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The Daily Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris - Review

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SEEN @ The Domaine De La Racauderie: "International buyers are back" The Domaine De La Racauderie in the Loire Valley has been attending Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris and its predecessors for the past six years. Asked about this year's edition, winemaker Jean-Michel Gauthier said: "It’s been great seeing people again, because with Covid we didn’t know where we were going." Mr Gauthier, who produces both still and sparkling wines from Chenin grapes, was looking to build on his current relationships and make new ones overseas. As he explains: "On day one we took the time to see our existing clients who we hadn't seen in a long time. Then on day two we met with potential clients from Romania, the United Stated, Germany and Russia, who were all looking for wines coming from the Loire Valley." Of course the real business will happen behind closed doors, he says, but the past few days have been promising and Mr Gauthier will be returning next year. He said: "It’s been a pleasure to see international buyers coming back. It’s a very nice trade show and we will definitely coming back” Great contacts from Scandinavia and South America Great contacts from Scandinavia and South America. After the gap in trade shows caused by the pandemic, Dimitris Markou, the export manager of Cavino Winery & Distillery, was "really happy" to be at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022. "It seemed that after two years, people wanted to visit the clients, they wanted to visit their suppliers and to find new opportunities," he said. Founded in 1958 in Aigio by Konstantinos Anastasiou and Ioannis Douskas, Cavino remains a family-run winery and distillery and is the biggest wine exporter in Greece, with a 17% share of international sales. The company produces 5 million bottles a year and exports to 52 countries, with main markets being Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia and the United States. Dimitris was particularly glad to make contacts with representatives from Scandinavia and South America during the show, both regions to which the company hopes to increase exports. This was especially helpful, he said, as getting to see South American clients in particular is difficult. "We will be really happy and really pleased to come again next year. Our strategic planning is to visit every year," he said 10 • THE DAILY • WEDNESDAY 23 RD FEBRUARY 2022

SEEN @ Five vineyards who banded together to make some noise Hidden Terroir is a collaboration between five winemakers who have pulled their resources to attend Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris for the first time this year. The collective, made up of four vineyards from the Rhône Valley and one from Bergerac, was the brainchild of sommelière and former buyer Aubrey Terrazas and digital designer Claire Deville. Ms Terrazas explains: "The domains are all driven by a passion for making good quality at an affordable price. In that sense, you could say that they over deliver.” The group is made up of small domaines ranging from six to 20 hectares vines, including the Domaine De Mas Caron, Laurens, Lionel Brenier, Eyguestre and the Clos De Noël. Asked about their experience at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022 Ms Terrazas said: "I think meeting face-to-face is really important because we’re talking about wine. Organising a digital tasting with international buyers is very complicated, because you have to send samples to people who are in different countries and not all free at the same time" A secret recipe in high demand at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris Sales have boomed since Jennie Kergoat-Ruelland started selling bottles of So Jennie Paris at La Grande Épicerie de Paris 10 years ago. Today, her alcohol free bubbles are served to all passengers flying in business and first class with Qatar Airways, and in many more countries. She came up with the idea of a nonalcoholic wine while organising a wedding in Abu Dhabi where the guests had little choice but to drink fruit juices. The bubbles are produced by Les Jardins de L’Orbrie in the commune of Bressuire using a "secrete recipe" without any alcohol. Mrs Kergoat-Ruelland said: "We were here to meet future international importers, but also mingle with French winemakers. I thought Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022 was beautifully done. It it was a very classy affair - you walk in and there are so many beautiful bottles everywhere. Yesterday was a fantastic day for us, we had lots of clients come by the stand from Korea and Canada. I will definitely be back next year” THE DAILY •WEDNESDAY 23 RD FEBRUARY 2022 • 11

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