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-AUTHOR: M.D. Thomas

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A hit-and-run leaves eleven-year-old Lee Young in a coma, his spirit on the loose and searching for the adults involved in the accident?Sarah refuses to leave her son?s side, even if her marriage is destroyed. Jon, guilt-ridden because he forgot to make sure his son had buckled up, will do anything to save his relationship with his wife. Bartender Elle doesn?t believe in guilt, even as it accelerates her descent into alcoholism. Narcotics officer Harvey has been stealing seized drug money for months to pay off his grandparent?s debt, unaware his superiors are onto him. Their struggles morph from difficult to life-threatening when Lee?s spirit finds each of them.They all think they know what Lee?s spirit is after. They?re all wrong. Drawn ever-closer together, their mistakes and misdeeds accumulate until Lee?s spirit latches onto one of them, and if they can?t figure out the truth in time, everybody they care about might die.

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(The Butterfly Tattoo)

By ~ (M.D. Thomas)

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