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CR-5467 38 Reasons You Need A DSP

CR-5467 38 Reasons You Need A

38 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO GET A DENTAL SAVINGS PLAN 1. Your teeth won’t clean themselves. 2. No one ever said “I wish I hadn’t taken such good care of my teeth.” 3. Smiling makes your face feel happy. 4. You’re ready to get real about self-care. 5. Bad breath doesn’t enhance your social life. 6. A great smile makes for much better selfies. 7. You think the tooth fairy is kind of creepy. 8. You want to love your smile again. 9. You can’t get rid of the 300 types of bacteria living in your plaque by brushing 10. Smiling gives you immune-system-boosting super powers. 11. Toothaches suck all the joy out of life. 12. You like chomping on crunchy foods. 13. You know what’s good for your teeth is good for your body. 14. You like life - regular dental cleanings can help prevent heart attacks. 15. Saving money makes you feel good. 16. You want to teach your kids good dental habits. 17. You can boast about how little you pay for great dental care. 18. 90% of tooth decay is totally avoidable with regular dental care. 19. Saving big on dental care costs means more money in the fun-fund. 20. A big grin reduces stress. 21. Smiling stimulates your brain. 22. You are not a shark, and cannot grow new teeth as needed. 23. You want to age awesomely. 24. You know that the best time to fix a dental problem is right now. 25. So your dentist doesn’t think you ghosted him/her 26. You want to commemorate the first-ever email smiley, sent Sept. 19, 1982. 27. You’re ready to own your great smile dream. 28. You revel in the power of a strong, healthy smile. 29. You can stop being a YouTube DIY dentist. 30. You have discovered that there are no clever hacks to cure a toothache. 31. You’re all about free Bonus Benefits! (discounts on other healthcare services). 32. You hate waiting for anything – and you want dental care now. 33. Annual spending limits on your dental needs? Never! 34. You can proudly say you go to the dentist twice a year. 35. You want your teeth to love you. 36. You want that “just had my hygienist clean my teeth” feeling. 37. Why would you pay more for dental care than you have to? 38. Reducing your dental bills by 10-60% percent is the smart thing to do.

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