces. Hence, the systems, The ULT 200 helps to remove soldering fume, dust, and smoke. soldering equipment as well as gluing, laminating and coating technologies. Designed for medium quantities of pollutants, the systems provide long filter life times, easy-tohandle and low-noise operation. SMT Hybrid Packaging, Booth 5–212 Source: ULT AG Achieving Industry 4.0 digital factory operation Aegis Software, a provider of Manufacturing thered live from multiple machines and vendors across the entire show-floor, and made Execution Software (MES), will showcase their latest release of true Industry 4.0, digitalized MES software, FactoryLogix, at the straightforward metrics and analytic reports available to every visitor simply by looking at SMT tradeshow in Nuremberg, Germany. delivered to their mobile phones. The company will also be a key participant in The second element to achieve Industry 4.0 the show-wide, live, IPC Connected Factory is to have MES software that is specifically Exchange (CFX) IoT demo. designed for Industry 4.0 and IoT technology. The achievement of Industry 4.0 digital factory operation requires three critical el- its latest release that has many functions, in- The FactoryLogix software is unique due to ements, all of which the company will have cluding the integration of Administrative at the show. The first is the introduction of Quality Management, which combines CAPA the IoT-based industry standard for the live (Corrective And Preventive Action) and FRAand secure exchange of data between machines and processes, IPC’s CFX. In its Eurorective Action System). Unlike in-process CAS (Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corpean debut at the show, data will be ga- quality tools ensuring every product is shipped without defects, administrative quality automates corrections and continuous improvement procedures, so defects don’t occur in the first place. Together with the existing automated symptom and defect data collection and reporting capabilities, FactoryLogix provides a complete solution. The third critical element for Industry 4.0 is the understanding of the business case and operational goals that utilize the latest technology to its fullest extent. Experts in Industry 4.0 for business and strategy will be available for discussions at the company’s booth. SMT Hybrid Packaging, Booth 4–150 Source: Totech Europe B.V The company will exhibit dry storage solutions for moisture sensitive devices at SMT. Innovative solutions for dry storage and floor life reset Along with Asys, Super Dry Totech will feature its dry storage solutions for moisture ing needs, will be shown. Incorporating the drying cabinet that adapts to storage and dry- sensitive devices at the SMT show. Designed to exceed IPC/JEDEC J-Std-033C, the be expanded without additional dry units U5000 Dynamic Dry Unit, the basic MSD can company’s cabinets can dehumidify to less needed, resulting in a cost saving of 50 %. than 0.5 % RH. This qualifies them to safely XSDR ‘Floor Life Reset Cabinets’ uses sensor technology and software that tracks the remove moisture, resetting floor life without oxidation, even at ambient temperatures. timing of 10 separate batches of components The MSD series, a being simultaneously reset per chamber. Two separate chambers, with their own dry-unit and heater allow for 2 different temperatures in the same cabinet, dehumidifying to less than 1 % RH. The XSDC series of cooling cabinets keeps all substances at a precise safe operating temperature with 4.0 traceability. With an internal temperature of 2 – 20 °C with low energy expenditure, they help slowdown the inter metallic growth. The robotically controlled, component handling and storage system, Dry Tower, will also be shown. Incorporating MSD technology and WMS-system capabilities, they can manage tens of thousands of reels and trays. The Super Dry XSDC long term storage cabinets are suited for long term storage of components. The U-5000 series dynamic drying unit reaches very reliable, low humidity values of

Chemistries to remove fluxes easily and efficiently Source: MicroCare Corporation The no-clean flux remover pen can clean adhesives, oil and grease, and doesn‘t leave any residue. MicroCare Europe bvba will showcase its electronics cleaning products at the SMT Hybrid Packaging Show in Nuremberg, Germany. These new circuit cleaners will help companies boost quality, enhance throughput and lower PCB production costs. They will also help clients meet ever-more stringent European regulations. Amongst the new range of products, are three new flux-cleaning chemistries including the noclean flux remover, the RMA flux remover, and the water-soluble flux remover pens. Packaged in a pocket-sized, convenient pen, the highly effective cleaners have been developed to specifically remove fluxes easily and efficiently. The no-clean flux remover pen is formulated to remove no-clean fluxes and pastes quickly, leaving no residue, and has the advantage of also cleaning other contaminants like adhesives, oil and grease. It is also exceptional as a Source: MicroCare Corporation The ESD presaturated cleaning wipes remove flux residues, oils, fingerprints, grime and debris from PCB manufacturing surfaces. degreaser and general-purpose cleaner and boasts low Global Warming Potential (GWP) credentials. It is exempt from VOC regulations in most areas making it an ideal cleaning option during assembly. Visitors will also be introduced to the high-purity RMA flux remover pen, which contains an extra-strength formulation to help clean aged and baked-on flux which can prove difficult to remove. It easily penetrates and dissolves excess flux and removes ionic and non-ionic activators, drying residue-free. Completing the range is the economical Water-Soluble (OA) flux remover pen used to clean organic acid solders, pastes and fluxes. Featuring a slow evaporation rate, the product works effectively to remove baked-on flux residues. “Having received such a great response from visitors at IPC Apex Expo in San Diego, CA where we launched the products to the USA market, we are looking forward to showcasing our new and innovative cleaners to Europe,” said Scott Wells, General Manager Europe. “As well as the range of flux remover pens, we will introduce the new ESD presaturated cleaning wipes. The static-dissipative, lintfree wipes effectively remove flux residues, oils, fingerprints, grime and debris from ESD mats, tools, bins, tool racks, workbenches and other surfaces in a PCB manufacturing facility, making it the perfect choice for a variety of cleaning jobs.” SMT Hybrid Packaging, Booth 4–531 Selective Soldering EPP EUROPE May 2018 33