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With your automated app solution, you can make your online magazines available in your own iOS or Android app. This cost-efficient app kiosk is your personal, cross-channel and cross-device complete solution. Your app can be adapted to your corporate design and provide specific documents to maximize your reach.

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With your automated app solution, you can make your online magazines available in your own iOS or Android app. This cost-efficient app kiosk is your personal, cross-channel and cross-device complete solution. Your app can be adapted to your corporate design and provide specific documents to maximize your reach.

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Make use of the extensive options offered by APPKiosk.

The key advantages of APPKiosk.

Upload unlimited magazines.

Upload as many magazines as you like. Your content is then instantly accessible to your customers around the world. Subdivided into shelves and sections, your app presents your magazines in a clear way.

Individual apps with all of your magazines.

With your iOS and Android apps, you can present all of your magazines at a glance. The design, logo and colours can be easily adapted to your corporate design. Even the home screen can be designed to suit you. This can increase the recognition factor for your brand.

Easy, fast and cost-effective.

With our automated solution, you can offer your readers and customers an interactive reading experience – with no need for programming expertise. And it’s time- and cost-effective! We can help you create and publish your app once everything has been approved by you.

Become more independent.

Your iOS or Android app is listed in the App Store/Google Play Store under your own company name. We would be happy to take care of submitting the app for you. This is a service that lots of customers appreciate!

Increase your reach.

Our cross-channel, all-round solutions works on any device and helps you to provide your content easily and to publish it to a wide audience from a central platform. In this way, you can attract new readers and increase the reach of your magazines with no effort at all.

At work, at home and on the move.

No Internet? No problem! Your readers can download a selection of magazines and then read them any time and anywhere – even if they’re not online at the time.

Increase the use rate of your apps.

Keep your readers and customers up to date with push notifications and keep them informed of the latest issues. In this way, you can boost the usage rate of your mobile apps and increase customer loyalty. In addition to the content, you can also define when the push notifications appear.

We support you.

With the APPKiosk plan, you have your own contact partner at your side. You can also receive professional assistance from our support team when creating your app. If you have any questions, we can assist you by phone or via email at any time.

Real-time updates.

All of the changes you implement are visible in the app straight away – no matter whether it is a recently added magazine or changes to settings. Thanks to the automatic transfer of the magazine to the app, no additional work is necessary in order to publish the magazines.

High-speed display.

We always use the latest technologies. The innovative hybrid display technology combines pre-calculated images and post-rendering of zoomed content to create a lightning-fast reading experience. The display is always available in real time and in perfect quality.

High-performance search function.

The extensive full-text search helps your readers to find specific content and text passages within your magazines.

One place for all your magazines.

Present all of your magazines at a glance with the WEBKiosk and make them available for immediate reading. The look can be adapted to reflect your corporate design: The layout, logo, favicon, colours, typeface and content – you have all the options.

Present your products using own subdomain.

Publish magazines on your own subdomain through our white label WEBKiosk solution. Independent – professional – capable.

Intuitive use via drag-and-drop.

With our modular system, you can create your own WEBKiosk in minutes. The editor allows you to arrange your design elements however you like using drag-and-drop – guaranteeing you a professional site!

Customisable solutions.

Familiar with HTML and CSS? Specific design requests can be implemented using CSS styles. If there are any extra elements missing, you can integrate them into the WEBKiosk via HTML. In this way, it’s easy to integrate a sign-up box for newsletters or a support tool.

Links to social media profile pages.

Link visitors to your WEBKiosk to your social media profile pages. Or link directly from social media platforms and your website to your WEBKiosk.

Use advertising space – or monetise it.

You can offer advertising space for sale on your WEBKiosk as an additional source of income, or use it to advertise your own products. Advertise your new app or a specific magazine using a smart banner. Advertising space can be activated or deactivated as you wish.

Import news via RSS.

Integrate the RSS feed for a website into your WEBKiosk and make the latest content (such as from news sites) available from your online newsagent.

Recognition thanks to personalised branding.

Integrate your corporate design, thus boosting your brand recall value. Hide the YUMPU logo and use your own. The background colour can also be adapted.

Search engine results that give you an edge.

Your PDF file is converted into an HTML file and displayed so that it can be easily read by search engines. This means your content can be found more easily and you can reach even more potential customers.

Measure your successes directly.

Analyse the performance of your magazines with Google Analytics. Position your links on the most popular pages and direct your readers to your website.

Protect your content.

You can decide who can view your magazine via the visibility settings. In this way, private content can be read only with a direct link or by entering a password.

Higher quality thanks to HD rendering.

Offer your readers the best possible reading experience and publish your magazines in HD quality. Zoom in for crystal-clear images with no loss of quality. Adjust the display quality under Player Settings.

Ad-free reading.

Put the focus on your magazines by displaying them without advertising. We will not display advertising either within or below your magazines and will not make other magazine recommendations.

Update your magazines at any time.

Made changes to your PDF? Simply update your existing digital magazines by uploading a new PDF version. Embedded magazines will also be updated.

Fast integration in websites and blogs.

It’s never been easier to integrate magazines directly into your website. With interactive elements, you can encourage visitors to stay longer on your site. This is how it’s done: Generate a code – copy it – integrate it into the desired location.

Publish individual pages as reading samples.

Publish specific pages of your magazine as a reading sample and prevent the display of the rest of the content. You can also direct your readers straight to the page you want with the aid of image overlays. The amount of text included in the reading sample is up to you.

Plan and publish.

On which day and at which time do you want your magazine to be published? Simply establish a publication period when your magazine is to be available. After this time, the magazine will be hidden from view.

Create personalised advertising videos.

Advertise your magazine with your own video. Decide for yourself which pages you want to present in your video. The advertising video can be integrated into your website with a specially generated code.

(De)activate social media sharing for others.

You can activate or deactivate the sharing function for each magazine you upload. If this function is activated, other people can share your magazine.

De(activate) PDF download for others.

You can activate or deactivate the download function for each magazine you upload. If the download function is activated, other people can download your magazine.

De(activate) print function for others.

If you activate the print function for your magazine, your readers are able to print your publication.

Customisable zoom settings.

Define which zoom factor your readers can achieve with one click. Optimised zoom settings enable a seamless reading experience.

WordPress plug-in for easy integration.

With our WordPress plug-in, you can position your static PDF as a scrollable magazine on your WordPress page:

API interface for developers.

With our API (programming interface) and the corresponding PHP library, you can complete most programming tasks. For more information, please visit

With the latest videos.

Modern, multimedia elements (“hotspots”) not only communicate information but also emotions. Use the opportunities offered by the hotspot editor and integrate videos, audio files, image galleries and links on any page you like. TIP: Link your products directly to your online shop.

Individual QR-Codes

The perfect symbiosis of online and offline channels. Link to your user profile or to individual documents with your own QR code - either to the document view or directly to the reading view. You can distribute the QR code online or offline.

Ad-free integration in websites and blogs.

Integrate your magazines – without any links to YUMPU – directly into your website. With interactive elements, you can encourage visitors to stay longer on your site. This is how it’s done: Generate code – copy – paste.

Find what you are looking for more quickly.

With tables of contents, you can make it easy for your readers to navigate their way through your magazine. TIP: Create internal links by linking to specific pages of your magazine.

Import and export hotspots via CSV.

With the CSV function in the hotspot editor, you have the option of exporting all of the hotspots in a magazine into a clear table with just one click. Of course, CSV files can also be imported.

Available any time and anywhere.

No matter whether you’re using your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, the content will always be displayed perfectly. This is ensured by our optimisation process, which adapts content to the device being used and reduces loading times to a minimum.

Attract new readers through social media.

Benefit from the growing popularity of social media and generate new readers by sharing your magazines on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Or simply share the link of your magazine or page via email.

Save costs and reach new readers.

We lay the world at your feet – with no printing or postage costs. Magazines published on YUMPU reach up to 18 million readers per month, worldwide.

No technical expertise necessary.

Converting your PDF file into a digital e-zine is easier than you think. You can get going right away with no specific expertise necessary – we’ll guide you through, step by step. You don’t need to install any software.

Clear display of collections.

You can sort your magazines into collections in order to present their content in a structured way. One collection could include several areas.

Availability thanks to cloud hosting.

Your magazines will be hosted by Amazon Web Services. This enables us to guarantee, with an availability of 99.996%, that you magazines will always be available –regardless of how many readers are reading the same magazine at the same time.

Automated publish via Dropbox.

If you want to automatically upload several PDFs at the same time, you can link your YUMPU account to your Dropbox. Simply select a Dropbox folder for the sync and your PDFs will be transferred and rendered automatically.

Frequently asked questions.

Need some help? Our Help Centre can support you with guidelines and answers to frequently asked questions. You can search for the answers you need via the search function.

All the advantages can be found in the desktop version.

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Free of charge

Suitable for hobby publishers and associations.

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  • Up to 10 magazines

  • Conversion PDF to ePaper

  • Responsive design

  • Adjustable reading mode

  • Platinum server hosting

  • Worldwide availability

  • Page flip effect


14,95 * € / month

Suitable for independent publishers.

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  • Free trial version ***

  • No 3rd party ads

  • Search engine indexing

  • Visibility settings

  • Player branding

  • Multimedia elements

  • Analytics

  • Integration into websites

  • Individual QR codes

  • SEO backlinks


69 ** € / month

Your own online kiosk for your publications.

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  • Own online newsagent

  • Corporate design

  • Own subdomain (add-on)

  • Drag-and-drop editor

  • Intuitive to use

  • Premium support


178 € / month

Communication across multiple devices with your own app.

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  • Personalised iOS or Android app

  • Corporate design

  • Communication on all devices

  • Push notifications

  • Personal contact partner


277 € / month

Sell your publications directly via your own iOS and Android apps.

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  • New sources of income

  • Tailored iOS and Android app

  • Corporate design

  • Push notifications

  • User groups

  • Reading samples

  • Personal contact partner

* 14.95 € / month billed in a single payment of 179.40 €

** 69.00 € / month billed in a single payment of 828.00 €

*** only for new customers