Lust Bites Magazine Diversity Issue Edition 2


The second issue of Lust Bites is all about Diversity in the publishing community, and getting to know some authors you may not even be aware are taking the charts by storm!

Speaking of powerful books for diverse readers, tell us

about Letters to a Little Black Girl. How did this come


daughters, sister, mothers, friends all came out and

said…. I will! I am STILL so blown away! The call was

answered and I got busy! My husband would tell you

I’m never not busy! LOL

OH! THIS is the most important book in my life right

now. More than my very first published story. I was

raised to have respect for yourself and your family. My

grandmother use to say, when you are cutting up in the

street people aren’t just looking at you. They are looking

at me and your mother too. So I am and have always

been conscious of my behavior. Now am I perfect? NO.

But the thought is there. Fast forward to 35 years later

and we have women going to awards shows NAKED…

BUCK STARK RAVING NAKED…… in the words of

Bernie Mac “BUCKED NAKED! I can see your Public

hairs” LOL.

They are “dancing” and practically well some of them

are actually having sex on the dance floor. We have

young girls PLANNING to get pregnant so they can

get on reality TV. We have girls that can’t read, let alone

know how to handle themselves on the job and be professional.

Or 15 and 16 year old girls are in ABUSIVE

relationships! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Abusive?

NO! We have to do something, our society is going to

hell… FAST!

I had been thinking for years I want to right an advice

book about my experience as a single mother. I knew,

I’d made mistakes and corrected mistakes that other

females were and will be making. But I kept thinking

there is more, there is so much more! So I thought if I

could get a group of women to work with me. All of us

giving advice on various topics and put it all in a book

for young girls, their mothers, and grandmother. I mean

they may already know but haven’t thought to say the

words to their daughter or granddaughter, so this book

could start a crucial conversation in the lives of all three

generations. BUT I didn’t think people would want to

help, AND I was still so new to publishing I wanted to

wait a minute.

So I did, 2 years and then one day, my son was telling

me about this girl he was involved with and what a mess

she was, and I got a bug up my butt and I posted on FB

a request for the women that I am “friends” with on my

page to let me know if they would be willing to contribute

to the book. To be honest, I expected nothing.

But then these amazingly smart, talented, funny, wife,


What gave you the idea for LTALBG?

My mother was mentally and physically abusive to me.

For years I use to tell people I was never having kids! I

didn’t like kids. When I had them I realized that wasn’t

true. I was afraid of being like her, the type of mother

she was to me. Each time I have to discipline my children

or give them advice make a decisions pretty much

anything having to do with being there mom, I question

myself. A LOT! So much so it has kept me up at night. I

have often thought, how would someone other than me

with the mother I had, handle this? Is there a side to this

that I may be missing? I have prayed for someone to

bounce things off of or just something to read and help

me know I am making relatively good decisions. Books

have always been my thing so naturally when I thought

of helping that is what I thought of.

What authors did you get together for this project?

Not all of them are authors, some of them are just loving

women in the community but this is the list of women

that have contributed to the book. My hands down favorite

people in the world right now.

Amber Patton

Carla Knighton

Catrina Thomas-Jefferson

Danyell Williams

Ebony Simone McMillan

Leila Lacey

LeTeisha Newton

Linda I. Brown

LiSa Marie

Lydia Evette Ruff

Meka Harris

MidnightAce Scotty

Shawanna Coley

Shea Swain

Author Sherika Lewis

Shyla Colt

Stephanie Pittman

Tracye Osby

What was the message that you wanted to get across with

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