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53 Gresson st, Greymouth Ph: 037689809 email : FARM SIGNAGE All Signs are Printed on 3mm ACM unless stated WARNING THIS WORKPLACE IS A HAZARDOUS AREA DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT PERMISSION AND NOTIFICATION OF THE HAZARDS CONTACT 400 x 600 $45.00 SITE SAFETY NOTICE BOARD Personal Protective Equipment Required On This Site 225 x 270 $10.00 GO TO DAIRY SHED TO SIGN IN 300x300 $15.00 CAUTION! AUTHORISED PERSONNEL ONLY CONTACT DETAILS ADDRESS SITE HAZARDS Visitors/Contractors Slips, Trips & Falls Quad Bikes/Motor Bikes Heavy Machinery Power/Hand Tools Noise Animals Hazardous Substances Open Water Ways Electricity Weather BUSINESS NAME BUSINESS NUMBER THE NUMBER ONE HAZARD IS YOU! >>MAKE SUPERVISOR SUPERVISOR NUMBER CONTROLS REQUIRED Everyone must be inducted to the work site/property Keep work area clean & tidy / Wear appropriate footwear Do not use without permission or training Keep clear / Stay visible to operator Do not use without permission or training Keep clear / Wear appropriate hearing protection Keep well clear of all animals Avoid contact with unidentified substances Identify all open water ways / Supervise children Treat all fences as live Wear appropriate clothing & PPE / Drive to the conditions EMERGENCY PROCEDURES SITE SAFE / SHUT DOWN EQUIPMENT >>PROVIDE FIRST AID , CALL 111 >>EVACUATE THE WORKSITE IF REQUIRED 500 x 600 $65.00 UTES, BIKES COWS ON BRIDGE ONLY 450 x 300 $20.00 FARM NAME 450 x 300 $20.00 DATE HAZARD LOCATION COMMENTS / INSTRUCTIONS 9 ECOTOXIC FLAMMABLE LIQUID HAZCHEM 3Z UN No. 3082 ENVIROMENTALLY HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE LIQUID N.S.O (DIESEL) PROTECT WATERWAYS, ENSURE DRAINS ARE CLOSED KEEP AWAY FROM IGNITION SOURCES - NO SMOKING NO NAKED FLAMES IN EMERGENCY DIAL 111 FIRE, POLICE OR AMBULANCE 600 x 450 $60.00 HEALTH & SAFETY All Prices in this Brochure excludes GST THIS IS A MULTIPLE HAZARD AREA Permanent Site Hazards : HAZARD AND RISK Slip Trip Fall High Voltage LOCATION Whole Site Whole Site Whole Site Whole Site SAFETY MEASURES Appropriate Footwear Watch Footing Walk-Don’t Run Watch Footing Take Care On Uneven Surface And Around Holes Watch for live wires and fences NAME: PHONE: DATE: All Visitors Must Report to the Farm Manager Safety Footwear Headwear on motorbikes Eye Protection Protective Gloves Remove Jewellery Site Location : Assembly Point : First Aid Station Location : Other Identified Hazards : Hazard : Method of Control : 750 x 600 $80.00 HAZCHEM 2WE AGRICHEMICALS 450 x 300 DECAL ONLY $20.00 300 x 350 $20.00 CONTACT PERSON/S WHITE BOARD 1000 x 700 $200 CATTLE CROSSING Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 Persons entering this property must comply with all safety regulations under the above act 600 x 200 $20.00