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VERA E. HOPTON MEMORIAL TROPHY In 1993 this Perpetual Trophy Award was established in recognition of the valuable contribution to Calisthenics made by Miss Vera Hopton (BEM). Miss Hopton was the foundation President of the Victorian Calisthenic Teachers’ Association and continued in this position for 18 years. Miss Hopton passed away in January 1993, shortly before her 93 rd birthday and this trophy has been donated in honor of her memory by the VCCA. The Vera E Hopton Memorial Trophy is presented to the winner of the 16 Years Open section. PAST WINNERS: 1993 Michelle Wright Merinda 1994 Bree McMillan Canadian Bay 1995 Elizabeth Rydar Chadstone 1996 Kathryn Beggs Canadian Bay 1997 Brooke Synnott Regent 1998 Kristy Bryan Jeaden 1999 Lucinda Wootton Jeaden 2000 Rebecca Kreijkes Avonde 2001 Laura Matheson Jeaden 2002 Charissa Fermelis Jeaden 2003 Bethany Hickman Jeaden 2004 Stephanie Alway Jeaden 2005 Melissa Newman Jeaden 2006 Elle McAra Jeaden 2007 Stephanie McKenzie Jeaden 2008 Molly Nugent Jeaden 2009 Elise Drummond Jeaden 2010 Elorah Cooper Avonde 2011 Rebecca Reeves Avonde 2012 Callista Reed Regent 2013 Alexandra Bignell Jeaden 2014 Eliza Whitford Jeaden 2015 Karly Smith Jeaden 2016 Brigette McVeigh Merinda 2017 Katherina Bast Ceres

ENID FELTHAM TROPHY This perpetual trophy has been established to recognize the valuable contribution to Calisthenics made by Enid Feltham. Mrs Feltham was a foundation member of the VCTA (now the VCCA) and has retained membership for the past 60 years. Mrs Feltham began Calisthenics with the Excelsior College in 1925 and in 1939 she established the Regent Calisthenics College. She continued coaching until the age of 75 when she closed the College in 1997. Her daughter Diane Synnott and her granddaughter Brooke Synnott re-opened Regent in 2009. Mrs Feltham was responsible for the introduction of several initiatives which have advanced Calisthenics. Her Calisthenic Handbook was one of these and another was the establishment of the first VCTA competitions which has since become the Victoria State Championships. Many prominent adjudicators and coaches were trained by Mrs Feltham and this Perpetual Trophy in her name is a wonderful way of acknowledging her achievements. PAST WINNERS: 2017 Tyler-Rose Shattock Regent