Jamie Carter

Senior Director, Patient Services Portfolio Owner

Responsibilities consists of:


Lead the Business Services workstream for Project Fusion


Oversee the requirements gathering and system design process for Lash

Group’s service offerings: Access, Affordability, and Engagement


Creation of Lash Group’s Business Governance structure which will

establish a clear decision making process, criteria, and accountability

structures, ensuring that business, technology, and data changes support

Lash Group’s business goals and strategy.


Oversee the BI (Business Intelligence) and Analytics workstream to

ensure new capabilities and enhancements scale efficiently, meet future

business needs and integrate with ABC data sets.

External work history prior to Lash Group:


Transportation Security Administration

Personality traits that contributed to

your success:


Attitude: Certainly not everything goes

my way, but I do feel as if we all have

an opportunity to make the best out of a

situation. People want to work with others

that stay optimistic and positive.


Preparation, Determination and Respect:

I have played sports all my life and

contribute many of my learnings along the

way to athletics. In addition, a coach has

to prepare, motivate and lead a team. If

you truly want to lead a team, they have to

respect you.


Passion: I truly love helping people, and

I know the work we do every day makes a

difference in people’s lives. This passion

allows me to work each day for a purpose.

Career path at Lash Group:


August 2004-March 2005: Program Support Specialist, Data Intake


March 2005-October 2006: Assistant Manager, Data Intake


October 2006-March 2009: Manager, Data Intake


February 2007-March 2009: Manager, Shared Services (Operations)


March 2009-July 2013: Product Consultant, Product Strategy


July 2013-October 2015: Director, Product Strategy


October 2015-Present: Sr Director, Patient Services Portfolio Owner

Career achievements which furthered your success:


Division winner for the AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group Vision Award

in 2014


Division winner for the AmerisourceBergen Consulting Services Values

Award in 2011


Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)


8 years of experience with Waterfall and Agile methodologies


AmerisourceBergen’s Leadership Program

Career aspirations:


When I think of career aspirations, I do not think of job titles or positions.

I tend to focus on roles that interest me, challenge me, allow me to grow

and provide purpose. What is this job in the future? I am not sure, but I

know that we work in an ever-changing industry and the need to adapt to

and influence the industry the is key. Today, I am focused on integrating

our people, processes and technology through Project Fusion. I am

excited to see where this journey takes Lash Group and how much I learn

in the process from such a unique opportunity.

Advice to associates:


Get things Done… Knowledge and intelligence are both useless without action! Take action, learn from the outcome, and

repeat this method over and over again. We learn when we succeed, and we learn when we fail.


Don’t “stick to the agenda” too much: Meaning, know how to be flexible and adapt. This goes for things you tackle daily, but

also from a career perspective. Keep your mind open to new opportunities. It is great to have a plan, but know that plans

change and be flexible (and strong) enough to deal with it.

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