Equity Release in London and the home counties


Releasing Equity from your home can open up a world of opportunities for you, Gaining access to the money tied up in your home is a way to solve many problems. Visit: https://www.londonequityrelease.net

Equity Release in London and the Home Counties

Are you looking for equity release?

Maybe this is your first enquiry and you need help and advice?

Contact us today and one of our experience professional team will reach out to you and help. If you are aged 55 or

over then you are eligible to take a release of equity any use your wish, that could be home improvements, helping

your children get on the property ladder, buying a retirement home in the sun, whatever you need. Our specialists all

live in the London area and understand London and the property market.

What does 'Equity Release' mean?

Once mortgage free, [or close to it], most people find their home is their biggest asset. It’s worth a lot of money and it’s

yours, at least on paper. However, how can you access this goldmine? You can’t sell as buying a replacement home

would simply absorb the capital, so most people spend many years sitting on a huge amount of equity which they

think cannot be touched in their lifetime. Happily there is a reasonable solution, as opting for an equity release scheme

allows you to stay in your property but also to free up money which you can use on anything you choose.

Do you quality for an equity release scheme?

If the home owners are aged over 55 years at the time of application, and the property has more than £70,000 equity

you may well be eligible.

London Equity Release provides information on the choices open to qualifying homeowners who are interested in

sourcing a cash supply, without having to sell and move out of their greatest asset – the family home. We can also

advise on which equity release option best suits your needs and circumstances, and take care of the paperwork once

you have made a final decision.

For further information, visit our website at www.londonequityrelease.net

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